Monday, May 9, 2011

Hello Sweet Friends,

I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday. I sure did. We usually have a picnic with the fam and yesterday was no different. Went to church in the morning and learned some very special truths about God's idea of a woman. Blessed my heart, but was reminded that I still need to change as He reveals truth. Always a race to be run......each and every day........until the day I die or meet Jesus in the that rhymes and I didn't mean for it to. Hee hee.

Do you remember this last Thursday when we had to go to the farm store.......... and I bought 3 little ducks? One little black one and two little Kaki ducks? Well on Saturday our oldest's son's family came and brought me............... 2 more little black ducks.........they fit just fine in the cage with the 3 other duckies. 

They also gave me two new little chicks. 

 On Momma's Day........we all went to go see my Momma at the nursing home. It was a special time with all her grandchildren and great grandchildren.  When I came outside one of our grandsons said, "Grammy come and see. He took a box out of the truck.........and this is what he had. I Love kids know me well! Hope it is a Momma turkey..........remember I have a Daddy turkey.

After visiting my Momma we went on a picnic south of our farm on our son's land. Our Grandpa Jack and Grandma Jo would have loved all the children. It used to be their land before Grandpa died..........wish it still was. Life was special back then, we miss them. The time was wonderful with all our family together. 

We had a couple of the horses with, tadpoles swimming along the edge of Peace Creek, food, a few ponds to play in, some skeet shooting.....giggles and lots of laughs. 

 a little boy......a blanket on grassy ground.......a little puppy...........what more could a little boy want.  

As many of you know who follow me.... know we have two girls and three son's who are married also two little ones in heaven waiting. When I started at the college cooking I was very GRATEFUL for a job..........but I had loved  being a Stay at Home Momma and working along side with my family for 30 plus years.  I LOVED IT!!!!!! Then life changed for me. God was so good as we prayed that He would keep our family together and give us a job together. We prayed specifically for that request. He did just that. My identity really went through some major changes as we left the HOME and went to work. I longed for my HOME and realized I did not like the change one bit. Again I want to make it clear that "I was so thankful to the Lord". He had taken the impossibility and made it tailor made for our family. I kept praying and asking the Lord for help and to help me be content. Slowly I saw Him "all over His plans" the plans  He had for our family. They didn't look anything like what I thought.......but He was there and my sweet Honey......kept praying and encouraging me to keep my eyes on Jesus. Here we are at the end of the college year...........I have spent a lot of time praying during our time there at the college. I have asked God that the college would have it's main focus on what God desires and that the young people and faculty  would love the Word and obey it. I knew that if our family was not there we would have missed out on the lives of the precious young students. We would have not been reaching out like we are today. The other part to this story is some of the girls are reaching out to us and our girls as well. Some of the most precious God fearing and loving girls I could ever dreamt of having in our lives. We love them like they were our own flesh and blood kids. "One" who we call "Baller" is in need of a family away from her Home. She has wiggled her way into all of our hearts and is now there for keeps. She has become one of our own...........don't have to pay adoption fees like our son is for their little Vitaliy.........good thing..........baking salary doesn't cut it. Smiling. In the afternoon on Momma's Day the girls gave me some precious framed photos. I thought I would share a few. 

The one on the left is our new addition..........a sweet keeper.

 My heart is at Father has touched me personally and given me the red light to go out into the world, still side by side with my husband and girls. We are thankful for His provisions. 

I love this pic. Cute cute cute........God is the giver of children.........I 
almost missed out on 450 of them. 

I know some of you who read my blog are having hard situations in your lives ........I want you to know that I do pray. I don't always know what to pray for, except for those who write me with their requests.........but I know that when I pray the Lord hears and knows your needs better then I. I trust that you see Him in His plans for you. 

We are again without a job for the summer, because school is out this Friday until August. We still have a job when we come back. We are excited to see what the Lord has for us to do this summer. I am not afraid this time. Please pray for us. Thank you in advance sweet ladies. I so appreciate you. Again if you need prayer........I want to pray for you. 

Well I think I have enough little ones on the farm don't cha think???????'s time to plant a yellow rose bush I got for Momma's Day from our middle son's family. Hope your day was special. 

Hugs from my farm to your HOME,

P.S. Almost forgot to say welcome to all the new have been me.

