Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Without Electricity Another Storm Coming

This is just a quickie post. It is almost 10 on Tuesday night.

Just stopped in while we are in another town........ 2 times today when high winds came through our farm we have lost electricity. Winds blowing 65-70 miles...........not fun. Another storm coming in a few hours. We are still without electricity and don't know when we will get it back. Please continue to pray and thank you to those who have been. I have eggs in the incubator and the tiny baby chicks. I will warm up some rice on the top of our stove and put the rice in a sock.Then lay the sock in with the baby chicks. A friend told me to try.  Hope it works. 

Praying for everyone that might be having storms. Circulation was going on north of our town. To  close for me!!!!!!

God Bless You!!!!!!!

Hugs, Linda


  1. thinking about you and waiting for that second round of storms to come through in just a few minutes.

    These storms are awful!
    d in kansas

  2. We are in Mid-Missouri, it's headed our way. Our daughter was just missed in Oklahaoma City. I pray for all of us to be safe.

  3. I am praying for your safety...so glad to be on "quickly" and get your update. In a couple hours Josh leaves to help with relief work in Tuscaloosa. The storms are terrible, but our God LOVES us, and He LOVES YOU!
    Miss you~

  4. Prayers to you and family!!
    Granny Trace

  5. Oh I do hope the storms end soon! Stay safe!

  6. Hello Denna, Hope all was well with you. We really had some rain and high winds......no tornadoes by the farm, but they had one north of between Sterling (the town we live by) and a small town called Alden. To close for me....thank you! Thank you so much for praying.

    Hi Patti, Missouri sure got it in some places. So thankful your daughter wasn't close. It was sad what happened all around the different states. Thank you so much for praying.

    Hi Kathy..........miss you also. I think of you and yours all the time. I read your post this morning about your Josh going to Tuscaloosa. What a precious young man. Thank you for reminding me about God's love. Isn't that so amazing? Talk soon.

    Thank you Granny Trace, what an encouragement. You are to think of our fam. We watched the storm break off in the skies at our farm. We had the back winds and they were strong, but nothing like a tornado. We are thankful for the protection. Hugs, Linda

    Hi Tracey, Today is beautiful......cool outside, but no storms in the forecast. Have to wait for things to dry out so we can plant a little more in the garden. Thank you for commenting......so sweet of you!
    Hugs, Linda

    So glad to have the internet back on.......really feel out of touch. Hugs, Linda


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