Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life is Fragile!

Good morning sweet ladies, 

This pic was taken on July 3rd love it. Little "fufu" girl in newborn clothes.

I am writing this in the afternoon on Thursday
Ellianna is now dancing with her Jesus! Her momma just texted and said that "she is now well and safe in the arms of Jesus".

Mark said, "Thank you for your prayers. Sadly GOD took his tiniest angel today. She went peacefully in our arms. I love you Ellianna.

What a blessed little girl she was to have such precious parents. 
One blessings is that she is not hurting anymore. Her last days were very painful. Please continue to pray as they have to learn to live without her. They have poured into her life for the last 4 months 24/7.  
Thank you so much ladies for praying today. Trusting and know that our Lord knows the end of this story! May His name be lifted up as this precious family heals. He is so close to the brokenhearted. 

Mark and Hannah are needing prayer, for their sweet little one, Ellianna. Yesterday she had to have emergency surgery. Complications with the shunt. 

13 hour ago,
"Ellianna had to go back in for emergency surgery last night. There was something wrong with her shunt. It is not good". 
Seven hours Hannah said, Out of surgery and having more complications...will be headed back to the OR shortly

Three hours ago,
"Back from surgery again. Things look better, but we have some big hurdles to cross".

1 hour ago,
"If you have any rally left in you, please be on your knees...that Ellianna would stay with us on this side of eternity...or we would have the strength to watch her go".

Micah her sister said it well,
"God is our refuge and strenght, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fea, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea."
Psalm 46: 1-2

I want to get this post up fast this morning. Thank you ladies for praying. Hannah and Mark are exhausted. They have been running this race for 4 a roller coaster must be very scary for them this morning. I just felt that coming to all you precious prayer warriors we could cover their family. If you have a prayer.....leave it in the comment. They will read.

We just got this picture precious picture from Mark, Ellianna's daddy of Ellianna. She is so tiny.

 He said that she is fighting for her life. Thank you ladies who have already come this morning with your prayers on this families behalf. I texted Hannah and told her you were all praying. She was overwhelmed with thankfulness. I will keep you all posted.

Blessings, Linda


  1. Lord Jesus we just lift this little one up to You Lord.You hold her in your creative and healing hands.If it be your will for a healing..a miracle..we will give You praise!!If You choose to take her home...we too will give You praise.For You are the healer of hearts also.May You guide and give peace to this precious family that they will know You in all the upcoming times. Amen
    Hugs and sweet blessings from Texas..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Please God, be with Ellianna this day and all her days. Guide the hands that care for her. Be with her family as they wait for positive results.

  3. Please Lord, blow a breath of strength and determination into this little girl. Help her battle all her physical challenges and grow stronger by the hour. Help her family stand tall and faithfully through all these battles. Although they have never met us, let Ellianna, Micah, Mark, and Hannah feel the graces of prayers and love and well wishes surrounding them sent by so many.

  4. Dear sweet ladies, I just came in from doing farm chores.........thank you, thank you, thank you~~~~~~ for coming along side this precious family. As I read each prayer, I prayed along with. Made my heart swell with gratefulness, to be a part of the body of Christ.
    You are such precious ladies!!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs, Linda

  5. Good morning Ladies. This is Hannah's sister and Ellie's Auntie, Micah. Thank you so much for all your sweet thoughts and prayers. We are praying to the One True God who is soverign and worthy of praise! I don't know what His plan is for our Precious Ellianna, but I know that His plan is best. I simply want to hold her and protect her from pain, but I know I can't do that--only His hands are capable. As hard as it is, we must choose to release her to His mighty hands. Whether He takes her to heaven and teaches her to dance there or allows us to watch her learn to spin and sway in the arms of her Savior here on earth, I know that He is holding her and each one of us. Thank you again for joining our family on this journey. We appreciate you!

