Friday, January 21, 2011

A Long Week........behind me!

Hello Sweet Friends,

Today I got home from working what seemed like an extra long week. The weather was 45 degrees outside........ so I changed and went back out to take care of my chickens. The first thing I noticed was all the birds...........there were tons of song birds singing in the trees rows. It was like they were all excited.......about spring coming. All the snow has pretty much melted and with it warmer then it has been. They say more snow is coming. I just enjoyed listening to all the seems like they have been gone for so long.

Went into the coop to check on the girls. They have been laying 12-14 eggs a day! They are such good girlies.........I am selling the eggs at that is a huge blessing........for me and for the buyers. They love fresh homegrown eggs! Filled their cubby holes with nice straw.......they keep scratching it out. I think if I was a chicken I would want a nice bed of straw.......not them. I fixed them all up anyway. It makes me feel good. The girls that I received last year for my birthday are so big and pretty. Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks are laying a lot of the eggs. My Cuckoo Marans are doing well also. They are the chickens that have very very dark dark brown eggs. They look like chocolate milk color......or maybe even a little darker. I have a male and at least 2 of the 3 females.........I thought the bob cat had killed them......he didn't! Sooo thankful! Can't wait to see an egg.........never seen one of my blogger friends said I would like. It just felt so good to walk around the has been to cold so my honey has done all the chores. He has had to work extra hard to get all the work done so the pipes don't freeze and all the animals have water and food. He has had to hand carry most of the water. He is a sweet man........he takes good care..........of us ladies of the we don't have to go out.

Tay asked if I would talk some pic's of her and Kansas. Love how this one turned out. She is such a pretty little horse!

Oh I have to tell you............. Thursday our boss told us there was going to be some changes in the kitchen. We were all going to get new jackets and we also were going to have to start "ALL" wearing our little black berets. I just about croaked! Ladies......these are the ugliest little hats and I am not the only one that thinks so. They are awful! Beings that I love the Lord and want to be a kept my mouth shut. You can't do anything with your hair to make the hats even look halfway cute. Inside I kept thinking..........I don't want to do this! I know the Lord was working on my character.................again! It is a life thing isn't it. I could pretty much do my own thing when we lived home and farmed. Our own know? Now I have to obey someone else. It truly is good for me to respect authority. The girls look adorable in them. The other bad thing is it makes your head itch. I prayed alot that my attitude would be pleasing. I made it through the day and when I got out the it went! Felt I have two days to enjoy....and..............I will! Smiling!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will be putting up the recipes.........I talked about the other day tomorrow. You will really like them!

No news on Vitaliy.......waiting. Thank you so much for keeping our family and V in your are so precious to us!

P.S. Two ladies have told me that they have been having problems loading my blog..........please let me know if that is happening to you also. Sorry.........I will try to find out what might be happening with it. Please email me at if you need to comment or you can tell me if you are having problems also.

Welcome new have been me!

Hugs from my farm to your HOME!


  1. Linda...Oh, goodness, my computer was giving me fits every time I tried to vist your blog. I'm so glad it's working today :) :) Oh, your chickens are so pretty...and I never thought I'd say that about chickens :) :) I'm glad that you're able to sell the eggs at work :) :) That is a blessing. I have this book from Eleanor Burns called "Egg Money Quilts"...:) :) :) So hearing your egg story reminded me of that :) :) I'm glad God is providing in unexpected ways :) Tay on her horse is nice, too :) :) Yeah, I agree with you about the hats :(:( Well, you'll do well at work either way :) :) :) Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who's computer has fits when visiting your blog! I wonder why that is? At work it will start to load and then freeze up and I have to hit shift/alt/delete to delete it off and pull it back up again. Hmmmm......

    We have three chickens and one rooster. I am very new with the whole chicken thing, but I love getting one to two eggs a day!


  3. Those hens look happy regardless of their beds.

    I'm sure the Lord has a reason for the "lesson of the hat" you had to endure. Loved reading your post.


  4. Phew! I can't imagine trying to cook and wear one of those things. Kudos to you, Linda! Thankful it's the weekend, too! Lots to do! Hopefully time slows down for you before you have to return to the black beret. : )


  5. Oh my dear Linda...I just know you are enjoying your day....always wonderful to have a weekend and be away from work. I'm sure you look 'cute' in your hat..but I do know they can be irating.. I know how much I LOVE my RED HAT's we wear to our luncheons but they too can make your head itch especially if your not a normal hat wearer:) Oh your chickens look so happy...and like you I would think they would LOVE the fresh new straw but animals have a mind of their own don't they?? smile.... I found a picture of us kids when we were little and I could see the 'white' chickens roaming around the yard in the background. I think I will put it up on my blog and refer them to your wonderful blog to see what beautiful chickens look like 'today'

    Love the picture of Tay and Kansas!!! smile...

    We continue to pray for your family as well as V.

    xoxo Gert

  6. I know that some people will think that I'm silly when I say this but, "You have some beautiful chickens!". I'm so thankful for you that they are laying eggs now. My niece went out to go to town yesterday and their dog was systematically killing each one of my great-nieces chickens! When they got him stopped (and not in a good way) all they had left was one rooster. My great-niece is just a little girl and she was devastated. Her chickens had names and would sit in her lap to be petted. Please pray for her and that she won't give up or be bitter about it. I hope the rest of your weekend goes really well.

    Hugs XX

  7. Hello Gert.........thank you for stopping by!I am liking white chickens more and more. I don't have any except my little cochin female. I had a male but the bob cat got him. I will be getting another one this spring. Can't wait! Thank you for praying for God's will concerning Vitaliy.

    Oh Barbara I know what your great niece is feeling. It is so sad!!!! Tell her to go out and get some new ones. I had so many killed from the neighbors dogs and then just a few weeks back a bob cat came into the yard and got all my ducks and more chickens. I also had ones that sat on my lap and would run to me when I came outside. It is so hard for little ones though. I will be praying. Let me know if she gets some new chickens. I really want to know! Thank you Barbara for telling me!

    Hugs, Linda

  8. Hi Heather.........I can't figure what is going on as you see Peggy is having problems also. Ugh! That makes me so sad! I have seen that book! It is pretty!Those hats are! I am wearing it though..........may the Lord notice! Smile! CHICKENS are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Peggy.......I am thinking Blogger must have had some problems. So glad your girls are laying........isn't it so fun? I love to go and gather eggs. One of my favorite things to do!Be sure if it is cold outside that you put real warm water in for them to drink. It helps so much on laying! Thank you for not giving up~~~~~I was blessed that you came! made me smile. I know that the Lord allows us in those hard things.............He was........why should we expect different. We can follow Him! Others are watching! Thank you for coming by! either.......but I am doing it. I have more flour on my hat then you can imagine! It isn't fun for sure! You are sooooo funny! You made me smile! That is a good thing!

    Thank you sweet ladies for coming by!!!!!!!!! Love it. I am coming over to see you......all!

  9. Linda..

    I did post my picture...on my blog along with a link back over here to visit you:)

    xoxo Gert

  10. Okay...I had something completly different in mind...when it came to the hat....There actually kinda cute... : ) reminds of the Italian Chefs.. ( I think ) but then again I am not the one that has to wear it....But I would be willing to put one on and Say Cheese...LOL


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