Monday, May 16, 2011

I Am So Happy.......First Day Home...... FARM WORK!!!!!!

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Celebrating being back home on the farm.

Two and a half days left.


I AM SO HAPPY TODAY. I woke up at 7:30 this sunshine coming through my curtains. HOME. Now I have to tell you that I stayed up until midnight having a "party" with my daughters as we relaxed on the couch and watched Alaska with Sara Palin. I loved every bit of it. Doing complete nothingness!!!! with by precious girls. 

Then this morning I jumped out of bed. My honey said, "the horses are out". Ya know...... I didn't even think this was a problem........I  didn't have to rush around to get ready for work.......I could just throw on a sweatshirt and run out the door. No silly funny nonslip shoes.........didn't have to put on my bakers shirt.........heavenly..........hopped in the truck with my honey by my side (I so love this)......... the girls hopped in the car and off we went. 

 The girlies came willingly.........

even our littlest followed her momma out of the grateful that she was not hit by a car or truck. They were right on the highway. Thanking the Lord for His provisions. 

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today. Sunshine........going to be in the 70's. God has given me a gift of beautiful weather.........I will accept it as that, knowing that He is the giver of good gifts. 

Please continue to pray for the farmers.......they need rain in our area in Kansas. 

I am working in the garden today. I will also be getting our HOME in order with the girls, so that when we go back to the college kitchen........we will be ready. That will be another day.

While I am working in the garden......I thought I would take a bouquet of flowers out. I set the jar in a bucket by the garden. Pretty.  If you were here......... I would give it to you. I mean it! 

I will be doing a lot of summer, making things that I hope you will find enjoyment in..........can't wait. I love you sweet ladies and am so thankful that you were there this last year ........encouraging me on this last year. I have to admit it was a very tough learning time for me............I don't do well with change I just  found out this last year. I don't want to miss out what the Lord has for me.........and my precious family.

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May the Lord bless your day.......He has mine........with YOU!

Blessings from my farm,



  1. Hello Linda! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

    You asked what would be going on in my day and blog? Well...I'm giving away an encouraging Beth Moore CD of devotionals to one of my followers.

  2. How wonderful that you are HOME for the summer my friend! I am sooooo happy for you!! Your farm and animals are so beautiful. ENJOY!!

    Many blessings,

  3. WELCOME HOME..hehe
    Have a wonderful summer filled with laughter,love and sonshine.
    You deserve it.
    You are such a blessing.
    Granny Trace

  4. Linda, glad you are having a special day! This is the day that the LORD hath made!

    I was able to post on another blog this morning that is set up similar to worked!!! What a pleasant surprise. ;)

    Love the daisies and thankful the horses are safe. Animals getting out is always a bit scary.


  5. Love your blog...came over from Barn Hop. I'm sure I will be back again:)

  6. So enjoy visiting,you ask what we are doing
    in our day, Gardening, baking fresh homemade
    bread, Finish putting the satin sealer on
    old schoolhouse teachers chair for our customer

    Love the daisies glad the horses are safe


  7. Dear Linda, It's like taking a vacation without leaving my home when I get to see the beautiful photos of your farm :) :) :) I'm so glad that you get s ome time off, to do whatever, like stay up till midnight and watch Sarah Palin's Alaska ;) :) :) I'd love to watch that show sometime. So would my dad, because he spent many years in Alaska.

    I'm really glad that you were able to find your horses and that they weren't hurt. They sure are beautiful animals ;) :) :)

    let's see, lately I've been really cooking more at home and making LOTS of recipes from my Gooseberry Patch cookbooks ;) :) That's been really neat. Plus, my dad has become more active in helping with made-at-home meals. So that has been a real blessing.

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  8. Hey there Linda....sounds like your day has been full of many sweet Blessings...So glad!
    Have a good evening..

  9. Linda, I'm so glad you are able to be home for the summer. What a wonderful gift for you! Around here we're busy getting ready for my son's high school graduation and then college next year. Yikes! Where did the time go? I'm not looking forward to him leaving for college in August. That's a real challenge for me.

    I hope you have a fabulous week to kick off your summer vacation!

  10. "Horses Out!" We have heard that too....Blessings from Wisconsin


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