Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Will Be In The Garden

Good morning sweet ladies,

I have more to share about Purses With Promises, but I will tell tomorrow. 

Last night a huge storm came through. Again we were only on the edge. My Honey said 1/10...........not enough to make a difference, but we never know what the Lord is doing with the little. He does you know? The weather is cooler. Very nice to walk out into the garden with it not being so hot. I will be is truly amazing that the weeds flourish and I mean flourish!!!!!!!! We can see Genesis living itself out. Our Lord said it would be hard for the farmer, but I am thankful He is always with us. I have been enjoying all the birds out in our garden.  Watching them drink water from the hose. Quiet out there and very beautiful. We are really having to make sure all of the animals and poultry have enough water. They are really thirsty with this drought. 

Yesterday our daughter in love Tonya was out to get her new blog ready to get up on the world wide web. Tressa helped her with the design.......(she helps her family so much) such a blessings to our family!

If you would like to meet Josh and Tonya you are welcome to come and visit their blog.

She put up her first post yesterday. It will be their journey on adopting their Vitaliy from the Ukraine. 

Just received news that little Ellianna cries much of the day. This is just a reminder to keep them in prayer please. Thank you from their family.

Blessings to your day,



  1. My heart goes out to little Elianna and her family. I know this has to be very difficult for them. I pray for her often. I'll be checking out Tonya's new blog. I pray that Vitaly makes it to his forever home with his parents in Kansas soon. I also pray that you will get some rain SOON.

    Hugs XX

  2. Oh, what a lovely place to be.. In the garden...Just went over to Tonya's new blog.. :)
    We are still praying for rain for your family and the others around you...
    Blessings to you my Sweet Friend

  3. How good that you are providing water during the drought for the birds and critters. I will take a look at the new blog that you mention.

  4. HI Linda,
    Enjoy your time out in the garden. I'm still praying for rain. God knows you need it..He can and wi ll use what you've receive already :) :) Keep on trusting Him throughout all :) :)

    I joined your DIL's and your son's blog page via Google Friend Connect. I look forward to readingn about their adoption journey. When Vitaliy comes home, there will be some serious celebrating going on al over the world. So many of us are praynig for him and your family :) :)

    I'll continue to pray for Ellianna :) ) Sweet little lamb ;) :) Thanks for the update on how she is doing.

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. Still praying for sweet little Ellianna and would ask you to please pray for our baby Zoey who is still in the hospital...she will be two weeks old this Friday and she finally cried for the first time yesterday..Still running a lot of test..

    Weeds? I certainly wish my flowers would look as healthy as the weeds...Just have to do our best...
    I always enjoy your post...thanks@

  6. Hi Linda, just wanted to say congratulations on you being in the Create and Decorate magazine. What a great thing!
    Take care
    many blessings
    Sandy from Love ya to stitches.

  7. Got almost all the tomatoes watered and one row of corn and one row of green beans weeded. They were long rows. The ground is so hard.......not fun. It was good that we got as much as we did done though.

    Huge storm over if it would just come visit the Stubbie Family in Kansas. That would be a very nice thing!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you sweeties for praying for us as we learn to TRUST even more!

    I am off to bed. Heart you all and also thanks for visiting my girl. Love her heart. She did a new post on MY Husband........very precious!


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