Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today Is SONday!

Good Morning sweet ladies,

If I could have this building on my farm, I would sit in the chair and invite each of you to come sit with (oh how fun if every one of you could come). I would ask what was the Lord teaching you.........I would listen........I would change, because of your life story.........that is what we do for each other every day as we read one another's blogs. I call it my blog you ever fell it ladies? I do all the time. You have become such an intricate part of my life. I am so rich to call you my own. I truly mean what I am saying. Now after our little Ellianna's death I realize even more what you all mean to me. The prayers that you have been sending up for all of us have been so precious. We have been sustained with a strength that we know is from Him

I have another little story. I have not talked about this,  but last fall there was an older lady that left a comment on my post. I must have talked about something about getting things right with your family members or friends........calling them if you had unresolved issues. Something like that, I can't really remember. Anyway Pat wrote me in my comments and said that she called her sister that she had not talked to for years and got things right. If you would like to read the post it is HERE. The story is sooooooo precious. The following CHRISTmas  I adopted them. I fixed up a present. It wasn't a lot of money, but I went and bought two dollar cups, some little coffee and tea packets and homemade biscotti, decorated the items and sent them off.  Pat and her sister would have something for CHRISTmas. A month later Pat wrote me an email. It scared me. She asked for prayer. It was late at night. She told me she was not feeling well. She also said that she had had so many major sickness and 23 surgeries. That she had only one kidney and was feeling something was going on and it hurt in her side and she it was hard to breathe. She had just had a heart bypass and it worried her. In the subject line it said, Here I am Lord. All I could do was pray. I didn't have her phone number, so I couldn't call. I felt so helpless. At the end of her letter she said, "I think of you and your family all the time. You are always in my prayers". Ladies I have not heard from my Pat since. I have written her many times at her email address. I think she has passed away. I have peace. One day I will see my Pat. What a precious day that will be. There is one more thing. At the very end of the email she wrote that she wanted me to watch this video, listen here, the music is a not the best quality, but read the words.  I think she knew that she had one last time to tell me something. One thing I know, we didn't know each other long, but the time we did........we poured into it all we had. It is reminding me again this morning. Who do I need to love and keep telling them I love matter what! Because we don't know what tomorrow will bring. Do you have someone you need to call? Pat taught me a huge lesson. 

I love you sweet ladies, 


  1. Good morning, sweet Linda!

    I remember Pat. It would be awesome if there was away to "check up" on someone like that. (I just had an ah-ha moment.) You might google Pat's hometown and check the newspaper for obituaries. I would be awesome if you could get in contact with her sister, or if Pat is in a nursing home unable to care for herself....we could do a card shower. (Just thinking out loud. You don't have to pay attention. LOL You know how I am.;) ).

    We do get attached to our blog-family, don't we!!! I think this is truly one of the best uses of the internet....we can pray for and with people, we would never hear about otherwise.

    You make the 4th person to say something about time being short (just since yesterday morning). I think the LORD maybe trying to tell us something. I am listening!

    Praying you and your family have a wonderfully blessed day!


  2. Beautiful story, Linda! I think Cheryl's idea is great. I agree, too, that we do get attached to our blog-family. I have several ladies I have 'met' through the blog-o-sphere and I truly feel as though they are my friends. I care for each of them like sisters. God is so good to us!

  3. I agree with you, you can meet some wonderful friends through blogging and I feel like you all are part of my family. Let's all pray for one another and make a prayer chain reaching to Heaven and around the world. Beautiful story, Linda. I am so blessed to follow your blog. It came at a time in my life when I really needed the extra love and support. It's an important part of my day when I come to visit with you ladies. God bless everyone of you is my prayer.

  4. Thank you for sharing this Linda. My daughter and I are not the best of friends right now and I miss her emails. She and her family lives 1000 miles away and we only see each other once a year. She has a three yr. old daughter and 5 month old son. Needless to say my grandchildren don't even know me. I think I'll email her and see if she will reply. Thank you for reminding me to do as Jesus would do.

  5. My dear friend Pat is in heaven as well. I miss her. Am blessed to have known her and by knowing her my life changed for the better.
    Vivid thoughts I have of our time together.

    Sweet blessings to you,

  6. Hi Linda,
    How are you? I would love to sit and chat with you at the little cottage, and share my heart. At the moment I am learning to trust even more, and not to worry about the future. A week and a bit ago I had the most amazing opportunity to be in outreach and see God at work in awesome ways. Then last Thursday I had a massive car accident and am recovering from that. I am so glad that we can know God and have his comfort and care.
    Did you see the photo's of the rocking chair and quilts that Renata put on her blog? We had so much fun together.
    God bless you,

  7. Oh Linda, your story was beautiful It is true life is so short.We quickly lose sight of what is truly important and get wrapped up in unimportant things in this life. I am sure you ill see Pat one day in heaven. My oldest sis was Pat. I miss her terribly but she loved the Lord with a passion and at the end of her life she told me not to cry for her. She was going home. She had been a faithful steward for the Lord. She could sew like a dream and I adored my big sis. She is smiling down at me today I am sure.


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