Thursday, June 2, 2011

Going To Be A Busy Day......How about you?

Good morning sweet ladies,

I just want to thank each of you who came and encouraged everyone yesterday on our newwwwww adventure with 

Ladies if you didn't link up you have a week to link if you have something about Bible reading, memorizing the word or anything to do with HOME. It was such a blessings to myself and I have already heard from many others that they liked a lot. Please keep praying that the Lord will do His work in each of our lives...... so that we might bring Glory and Honor to Him. The ladies that linked up were so precious and full of wonderful ideas. Hugs to you!!!!!

Well I have to tell was hot hot hot here in Kansas yesterday. You felt like you were all stuck together in your clothes. I think we jumped from Spring to Summer in just a few hours. It takes a little more work on choring.........don't want the animals to not have water on a day like it was.........and guess is going to be hotter today. Oh mannnn. Where is the sun tea or pink lemonaid? I am definitely going to need it today. Are you all hot out there also?

Remember the other day........when I told you the mailman came up the driveway and there was a BIG box and it had my name LINDA STUBBS on the top of it? 

Well I couldn't wait to open it. Taylor had her little lime green cowgirl knife in her pocket and she was already on it........ before I could move. We opened...........and we couldn't believe our eyes. 

Sooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!

Look what was inside!!!!!!!!!! So much fun! We started going through each piece. I liked this...........I like this........I just loved it all. I felt sooooo spoiled. It was a fun time for me, I have to tell ya. I looked everything over, smelled the is burning right now beside me as I am typing.....the sweet notepad......on my fridg......little kleenex.......that is for church......when I cry........Bath and Body Pure Apple hand the purse......beeswax lip........the girls and I used it so many times yesterday........remember hot?

Oh and look A COOKBOOK!!!! 

The Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook. Read it many times yesterday.........lots of beautiful recipes on the inside. I think I would like to do a cookbook my dreams.....heehee.

I will get it up on my Amazon book (on the side) list today..... so if you would like to order.......all of the proceeds will go towards our Vitaliy (Ukrainian boy) adoption. 

I was SPOILED.......wouldn't ya say? 

 The lady that blessed me.......... her name is Susan. She met me from Gooseberry Patch fb. If she had a blog I would send you her way..........we have been corresponding since Jan. 9th to be exact. She was caring for her 86 and 87 year old grandparents. my book! 

The reason for putting this up is........ it made me think.......I need to do something sweet for someone today also. You want to join me? It doesn't have to be fancy.........a plate of cookies......a pretty little plant....a phone call.........just anything. 

Now Lord........who is it that needs a little something? 

Do something........even if it is just a little!

Know that you are being thought of today.........and me. If you are sitting there and are in physical pain.........I know there are some of have told me........ I am praying.......if you are lonely........I know that also........please......reach out to someone.........they need you as much as you might need them! If you can't get someone and tell ask them if they need prayer. What a gift that would be for some young Momma in your church with little ones. I remember those days. Wish I could go back sometimes.

Well I have so much work to do today.......

Just wanted to welcome all the new have been me.

Hugs sweet ladies from my farmmmmmm.....I love being HOME!


P.S. Have some fun things up my sleeve.......can't wait to tell you!


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  2. Good morning, Linda!

    Yes, it is HOT in Oklahoma. I just drank a glass of lemon water with a little sea salt, because the heat is making me feel...icky!

    Love the box of goodies you rec'd. What a sweet thing for Susan to do! I have PW's and good recipes! And yes, you need to do a cookbook. One of these days, I would like to do one of family recipes and stories to pass down for the kids and grandkids.

    Taking your advice....I invited an elderly (there are a few older than me ;))couple over for dinner tomorrow night and we are going to make homemade ice cream! This means....I hafta clean off the kitchen table. hahaha

    Love ya!

  3. You go girl..........wish I could sit at your table........what fun would that be? I have the house all shut up. Hope it makes a difference. We are having to be careful on the electric bill. Waiting until it is real hot.

    Thanks for stopping by. Love you friend, Me

  4. Linda what a sweet friend you have made!!

    I think there is a little cookbook with memories in all of us!!Some

    I have a little sumpthing goin on over at my might want to stop by and see if you are interested...(smiling)

    It is hot here also..I am miserable..the garden hates this extreme heat!

    I will be joing you gals next week..hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  5. Oh so happy you have been blessed by Susan & I have & love PW cookbook, good recipes and she is a hoot.
    You should definitely do a cookbook, you always post such good recipes.
    It is hot here, going to check on Grandbaby he has been fevering for 3 or 4 days, can't get in to Dr. They will probably take him to urgent care later when it opens. I think he needs GMA to hold him for a while. Stay cool. God Bless

  6. Linda,
    Wow, what a sweet and very well-thought-out gift package from Susan. I really wish she'd start a blog. The way you describe her, she sounds like a doll, a real sweet heart :) :) OH, and Gooseberry patch...Yeah, that's one of my favorite sites on Facebook, too :) :) I LOVE the Pioneer Woman. I'd love to get her cookbook someday. When I have the funds, I'll make sure to purchase it via the link on your site ;) :) :)

    I'm so glad that you enjoyed your gift. Susan did a lovely job of packaging it, too :) :) Even the packaging is cute :) :)

    Have a great day today. It was COLD y esterday..raining. It felt more like winter. Today there's sunshine, but it's still cold outside. One day summer will arrive and it will be hot :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  7. Sweet things! Thanks for permission to put the "JOY" verse on my blog. It should link right back to you. 96 degrees here so the howling wind is drying everything up. My doors howl like we are having a blizzard. ♥♫

  8. That's a lovely gift you received! I wish I could get things like that in the mail! :D

    God bless,


  9. Hi dear Linda
    What a sweet gift you received - I've heard wonderful reviews of that cookbook! I love parcels in the mail - they are just so much fun aren't they!

    I hope you are enjoying your summer (is it officialy summer yet there - winter began for us on the 1st, but it's been beautiful winter days so far!)
    Have a wonderful day dear friend


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