Monday, January 30, 2012

A Sweet Day on SONday!

Hello  Sweet Ladies,

I did not hear anything from Regina yesterday so I knew that things must have been going the same. This morning she wrote,....

Tenlee's ECMO machine is set at 250.  That means Tenless's heart is doing most of the work.  I guess you could say she using her training wheels right now.  The PICU doctor changed this morning and a new one will be staying there for a while.  So, until this doctor feels that Tenlee is ready, they will not shut the ECMO off for Tenlee to take completely over.  They are not turning it off at all right now, just waiting and watching.  She's truly a "rockstar".  She is wiggling around so much.  To go from no movement at all to arms and legs flapping around in the air is pretty impressive.  I told Jack this morning that she must be ready to wake up and see what's happening. 
I'm sure I will hear from Jack if anything changes and will share with you right away.  Love you all, Regina

I will keep you posted when she writes again. They so appreciate our prayers!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! God has been so merciful! Continue to pray please.

Yesterday was a relaxed and wonderful day on the farm. Unusually warm here for this time of year.  I had to get outside in the afternoon, so I walked around the farm with camera in hand. Our little farm has very old buildings around and has lots of places that the buildings are falling down, but I love taking the pictures of them. . They all have stories that will be remembered for forever.

I bought the basket that was on sale at Hobby is beautiful. I put it down in the little Milk House..........the little Banty Cochin Hens are laying eggs up a storm these days. Trusting that one of the Girls will use the basket nest by the time spring rolls around and fills it with her eggs..............

a Girlie used it yesterday....and left me an egg........not sure which one ......but she sure made this farm girl happy!!!!!!

 Walked out to see the horses........Tildy was enjoying her day scratching in the prairie hay. 

Then off to the milk barn.........I hadn't been up in the loft for some time. I knew there were old milk cans and milk buckets there and thought a picture would be nice.........turned out better than I thought! Wish I could show it to Grandpa Jack, he has been gone for some time.......they were his.....he was a dairy man. We won't move when the family comes back they will get to see them just the way they have been for years. 

I came upon the old chicken coop. It is very old and is falling down, but I love the old wood, windows, doors and hinges. We hope to get it torn down one of these days.....our son said he would help me........want to put my herb garden there. It will be wonderful  soil.

I like seeing  barbed wire hanging around. 

It was a nice day.........a day of rest.

Hope yours was as well.




  1. Linda your photo shares are always a joy! I am always smiling when I stop by. Hope your week will be beautiful! Hugs Anne

  2. Oh Linda you take the most beautiful gifted you are!


  3. I love your pictures of the Farm! Makes me wish I lived on a farm.

  4. I will continue to pray for Baby Tenlee. I have to say that I feel so much better to know that she is moving around! I think that is a good sign. It sounds to me like she is a fighter & that makes me smile!!! Thank you for the update, Linda!!!

  5. Thank you for the great update on Tenlee! Seeing the wonderful pictures you took makes me miss Grandpa's ol' farm back home. Have a very blessed week!

  6. Good news on Tenlee!! Loved the pictures!

  7. Hi Linda,
    Thanks so much for the update on Baby Tenlee. You know reading about how she's wiggling around as she's trying to wake up, reminds me so much of my father. He did that exact same thing..and it was a good thing I was there at the hospital, because I was able to help calm him down...but the fact that he was moving was a good sign...and his recovery is simply amazing. I'll be keeping Tenlee and her precious family in my prayers!!!!

    Your chickens are really cute...and I'm glad they're laying eggs for you..and that Hobby Lobby basket is just adorable :) :) I'm sure one of the hens will find it a really nice spot to lay eggs :) :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

  8. I always love seeing your photos. My mother was born in KS and I always think of her and my grandparents when I see your lovely photos.

  9. continuing in prayer <><

    would love to visit your property one day. :o)


    p.s. still loving the book you sent oh so long ago. ((hug))

  10. I love seeing all of your farm pictures!! Old barn wood pictures are my favorite!!

  11. It sounds like you had a great Sunday. I feel like I walked around the farm with you. Wish I really could.
    Love your blog. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  12. Great news re Tenlee! I know her family in relieved! Still praying!
    Nice pictures of your farm, glad you had a wonderful SONday! We did also!


  13. Your farm is so lovely. I want to come visit some time. I can not seem to reach you via e mail. So please pray for Nick about this college stuff. It is so stressful. I am always praying for Tenlee. She will always be on my heart and in my prayers. God Bless you Anne

  14. Twig's twin could be Leaf. Hope you get Willow soon. :)


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