Saturday, January 8, 2011

And the Winner of 101 Cupcake, Cookies and Brownie Recipes Cookbook is!

If you want to order one.........please click on picture .

Good Morning sweet ladies!!!!!!!

Wow......... today is the day! It has truly been a delight.........having this special Prairie Flower Farm/Gooseberry Patch Recipe Cookbook review Party. A big Thank You........ Gooseberry Patch......for thinking of this fun way of letting us know about your wonderful new 101 Cupcake, Cookie & Brownie Recipe Cookbook! Prairie Flower has enjoyed it soooooo much this last week of REVIEW! Can't wait for the next cookbook to come........ soooooo we can have another party!!!!

I asked Gooseberry Patch, if they would like to say something to you all......this is what they said!

A HUGE Gooseberry Patch thank you to everyone who stopped by our Facebook page and blog as a result of Linda's blog party and giveaway! Since all the fun started over the holiday weekend, I wasn't checking in as often but WOW when I did check Facebook, it was amazing. A great way to start the new year! Thanks to sweet Linda as well - her kindness shows in her blog and we're so glad she's part of our Gooseberry Patch family. Please keep visiting and leaving your comments...they really do brighten our days!

Thank you Gooseberry Patch for all the sweetness! We love you bunches and we will keep the recipes coming.......heehee, what am I saying.......... over all these years I haven't ever sent one, but this year is going to be different. I will try it out....... and see if I can get one of my recipes in one of your COOKBOOKS!

I am sure you want to know who won...............right? Okay......the winner is...........

We had the papers of all the entries in a big red rubbermade tub. After we were mixing and mixing the a ton of times........ Sophie wanted in on the noise. She jumped in the basket and "really" picked up a paper in her mouth..........since they had been mixed so well we thought we would use the one she hadpicked. We couldn't believe that it was the first lady that had signed up for the drawing. Honest we did mix the papers a lot and we thought it was special that it was the first entry to our giveaway!

Ozjane: who said,

"I think I am technologically confused.
I follow you in Google reader. Now what does that make me...LOL.
But I would love to be your Aussie reviewer."

(emailed you)

Congratulations. We will email you. Wow an Australian is going to have a
Gooseberry Patch Cookbook! There was someone that asked me if they
sell them over there. I am still trying to find out!!!!!

we thought we would pick two more and we will send a

"little gift"

to you both

2nd place went to:



it was her 5th try

"I facebooked about your party."

(I tried to email you.........can't leave a comment eithr for some reason on your blog. :(

and the 3rd winner was


4th vote
she said,
I "liked" Gooseberry Patch on Facebook and left them a note. :)
"I emailed you!"

Thank you so much everyone who made this party one of the best we have had yet! You took out your time from your busy schedules.......signed up and I want you to know I appreciated it.........A LOT! Thank you......thank you ........thank you!

She loved your papers!!!!!

Just a note from my heart,
Some may ask me.........Linda....... why do you have parties throughout the year..........."plain and simple"........I want to meet new ladies..........I love this about blogging! Every time someone signs up it is like I am greeting them at my front door of my little farm house and inviting them to come into my HOME. You know the feeling when someone stops by your blog and leaves you a comment? It's like you get a little chat with that person. Some of you I have known you for what seems like forever (the end of March it will be 2 years) have come and visited my blog and become a part of my family instantly. You have picked me up during the hard times........prayed for me.......and dusted me off and encouraged me to never quit! I love it because you meet some of the most precious ladies that have stories of their own! We are all just trying to live out this "life thing" the best that we many depending on Jesus to get us through! I know........ I have read your stories. I am still coming and reading some of your blogs........because honestly this giveaway took my breathe away! The first day that I put the review up I sent out my mailing let everyone know about the party. I had so many ladies many didn't sign up but the numbers that were on my number reader scared me to bits and the fun things was you ladies kept coming. I hope some of you will comment some can get to know me a little better if you like. smile. I also met sooo many ladies from Gooseberry's facebook and blog and the party grew. I have to tell you the party was truly one of the sweetest highlights of this last week beings that I had to leave my HOME and go back to the college bakery kitchen. While at the kitchen I was able to have every ingredient that I needed to bake up lots of the recipes from the 101 Cupcake, Cookie and Brownie Recipe Cookbook. I could pretend I was in the Gooseberry tester kitchen! Haha!!!!!! in my dreams!!!!!!!!!!! The kids loved the new recipes, we will continue to keep on our menu. The hit was the Triple Chocolately Brownies one would take one to their table and then those kids would come and get one.