Also thank you for all the info on the blogger list. I will wait.......sorry so many of you have the same problem. I have searched the internet and found nothing. I sure hope they come back. I followed so many of you by using that. I have tried to sign up to some and they are not adding. Hope it gets fixed. 


  1. Hi Linda,
    Please pray for our Emily, age 15. She has been in pain for 2 years and finally diagnosed with Lyme disease. We're having to take her out of state for proper treatment. I was born and raised in Hutchinson but now we live in New Mexico. Reading your blog is like a piece of home. My first nursing job was at Mennonite Friendship Manor. That was 25 years ago. Hope your mom is doing well. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  2. What a sweet weekend you had! We have a daughter that moved into our lives her Sr. yr of HS. Her mama died of cancer..and she was living with her dad and step mom.The step mom said when you turn 18..bye bye.So we said come on in to our home.She has been a part of us ever since.Not all can accept others so openly I have found out. I think it is because I am adopted..and I feel we are all in God's why not?!!!
    You can go to your profile page and find the list you follow.Tonight I spent 2 hrs clicking on each one I follow and putting it under my favorites...just in
    Have a sweet week.
    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. Linda such awesome sweet post.. SO enjoy
    coming visiting you at the Farm... Love the
    little turkey how cute....

    Warm Blessings Trish-Ladybug

  4. Good Morning Linda & Family!!
    Wonderful post for me this morning.
    Prayers Goes Up Blessing Come Down!
    Love Granny Trace

  5. Linda, thank you for sharing your beautiful Mother's Day with us. It was lovely that the whole family was able to spend the day together.
    Keeping you and yours in my prayers...

  6. Good Morning, Linda!

    What a beautiful day you had with your family. I loved all the pictures. Your ducklings are so cute!

    I know the summer break from work causes some anxiety, but I have a feeling many wonderful surprises are ahead...


  7. What a blessing it is to read your posts. I look forward each afternoon to seeing if you have posted. I get home from work, do all my housework and cook dinner then I head to my screen porch with a glass of iced tea to see if you have posted. I am never disapointed. I wish i could visit your farm. It is also my desire to have a small farm and have animals. i am also one of Gods childrena dn he is so good to me. Sharon

  8. I love reading your blog Linda. I see you had such a blessed Mother's day. Your new additions of ducks an chicks...oh and a turkey is sooo cute! I hope you all have a prosperous summer with lots of laughter an love. I too pray for contentment in living in MO. I get so home sick for WI it hurts not to be with my new granbaby an watch her grow.

  9. Hi, Linda: Loved your post today as usual. Can you adopt me...I'm only 63??? What did you find out about the blogs...I thought something was wrong too. Love all your animals and kids! Pray for me since I have to go to Small Claims. Some yahoo took my money and never came back to do the work he promised. He left to get "material" but never came back with it or the money. Thank you. Love Mary S.

  10. Dear Linda,
    LOVE this post...and I'm so glad that you are becoming a godly influence in many young peoples lives...all because of a job that started in a kitchen :) :) :) What a blessing :) :) I'll write more later. My dad wants the computer and unfortunately I do have to share ;) :) I LOVE all the photos :) :) :) The new girl and the new chicks and ducks...all beautiful :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  11. I'm glad you got your list back ~ mine came back after I signed off & then on again. Whew!

    I'm so glad things worked out so well for your family this year. As you might know if you saw up-dates on my blog, but I had to go back to work outside the home, in a health food store, in March 2010. But the Lord is so good, I do like it better that I thought I ever would ~ but ~ I've still not given up hope of having my own bulk food store, Marmee's Pantry. He's the God of miracle after miracle.

    Bless your week.

    Blessings from Ohio . . . Kim<><

  12. Wonderful post, Linda :) It is always a welcome break from the world to read your posts each day. I love reading about your country/farm life and your relationship with God. I will pray about the summer job situation. I love your little turkey! He is so cute!

    Susan Montgomery

    Susan Montgomery

  13. Linda
    thanks for such a great post I am greatly blessed when I open your blogs and soak in the love of God that I get from it while I visit!!! The pictures are very sweet thanks for sharing them!!! You are a real blessing!

  14. Your girls are beautiful!
    On May 5th, I became the grandmother of a baby girl. She is my seventh grandchild, and the first girl. I was present to welcome her into the world. God is good!


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