Monday, July 18, 2011

Had To Come Say Hello

Hello all you sweet ladies, 
Taylor loved all the sweetness!!!!!!!!! She says thank you!

Heard from my Tonya.......Vitaliy's adoption is moving along, seems like soooooo fast. Tressa our daughter will go the second time to pick Vitaliy up. First time you have to go and sign all the papers, then you have to come back to the states and then back over. Think that is how they make their money. Tressa has to get her passport..........eeccckkkk, this Momma is going to be really needing prayer ladies!!!!!! I am so excited that she gets to have one of her dreams come true by traveling over seas, but it still will have me on my knees. I will let you all know, so you can be with me. Smile!

Susan on the left and me on the right. I tell her she is fake and I am real (our hair)...........oh man, she is going to not be happy with she can't she loves Jesus and that wouldn't be nice. I could say that I frosted my hair more white.........baahahaha, okay so I got grey at an early age. are adorable! I had such a wonderful time with!!!!

 Susan from Sunflowers and Pumpkins came to our farm. It was sooooo much fun! She also brought her girls with. Put us all together and we had a wonderful time. Our girls and Susans played so many card games. Was fun to see them together.

Hannah put up a new post up on her blog,  Choosing Hope those who are interested in reading. It is about Ellianna's last days with them. Tough, but God meet them every step of the way. The funeral will be on Thursday, 10 mountain time. If you could remember them it would be appreciated. If anyone would like to send a card, email (up on right hand corner) me for addy and I will make sure they get it. Put Mark and Hannah on my subject line. I will get back at cha! 

We have one more day before the Blue Canning Book drawing!!!!!!!! I am so excited to see who is going to win!!!!!! I am getting the box all ready to go! If you haven't signed up, you have until tomorrow at noon!!!! Hurry!!!!!! 

The winner will also get this Recycled Farmer's Market Bag! Oh and a package of kosher dill mix and original fruit pectin. 

Hugs to you all from my hot hot farm,


  1. You always look so ADORABLE... : ) How wonderful it is to be able to get together with friends.... Your visit sounded Lovely... I do pray that your week is blessed..
    BIG BIG Hugs too you..

  2. I think you both look beautiful! Prayers for the family addition. God bless and enjoy the visit!

  3. We were just driving through Kansas a couple of weeks ago and I thought of you. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

    Yay, Vitaliy! How amazing for all of you. What a blessing that Tressa gets to share in that special trip. I'll be praying for all of you...


  4. Hi Linda,
    Thinking about you and know your heart is heavy with your thoughts on Elianna. You are so caring to keep the rest of us informed. Thinking of the family and YOU. Sure hope you can go to funeral if the Lord wants you to. But your heart will be there with them.
    So happy to hear your news about your V boy! Joy Joy Joy!!! How exciting!
    Hot hot hot is right....I love summer so I'm not complaining about the heat at all!

  5. Linda, thanks for that wonderful picture. Tressa looks just like you--two beautiful girls. I am so happy to have a face with the voice and the personality. You are now my "visible" friend! Loving you, Gloria

  6. What a wonderful post Linda! I'm soooo happy that Vitaliy is finally coming back home! I have prayed for him it seems like such a long time. I think Elianna's parents are strong people and my heart goes out to them at the loss of such a sweet baby. You are looking good though and I'm glad to see your face! I too have premature (white) hair. No gray for me! lol :-)

    God Bless!

  7. So glad to hear Vitaliy is coming home. I too have prayed for him a long time.
    Glad also that you and Susan could visit.
    Prayers & Blessings,
    Camille in Tx.

  8. Well! I never!!! :P (That is a face with the tongue sticking out) Only my hairdresser knows for sure lol. Just kidding. It's straight out of the box. We had a fabulous time with your family!

    Thanks, Holly, for the sweet compliment!

    Hannah's blog is heart gripping and so transparent. We will continue to pray for their family.

    Love ya,

    Susan Montgomery
    aka Your "Fake" Friend :D

  9. So happy you had a good visit with Susan and love the picture! I always see the older picture on the side and thought how young you looked and thought we were pretty close in age but I am mostly gray hair now and wondered why I looked so much older than you. :D So relieved to see we look more alike in age! Whew. LOL Thought that might make you smile. Love your posts. I went to Susan's blog and signed up there. Had to. We're both Native Texans!

  10. Linda you two are too cute! I love that you spent such a beautiful weekend with Susan and the girls. Love to all of you! Anne


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