During the first week back at work little did we know that our hours at work were going to be cut for our family. Our boss is one of the most Godly men we know.........he agonized over what to do.......but He did take us all to the Lord........and they came up with a plan. We will each have to give up an hour a day (we are so grateful that it was only that). It was a very tough week going through all the emotion of everyone else that lives from pay check to paycheck at work just like us. Precious single momma's who's husbands have left them with children to raise on their own. Wrenching stories are in the kitchen of hurting lives. Like I said the week was really hard and very emotional for me (I was a boohoo girl) ...........but their was one "sweetness" in my life and that was all you ladies who came and literally told me that you loved me and you were being blessed by my blog. You had know idea how the Lord was using you. I thank my God for you! You know what......... I am not trying to build a huge blog.....I started this blog with a simple prayer. I am just writing my story......and I am inviting ladies to become a part of that story. In the come and you leave little footprints all over my heart.........and when you leave a comment......... then I get to come and be a part of your family. I get to come and visit you.........that is what I LOVE ABOUT BLOGGING! The other precious part of this "blogging thing" is we are all getting to pray for one another and share Jesus. I do take you before the Father every day..........I start my day praying for my family and then for you all. Some have let me in on their hurts and I can pray specifically for them. We have laughed and cried with one another........making a "three cord strong".......together.........and that is my hearts desire............women all over the world becoming Titus Two ladies! Encouraging us to be caring each other and to our families. Our "world" is so huge and I am seeing that even more with blogging. So since I can't travel in real life... I will just keep "traveling blogs"....sitting on my little white antique chair........and getting to know so many precious ladies! One thing I do want you to know........... I soooo wish I could "really" have you at our farm.......what a day........ that day would be!!!!!! If I could have you I would want to make a little gift for would be sitting on your plate.........I would ask you to come sit at my table and I would have baked you something nummy from my little farm kitchen......special just for you. I would decorate the table with candles and use my finest dishes (antique Fostoria dishes given to me by my precious mother in love Jo, that are still in the same cupboard she kept them in...... I like it that they are always waiting for me to use just like she did...she served our family a many a time).......and I would want to listen to your life story.........oh my.....if only this could happen.........that makes my heart smile........real big........!!!!!!! Soo...... if you are ever close to my farm........please know you are welcome.........but until then.......I will be working this next year on some fun more patterns and products...........and new stories of what the Lord is doing in my life and I will come and see what HE is doing in yours, if you let me know who you are!

You are the most precious ladies!!!!!!!!! A gift from my Father..........
I am very very blessed indeed!

Thank you all for such a special party........we couldn't have done it without you!

Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can train the younger women to love their husbands and children,to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God. Titus 2:3-5

This morning I heard this on Daily Audio Bible......."Jesus' Word tells us what our lives are supposed to look like". I like that!

Welcome to all the new followers and subscribers.........I am so glad you have come!

Hugs from our Farm to your HOME!


  1. All glory to He who makes my life worthwhile. God is good. I, too, am blessed by His love.
    I have enjoyed this post and feel strengthened by your words.
    Congratulations to the gals that won!
    May your blessings abound in 2011.

  2. Congratulations to all the winner!!!!
    Linda your link to the dayly audio bible is great. I love it.
    Blessings from France

  3. Oh Linda..
    Congratulating youyou on hour winners! They are so lucky..and I'm do gloss you have so many visitors to your blog! You have such a neat blog who wouldn't love to vist it? ~smile~

    Thank you for your know you & your family are in my prayers also.

    xoxo Gert

  4. You know really are a precious lady and I am thankful we *met*! Congratulations to your winners and thank you for hosting a are good at doing that! AND making everyone feel are good at that too! Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend my friend! :)

    In His Love,

  5. Well I feel like a winner just coming to read your post today. You are such a gracious lady. Blessings!

  6. Congratulations to the winners! You are such a blessing to all of us Linda. You have a way of writing your posts as if you're talking to each one of us individually. I know I've said this before, but you are an inspiration. Thank you!!

  7. Congratulations To all the winners!!

    And I think you can find Gooseberry Patch in Australia via

  8. Thank you and thank you again. I am so happy to be your Aussie reviewer. My Moggie said to say she thinks that Kitty that chose us is very clever.
    God is so faithful.....may He bless you abundantly in 2011.

  9. Congrats to all the winners :) :) :) I was telling some friends in Norway about the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks!!! They're wonderful cookbooks :) :)
    I'm sorry your hours were cut at work. I know how that is :) I was layed off from work just over a week ago now. My friends who are still working went from working 40 hours last week to just getting one day of work this week. Yes, it's always challenging...but that's when we put our trust/faith in God to let Him do miracles and provide when we think it's not possible. God will take care of us :) :) I'll be praying for your co-workers and you & your family too. I know how difficult it is living from paycheck to paycheck :) :)

    Linda, thanks again for hosting another fun party :) :) I always love participating and reading everyones comments. It's so fun :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

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  11. I love the fact that your first person won. I think that is unusual! Plus that darling kitty makes it even more fun. Went out this morning to feed my "babies" before the snow piles up and the temperatures drop! Hope you all are warm and safe. ♥♫

  12. Congratulations to the winner! I've often wondered if the first to sign up for a party ever wins.

    It is a treat to visit your blog and I can imagine myself sitting at your table chatting like old friends.

  13. Congrats to Ozjane and the other winners of your giveaway. Thanks again for hosting and for all you do! :)


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