  6. "For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And THAT my soul KNOWS very well. My frame was not hidden from you, When I was made in secret, And skillfully wrought in the lowest, parts of the earth. Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, The days fashioned for me, When as yet there were none of them. How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them!" Psalm 139:13-17

    May the Lord Grant you strength to endure that which He has laid before you...May your walk and witness be a testimony to all those around you...And may Ellianna's life speak of the Tender Mercies and Grace of our Great God, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...We will be before our Lords throne in payer on behalf of your precious family...
    Gods Peace and Comfort to you this day..
    In Christ

  7. ~*(~*(~*( praying )*~)*~)*~


  8. Dear Jesus, we do not always know your will or ways, but we can not help but plead for the life of this little one, Ellianna. Our hearts would hang on to her; her parents long to see her growing up healthy and strong with a love for You. Please touch Ellianna with Your healing hand and restore life into her little body. Give the doctors Your wisdom that they might be used of You to minister to her physical needs, but only in such a way as it may bring You glory and they recognize You as the One who healed.

    If it pleases You to bring her to Your side at such a tender age, be merciful, O Lord, and give her parents courage, faith, trust, strength, and Your grace to release her into Your arms while praising Your Most Holy name and with a thankful heart. Give them a special peace, knowing that either way, she is safe in Your care at all times.

    Praise be to the Lord Most High who loved us so much that He gave His only Son and knows the heartache of these parents!

  9. Praying for this sweet little one and her family. Asking God to please hear these prayers and keep her in His loving care.

  10. May God grant them peace today. Praying...

  11. i'm praying for this precious baby girl :) :) I posted the link to your post on my Facebook page, because lots of my friends pray....: ) :) We'll all pray together!!! Much love and hugs to Ellianna and her family!!!

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  12. Bless all their hearts. My prayers are with them to be able to accept God's will for baby Ellianna. Hugs to you too Linda.

  13. And all the people said...AMEN!

  14. I am praying along side the wonderful ladies who have posted their prayers. Praying peace for the family and healing for Lil Elliana!

    One song by Phil Wickham "Safe" is one that I sang and gave me strength through my tears and uncertainty of my lil grandson. "You will be safe in His arms because the hands that hold the world are holding your heart this is a promise He made"

  15. Praying for this sweet little girl. Lord I ask that you wrap your arms around her and give her parents the strength they need and abundance of peace. Lord you are the God of healing. In Jesus name. AMEN

  16. Shared on fb and will be praying for the Elianna, her family, and her doctors.

  17. Keeping in prayer sweet Ellianna and comfort for her family in this hard time.Also praying for Gods touch on the doctors.Warmest of compassion and prayers lifted up to heaven.~Amy

  18. I know this feeling far too well. Did you ever read my link to our Jessica's story (on my side-bar)? Praying. Please keep us up-dated.

    Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

  19. May our Heavenly Father wrap His loving arms around this family and give them peace. ♥♫

  20. Heavenly Father I ask you be with little Elliana and wrap your arms around her and her family and keep them in your care. I ask the angels to surround Elliana and hold her close . I'm thinking about all of you and praying you feel god's love and strength thur these days. I will be keeping you close at heart and in my prayers.

    Love, Darcy

  21. Praying for this sweet baby and for her parents ~ God is able....


  22. Lord Jesus cover this little one with your loving healing hands!!!!!!

  23. I am praying for this little darling and her family, for healing for her, and strength and trust for her family.

  24. You ladies are precious. I put up a not from Hannah and a new pic of Ellianna before 1 today if you want to come see her. She is so tiny and sweet.

  25. In minutes life can change. They found an infection in Ellies brain, 60% of the tissue is dead. Infection is in her spine. It is not looking good. Micah will be leaving driving out to Colorado soon, please pray for travel. The doctors are with Hannah and Mark now, I am asking God for a miracle. Please join me. My heart is so sad right now for this precious family. I love you ladies for caring about those things I hold dear. You will never know what it was like when one by one you were coming along side and praying with. Truly a gift from my Savior. I am humbled. May I always be there for you. Love you, me

  26. {/0\} Angels watch over Ellianna, this tiny little person.
    Bless Mark and Hannah with the strength and courage that matches Ellianna.
    Sweet Lord wrap this family up into your arms and keep them together. {/0\}


  27. Yes Lord, wrap your loving arms around this sweet, precious Jesus name...


  28. Oh Linda,

    How HARD this must be for precious Elliana and her family family. I am praying that it would be the Lord's will to completely heal Elliana and to give her parents the strength and comfort they need.

