Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hi, Had A Wonderful Day Yesterday.....How About You?

Good Morning Sweet ladies,

Remember only 24 more hours until the Create & Decorate/ Prairie Flower Farm party winners are revealed. Tomorrow at noon will be the last time to sign up. Come over if you would like! It is super easy to do, just leave a comment.

Yesterday was precious, for sure! I am so grateful for each lady who came over yesterday. We had 329 readers who came from what my counter said. Whether you were a reader, a commenter or one who signed up as a "linky" thank you so very much. I hope all took advantage of going and visiting the different blogs. Amazing precious posts were in each one. I found a lot of helpful hints to apply in my Home, my walk with Christ, decorating ideas and just sweet encouragement. Ladies have huge jobs and the Lord knows it. Raising little ones, walking and caring for elderly parents, trying to make a living where jobs have been lost, loosing farm land from raging floods, escaping fires throughout our land, but one thing I know, we have a God that cares about us. Keep praying for one another it is a precious thing. 

Yesterday I also talked with a sweet blogger friend from France. She was sitting in the French Alps on a vacation with her family. She said it was rainy. Gave me a sweet picture in my mind. She said that her son was ill, so if you could please pray. I asked her if she had seen the blog........she said yes, ladies this is what she said and I cried. "I have seen your post, I have made the same type of curtain for my sink. I have visit some blogs who are very interesting for my walk with God as a homekeeper. Thanks to you in France it's hard to talk so free about God!!!! She went on to say that, "I think many people loves God, but don't talk about, it's in our constitution to be a secular country. so people go only to church!!! I want more with my relation with God. I'm very happy to meet some american women who show me how nice it is to be a stay at home mommy and make home from my house, have pleasure to grow a vegetables garden, make yogurt!!" Also she said that she had made very much  progress in her english!!!! Then my internet went off. Sad, but talk about WONDERFUL that we could talk......two Momma's!!!! This is my prayer being lived out in individual ladies across the lands being answered. 

My precious Father I praise You, for what YOU are doing in the lives of ladies who have "just happened" by your hand, to come to my blog. 

What a precious gift you all are......even those who never leave a comment....or never let me know you are there.........I pray......that the God of the UNIVERSE.......will touch your life in some way.......I am a blessed lady.........and I do tell Him thank you all the time, for YOU!

My daughter Tressa took the picture above. I love it. When I saw it, it made me think of Isaiah 52:7 and I also like this verse in Daniel.

"Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever." Daniel 12:3

Here is a little fun for those who would like. 

As some of you know I have written for the Girlhood Home Companion magazine at different times. Jill Novak the editor is always blessing ladies and here  she has done it again. Jill is hosting a June giveaway. If you would like to have a Sweet Girlhood Tote pattern that I designed for one of the magazines you are welcome to email Jill at   and ask for the June giveaway. She will send you a free article with for the free Red Work Project and an audio that we both did some time back. I also have another audio that we did on my side bar called Faith, if you want to listen to it.  Jill's company is called Remembrance Press.  Be sure to look around, they have wonderful things for sale that will encourage  young girls, teens, Mommas and Grandmothers. 

Hope you have enjoyed your day and also look at yesterday's post for all the Building Our Homes Together Wednesday linky's here.

If you have something you would like to share on yesterdays post, please link up. It is real easy. 

Welcome to all the new have been me. 

Blessings from our farm to your HOME,


  1. I just read your post my dear Linda!!! I bless you so much!!!!!!!!! You bring tears in my yes tonight!!! Just one thing I' not on vacation in the french alps I live there but you will see that in my letter!!! lol!!! I will ask for you redwork tote she's wonderfull.
    Many many blessings from the french alps to you and all your sweet reader.

  2. HI Linda,

    Your blogger friend from France sounds neat :) Does she have a blog of her own? I lived in Germany for a few years, but I did visit France a few times :) :)

    Thanks for that Scripture picture. It's really nice and I like that verse, too. I may have to share that on Facebook :) :)

    oh, pray for my blog. My followers list completely disappeared from my blog. Add to that, when I click on the followers on my dashboard, that's gone, too. It only tells me how many followers I do have...but when I click on that, same thing...nothing.

    Otherwise, my day is really nice today. It's so beautiful outside :) :) :) Have a lovely day. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. This is another reason, why I think this blogging is a "real" ministry! Keep up the good work! We are truly blessed to be free to speak of God here, but more that we can be free in the spirit too. Blessing from Wisconsin!

  4. Linda you are such a sweetheart! I love knowing you more than you know! Anne

  5. I'm going to read that post now! I love that verse & the picture matches it perfectly - thanks for sharing!


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