Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hope this makes you smile!

You may use this photo if you like!
Hello sweet ladies,

My honey always warms up the towels in the morning....... so they are warm for us girls...... after we take our showers! Isn't he the sweetest? Well........ this morning was no different. He went out on the cold porch......turned on the dryer..........and heard this huge "thunkuty thunk" going on.........on the inside. He opened the door and to his surprise he saw our huge yellow fluffy kitty cat a little more on the fluffed side. The dryer doesn't lie when it says "fluff"! WE laughed so hard we could barely breathe. I don't think our "Kitty" will ever get back in a dryer again. Phil shut the door to the dryer late last night. Oh my.......made my heart smile big time. Hope it does for you have any funny stories of your animals that we all would enjoy........leave a comment if you do or you could leave a comment on this one! Still chuckling.......probably will all day and then some!

Weather says......100% snow!!!!!!!!! Five........beautiful..........inches..........falling on our farm........that makes me happy!!!!!! Yea for us and for Vitaliy! One of his wishes was that he could go sledding. Think the Lord is going to answer that...... "little wish" just in time for him before he has to leave us! God you care soooooo for the orphan......and now you are doing another precious thing, for us all to see!!!!!! You are and amazing God!!!!!!! Vitaliy will be going back to the Ukraine next Saturday (will be a very hard day for our family). Did you realize we can only send small towels and washclothes........because they do not have dryers. Oh ladies......we are so blessed.........we must continue to be thankful everyday and thank the Lord for His mercies!

Hugs to your SONday!


  1. Will be praying and thinking of your family, with Vitaliy going back next week. Our family has just been through what it is like to send someone back. Although it was not to another country. Our grandson's family had to take the two little girls that they have had as foster kids for almost five months to meet with grandparents from another state to go and live with them. I received phone calls from our grandson telling me that the girls would be gone in ten minutes. Then received a call with him in tears that they left with their grandparents. So hard, they had become part of our family even though we new they would be leaving. God gave us these months with them. He is in control.

  2. Oh my I know how you are going to miss that young man from all your posts about him. Your story indeed put a smile on my face. I expect you are right, kitty will not climb back in the dryer. I wonder if it jumped into it because it had just been emptied and was a warm spot to curl up?

  3. Dear Linda.. the story about your fluffed up kitty cat is too cute!!! Well, I had a cat when I was a all-white long-haired cat...and Bubba used to hide in the storage cupboards above my closet...and the only way to get BUbba out was to go to the kitchen...then open up a can of Pounce kitty cat treats :) :) Then thump, thump...sound of kitty cat feet, there was Bubba...humble and meowing for a treat ;) :) Bubba would also sleep right by my face EVERY night :) :)

    Oh, I'll be praying for you and your family as Vitaliy goes back to the Ukraine!!! I thought that your son and his family would be able to adopt him ? I'm just catching up on blogs this I apologize ahead of time, if I've missed something :(

    Snow is wonderful!!! I'm glad that you'll have lots of snow to go sledding and build snowmen etc ;) :) :) Love and hugs to you and the rest of the Family Stubbs & Vitaley...from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

  4. Linda,I always love your post. As a Kansas neighbor to your south we too should recieve some white stuff tonight and tommorow! Your kitty story made me laugh(so glad kitty is fine)when our daughter was 2, I opened the refrigerator and there sat her kitten, just looking at me! She too was fine, but we still tell that story on her and laugh. She can't believe she did that to her kitty. Enjoy your snowfall!

  5. Linda..

    Glad your kitty is okay..I always worry that the animal will be hurt. Hope you get enough snow for Vitalay to get to go sledding . Hope you are having a wonderful day!

    xoxo Gert

  6. Oh,I laughed out loud!!! Rosco has gotten to the point now that he has his own place in my queen size bed and he won't give it up. so when gavin comes in the middle of the night, the two of us have to share just half the bed! He isn't spoiled by any means!
    Will be praying for Vitaliy. Can you send thing to the orphanance for him or any of the children? Maybe we all can work to together and send some needed things to all the children?! While in Kosovo the school that our section was helping ended up with new desk and chairs and hats and gloves with the help of all of those we knew back home. Just an idea. Love, Kitty

  7. Hi Linda,
    Oh I wish I could come to your farm tonight and we could stay up late watching the snow and sip hot chocolate and just visit. I can just imagine how cozy and inviting your home would be. We are supposed to get 8" ?? of snow...we'll see!!! I would love a snow day! I really could get a lot done at home. :0) I wish you could have a day off too.
    Was sorry to hear your hours will be cut as I know how much you are appreciating having the income. God will provide and I know you already know that. I will pray about it for you and your family. Everything will be fine.
    Blessings to you....and I just ooohhhh and aaahhh over that little Sophie! I would cuddle with her! She is just precious!


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