Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh MY...............I Love Farm Life

Good Evening sweet ladies,

Tonight when I got home from work I knew that I didn't have a lot of time to work in the garden and get the chores done. Our grandson Ian was giving a special report later on in the evening on the Ukraine (the place his family is adopting Vitaliy from). I keep forgetting to tell you that Josh and Tonya have finished step 1 in the adoption process. I am has been stressful. For those of you who have donated to their adoption.......they want to say "thank you so much". You all gave over a thousand dollars and it helped pay for the beginning steps. You are such a blessing and we want you to know how much our family appreciates you all. They still have a lot ahead of them........ so please continue to pray. Thank you sweet friends.......God used you to bless our family and getting our Vitaliy HOME.

I headed water my sweet peas and snow peas. Please ladies pray that we can get some much needed rain here in central Kansas.......soon.  It has been so so so dry and the farmers are needing rain. If you need prayer please let us know. I know so many are getting way to much rain.........we are praying for you all. 

I think they are looking beautiful. Can't wait to see the white flowers for the snow peas and the colors on the sweet peas. 


I went over to check on the potatoes...........they are looking real good, but they are going to need some attention this some weeding?  I will need to give them a drink fore sure. 

Look at this adorable little weed that Tressa took a pic of. It looks like a lady singing...... if you ask me. Kind of looks like a little snapdragon. 

Well off to the program we went.............Ian did so well and we learned a lot about the Ukraine. One thing we learned is they grow wheat and the weather is like Kansas. Ian and his Momma made Russian pancakes for everyone at the program. A very sweet time watching Ian get up and giving his speech. Then we said our goodbyes. 

We needed to go the farm most of you know what happens when I go to a farm store. I hardly ever go I don't have time with working and so I remembered I needed some duck food and Taylor needed a new head stall for her horse sooooooo off to the store we went.............

and I came out with "them". Aren't they adorable?????????

One is a black little duck.........if anyone knows what kind he or she is I would love to know. Also I bought two Kaki ducks just like the ones I had last year before they got killed by the bob cat. They were on sale. I am enjoying them so much. Here is another picture of them. 

Click the picture....... if you would like to see them better and if you know what a black kind of duck is please let me know. Thank you in advance. 

Aren't they so precious? I love em!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed the pics. I will enjoy taking care of them this weekend.  

ONE MORE DAY........and we are Home......I can't wait. 

Hugs from my farm to your HOME,



  1. Cute little ducks :) That is so neat about Ian's report and making the pancakes is cool. You are blessed with such a sweet, close family :D
    Susan Montgomery

  2. So so precious!! I could snuggle those babies all day. :)
    Granny Trace

  3. Yes, I sure do love those pics! What sweet little creatures they are!

  4. You quack me up! You are a Duck addict...admit it!!lol
    I want them too!!Let me know what kind the black one is.I will order some this summer.

    Well time to waddle out to the garden...tee hee

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack (quack) and Gignahm

  5. Okay I butchered my signature..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham...that is what I get for trying to be comical!
    Hugs me.

  6. I love those ducklings! Maybe getting a duck or two. A family at my mom's school got ducklings for their kids for Easter. They live in the suburbs and my mother offered my mini farm if they need a permanent home. How can I say no to free ducks? We will see if they show up one day.

    I am like you in the farm store. Don't take me in or put blind folds on me because it is more tempting than ANY mall.

    I will keep praying for rain for you. I have family in Kansas they say it is very very dry. I pray just rain and no major storms! My daily email devotional was regarding Matthew 6:31-33. It was a good reminder for me that even if I can't get my garden in the way I envisioned it this year God will provide if we put Him first. I have such a hard time letting go of things like that...

    Have a blessed weekend.

  7. I hope you get the rain you need. I was thinking the other day that we were getting too much rain. We can start our seedlings soon - can't wait. While I am enjoying the little guys growing on the top of the dryer, some are getting too big and need room to stretch their roots. Love the ducks!

  8. What a fun post! My senior mom loves farm critters like ducks as much as she loves her gardening. They used to have some who were so tame they'd eat out of her hand. She'll love these pictures!

    And what a joy with your grandson and your grandchild to be. We've been blessed with adoptions as well and what joys God gives us with grandchildren from all corners of the world - near and far!

    Praying for a special Mother's Day for you and for rain! We've had too much so I've been praying we could share some with Texas - I'll add Kansas to that :) Blessings.

  9. The black baby could be a Cuyhoga. We have those and they start black. We love ducks around our place. We have a couple of Muscovy mama's that love to nest on the eggs. One has hatched 10 babies over the past week so we just keep giving her the eggs to lay on for us. This beats using the incubator.

    I thought I would hate the ducks running all over the place, but my yard has never looked so good. They keep it weeded, fertilized and don't make the mess you would expect ducks to make. We have small pools around the yard for them to play in and we pen them all up at night.

    Enjoy you new additions to the family...:)

  10. Hello Sweet Linda,

    I wanted to stop over and wish you a VERY Blessed Mothers Day!!!

    Those little ducks are very sweet...We had one duck before and he was blind and raised with two geese he used to think he was a little goose...he was so precious..

    Lots of Love to you...

  11. Hi Linda
    I'm praying that the Lord sends plentiful rain your way - I know what it's like to need it so badly & to watch your crops be sparse because of lack of moisture - may that not be the case for you.
    Lovely to hear your update on your families adoption - I've been wondering!
    Those ducks are just adorable - don't think I would have been able to leave them there either :)


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