Thursday, July 28, 2011

Internet Just Came Back On!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

I AM BACK!!!!!! Thank you Prairie Maid, for putting a post up for me yesterday. 

To say I am a little frazzled is an understatement!!!!! Sad that I don't have time to put up Building Our Homes Together today........but Lord willing I will get it up tomorrow and those of you who were ready, you can come over and link up. So sorry. It is weird how things like this happen. If you don't see me know what is going on........again. If it is off, we will reschedule for next Wednesday. 

Prairie Maid called to see if we had internet yet just a bit ago.........I said it had just come back on. We talked a bit.  I knew I didn't have time to put up much, but she got me to thinking of a little something.

A few years back I did an interview with Jill Novak with The Girlhood Home Companion. Prairie Maid was asking a few questions this morning on how I got started on designing fabric. I told her about the "faith interview" explaining how it all started (along the sidebar). Thought maybe some of you had never heard it either..........sooooooo if you would like to listen you are welcome! It is right along the sidebar under About Me. If you have anymore questions after you listen........just ask me!

Hannah is really hurting right now! Thank you for praying.......she so misses her baby. Can't imagine! 

I need a little prayer. Somehow I have done something to the lower part of my back. OUCH! 

Had to show you this. Does anyone know where you could find a metal shopping cart like this? I want one!
As you know my new thing is Pinterest. It is a really wonderful way to keep me organized. Found this adorableness on 
Casual Cottage Chick. I would really like to have one.......isn't it the cutest?  Tell me if you are using Pinterest yet, if you want to.

Thank you for those who commented are sweeties.......I really missed having my computer. Those of you who use yours.........know what I mean. I research everything on mine! Evening suppers! 

Please be ready for Building Our Homes Together With Jesus tomorrow...........Lord willing.

Hugs from my very dry farm, not taking our eyes off the Lord
He knows the plans He has for us. My honey reminded us this morning! I am so thankful I have the Lord and my sweet man!



  1. Hi Linda!

    I am so glad you are back online!!!

    Yes, I have started my Pinterest boards. It took me a few days to get the hang of it and I am still learning. But it is fun.

    I'm sitting here folding clothes and getting ready to listen to your interview. Yes!

    I was going to tell you...did you know Parsley and I both live near the same town? She is a sweetie.

    Need to get busy.

    Hugs (and prayers Hannah, your back and for rain),


  2. Hey Linda :)

    I have listened to the interview and enjoyed it very much.
    I am addicted to Pinterest and it is your fault ;) It is fun to collect pictures of things that you like and organize them into categories.
    So glad you are back with us on the internet! It's just not the same without you! :D
    Definitely praying for Elianna's family.



  3. Linda, prayers for healing of your back. And prayers for Hannah, Mark and their family.

    I believe you can get the plain shopping carts like that (minus the pretty, he he) at Walgreens, perhaps Walmart. Most Rx or stores that sell medical/handicap supplies. I have one as well. Maybe we need to 'pretty it up' tho!!!!!! Love it!!

    Have a good day and maybe some rain later today?


  4. I started Pinterest this week after reading your blog. It's really addictive---but fun! It's like a creative endeavor that you can share with others.

  5. PS - I pinned your blog as one of my favorites and I also pinned your newest apron pattern!

  6. i have a vintage shopping cart like that one, though i haven't yet stitched an oh-so-cute lining for it. sigh. i'm not selling mine - just in case you were hoping. wink.

    so sorry your back is giving you grief!
    ((( gentle hug )))

  7. Oh Linda...I'm so glad you are back up and running! We all missed you sooo much! So sorry to hear about your back, continue to pray for you and your family.

    xoxo Gert

  8. oh that shopping cart! Wow! I love it! if you do get word of where to find one would you please let me know!! ;-)

    My prayers are with Hannah daily. I'm grieving with her... i know the pain oh so well. I would sing Jesus Loves Me over and over again.
    Really lifting up the part:

    Little ones to Him belong,
    They are weak, but he is strong.

    I'm praying, I'm praying, I'm praying.

    There is a book that really helped me:
    It was called "In A Heartbeat" by: Dawn Siegrist Waltman

    Maybe it would bring some relief for her heart too??? it takes time, and still you are never the same.

    I'm praying for your back.

    Love you, Carissa

  9. I am hoping to get a chance to listen to your interview this weekend.

    Just had my sweetie set up Pinterest for me tonight and am having so much fun. Addicted, thank you!!!!

  10. Linda you are such a kind heart. Always thinking of others and being so patient with your family and friends. You are a unique lady.


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