    In Jesus,

  29. Saying prayers for this special angel and her beautiful family!

  30. I am praying with all my heart for this sweet precious Angel and her dear parents.


  31. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the king of kings and Lord of Lords, we speak healing into this child right now. God we ask that your mighty hand would move upon this family and that Your healing power would flow from heaven. We come against the enemy who has come to steal, to kill and to destroy, and who has NO POWER over one that belongs to You. We cover this entire family in your precious blood. The blood that saves and the blood that heals. We pray that Your Holy Spirit would comfort and encourage. We ask above all else that Your will would be accomplished. And we will praise you, no matter what we see. For we trust You. In Jesus holy, holy name. Amen.

  32. Ellianna died about a half hour ago. I wrote on my post if you want to read. My heart is so sad for their precious family. I know that our Father will comfort and meet their every need. I am so thankful they know Him well. Thank you so much for all these precious prayers. They were heard and God will use them for his purposes. We can trust him for sure!

    Love you sweet ladies, every day it is a little more than the day before! Truly!

    Mark and Hannah will be reading your comments. Your outpouring has been beautiful! Thank you.

  33. Will be praying for this precious family. Mark and Hannah, you are in the thoughts and prayers of some many. We all are so sorry for yur loss. May God wrap His loving and comforting arms around you now.

    Linda and Brenda
    Scattered Little Blessings

  34. My heart sank when I read your words. The girls and I will be praying for Ellianna's family and for your family.


    Susan Montgomery

  35. I will be praying for the family during their time of sadness. I pray that God will give them all the strength and comfort they need while He holds that sweet baby in His hands.

  36. Prayers lifted in the name of Jesus. I am so sorry for your loss.

  37. Dear Mark and Hannah~
    Praising God with you for the days you were chosen to carry and love on little Ellieanna. May you continue to know His precious hand of comfort in the days/weeks ahead.

  38. Dear Precious Linda....

    I want to thank you for allowing each of us to be a part of Ellianna's life....I have prayed for this little angel and I am saddened by this loss....

    I will continue to pray for this sweet family that has been so faithful in taking care of this precious baby....I pray that comfort and peace will surround them and that they will allow God to minister to their hearts...also praying for you and your family...
    May God hold your sweet hand through this tuff time.

    Hugs to you ....

  39. Linda,
    If my heart hurts like this I know yours must be so so broken for this family. My prayers are for you and your family as well as Mark and Hannah and all of the family of little Ellieanna. We have to trust that He knows why, and I pray for comfort for you all

    Love and Blessings,

    Lynn from S.Hutch

  40. Hannah and Mark,
    Thank you for letting your beautiful angel be part of our lives. Although her time on this earth was brief she touched many hearts!

  41. Hannah, Mark and Family, I am so sorry for your loss of sweet Ellie..I have been praying for you all..we need to thank God for allowing her to visit you here on earth and she is watching over you all now from Heaven..God Bless,

  42. I was so sadden to read about the loss of your precious Angel. You have my deepest sympathy and I will be praying for all of you. She is now at peace in the arms of our Lord. Heaven now has a new angel ,and we know she is watching over all of you. Love and prayers, Darcy

  43. "or we would have the strength to watch her go". Father God, continue to strengthen this precious young couple during this difficult time of loss and sorrow. We know she is safe in Your arms, comforted, healed and free from the pain the earthly body had gone through. Her parents, who are still here Father God continue to need You, even more so now than ever before. Guide them, smooth out the crooked places and the rough patches these days ahead..amen amen amen

  44. Just letting you know that today Hannah and Mark will be picking up Jacob. Jacob was at camp while Ellianna died. He is 9, very young and this could be a real tough thing for him to deal with. They are asking for prayer that he would be protected from the enemy as they tell him. He has had some difficulties in understanding life situations. I you could again pray for them today in this, it would be so appreciated.
    Thank you again from our family and Hannah and Mark for all your sweet prayers and faithfulness to a family you don't even know. Your kindness has NOT gone unnoticed! ONe word for you all PRECIOUS! I know I use that word, but it is only when my heart is so full of gratitude!

  45. Linda I am sad for the family but I happy knowing the Lord is holding this sweet angel in His loving arms. I have never stopped praying since I first heard about Ellianna. Life is cruel but God is good. I pray for the family today and will continue to pray. Thank you for sharing this little darling baby's short journey with us. Anne


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