Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How was your 4th?

Hello sweet ladies, 

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th. It was hot hot here in Kansas!!!!!!!!!!! We are tired today.  Our fundraiser didn't go as well as expected, but it was a start. We brought in $160, I thought it was 200, but we forgot to take out the 40 cash........oops! Anyway the family time was such a sweet thing. Working together.....from the young to the old....to bring our little boy HOME! The children worked by telling the people what we were selling. Adorable! Again, I loved the fundraiser ideas, thank you!!!!!!

We sent off this pict to the farm company that let us use their parking lot. They liked! It was really funny because they had this "huge big sprayer". We told them thank you, that we did a raffle ticket and sold it for them..........Bahahahaha........just kidding. Jonathan the owner got a chuckle out of it. Wish I wasn't kidding. The thing was worth 30 thousand. Give them back 10 and we would be all done. Heehee! 

Here is a fundraiser idea that someone donated to us. In case you might ever need an idea. Smile!!!!!  Take a puzzle, break up the pieces and put in a jar. Have the person that wants to donate take the puzzle piece and sign their name. After you have the puzzle all signed put it together and lacquer the backside. All the names will be there for  the child to see who was a part of bringing them here to America.

The 73rd Sterling 4th of July Turtle Race. 

Tressa took the pictures for us!

A big thing here in our little town are the Turtle Races. The grandchildren won one first, two seconds and three third prizes. It was so funny because they kept saying Stubbs, Stubbs, Stubbs.......... Josh thought they might band us next year from the turtle race! 

The Stubbie kids made a total of $10.00. Ian the grandson, who will receive Vitaliy for a brother put some of the money he won in the donation jar. He will never be the same after this experience!!!!

Thank you for all the prayers. This is a 4th we all will never forget.........Lord willing next year we will have another little American flying his flag high! Brings chills to my heart!!!!!!

We have 30% chance of rain today and 40 tomorrow........looking good...........PRAY PLEASE! 

Love you all bunches, tell me a highlight of your 4th!


Got some pic's from Sherry!!!!!!I will put up tomorrow! 
God is good!


  1. Hi Linda! I am home today. It is so wonderful. I am not sure why the Lord makes me go to work in such an awful place but when I get a day off I treasure it. I am hanging out with Nick, my youngest son. He needs to help me re arrange his room. It is awful to say the least! Messy.Messy.Messy
    Pray for us!
    The turtle race looks like a lot of fun! Your family is just precious. I am so glad you are raising the money for Vitaliy little by little. I hope the Stubbs family dream can come true very soon. I pray for you each day.
    Love to you and enjoy your blog and all the sweet photos here. Anne

  2. Love your pictures...What a blessing to be able to work as a family in one accord...

    We have been a bit on the hot side her also... We have and will certainly continue to keep your family and the locals in prayer for that much needed rain...

  3. Hi Linda...

    I"m glad for the money you brought it at the sale. That's closer to your goal :) :) love that fundraiser idea with the puzzle pieces. That's really cute.

    You could also make themed-baskets and raffle them off, if you'd like. Or maybe see if there are business in town that would be willing to donate product or services, and raffle those off. We did that at our church yard sale. it was fabulous. One of the raffle prizes was a free oil change :) :) In any case, I"m praying for Vitaliy :) :)

    Oh, I hope you get all the rain you need and more ;) :) :) Keep us updated and snap a pic, if you can, without getting wet :) :)

    Have a great week, Linda. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  4. I'm so glad you got a start to your fundraising - every dollar counts and brings you closer to your goal. It is so incredible to see your whole family pulling together for this special little boy. Thank you for sharing this amazing experience with us.

    I had always wanted a big family, but since I had to have a hysterectomy, that wasn't going to happen naturally. I always have adoption in the back of my mind, but there's many other things that need to fall in place first. What the Lord wills & in His time!

    I will say a prayer for that rain to quench your crops!

  5. What fun...I would love to have been able to see the turtle race...
    What a great idea with the puzzle...Love it...
    Hope you have a wonderful evening..

  6. Hi Linda!
    Every $160 counts, right? We were praying tonight for Vitaly, so I can let the kiddos know tomorrow. Will also be praying for rain. Much love to you~

  7. Well bummer, sorry about that but at least it's a start! God sized goals require God sized faith! I know He will provide if you all continue to be faithful and put your trust in Him! I think it's awesome that you all came together as a family and did this together... so much fun!! Turtle race... much fun too! Sounds like all in all it was a wonderful family fun-filled weekend!

  8. Hello everyone. Sorry I can't write more. On my way to bed. Had a huge day getting work done on the apron pattern. Almost there. I have never had such a hard time getting a pattern done.

    Anne so glad you got to come home today. I now know what it is like!!!!!!! I am loving my time at home. Wonderful and the Lord has been providing.

    Thank you Ruby Jean.......you always say the sweetest things.

    Hi Heather blogo like your idea! changed to 40% tonight.......yea!!!!! Hugs

    Hi Heather, With planned parenthood closing all across America there are going to be more babies up for adoption.

    Shug, it is really neat. I talked with Sherry all evening hearing of stories of Joplin. I will share tomorrow.

    Hi Kathy, you are so right. You are so precious and tell your children thank you. Josh and Tonya have had some things happening like a dead cow, water problems and I mean problems. Cattle getting out~~~~~ Momma, daddy, sisters getting them back in because they are by us! We are praying for rain also. 40% chance. Please Jesus.
    Hugs to all you precious ladies and thank you so for writing me.

  9. Praying for rain for you--and for funds for Vitaly's homecoming--and for successful crops--and for your precious family.

  10. Hi, Linda - Sounds like you had a very happy 4th! The highlight of my 4th of July was attending the big patriotic celebration of God and Country that my church puts on every year! Our choir does a patriotic musical program, then afterward we have watermelon - and sometimes even fireworks for everyone!
    Blessings - Pauline


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