Saturday, January 15, 2011

Please Pray For Vitaliy As He Goes Back. Thank You!

Good is it cold outside today! The sun is shining and the snow is still on the ground. I love snow........I understand that there is a lot of snow across our country. If you have a lot and it has been difficult......know that we are praying for you all.

We are watching Ellie and Ian until Tonya gets back from taking Vitaliy to the airport in Atlanta.

Ian....."Grammie do you have any boots?" Me....."Sure Ian there are some", they were pink and grey boots)........Ian......."Grammie......I said boots!" I don't think that I can talk him into pink boots. Heehee. He cracks me up!

Today Vitaliy leaves at 4 eastern time. Tonya will then fly back to Kansas and get in late at night. Appreciate your prayers. She will have sadness of heart...........she poured her everything into him. He saw Jesus in their was a good thing!

In the morning I opened my devotional book Streams in the Dessert. That book has helped me so many times when I am in a hurry to have some nuggets of truth for my mornings!

Here is part of it: (maybe you will need it for your day)

January 14

When He has brought out all His own, He goes on a head of them. John 10:4.

This is intensely difficult work for Him and us---- it is difficult for us to go, but equally difficult for Him to cause us pain. Ye it must be done. It would not be in our best interest to always remain in one happy and comfortable location. Therefore He moves us forward. The shepherd leaves the fold, so the sheep will move on to the vitalizing mountain sloops. In the same way, laborers must be driven out into the harvest, or else the golden grain would spoil.
But take heart! It could never be better to stay once He determines otherwise; if the loving hand of our Lord moves us forward, it must be best. Forward, in His name to green pastures, quiet waters, and mountain heights! See (Psalm 23:2) "He goes on ahead of us" So whatever awaits us is encountered first by Him, and the eye of faith can always discern His majestic presence out in front. When His presence cannot be seen it is dangerous to move ahead. Comfort your heart with the fact that the Savior has himself experienced all the trials He asks you to endure; He would not ask you to pass through them unless He was sure that the paths were not to difficult or strenuous for you.

This is the blessed life--not anxious to see far down the road nor over concerned about the next step not eager to choose the path nor weighted down with the heavy responsibilities of the future, but quietly following the Shepherd, one step at a time.

The oriental shepherd always walked ahead of his sheep. He was always out in front. Any attack upon the sheep had to be take him into account first. Now God is out in front. He is in our tomorrow, and it is tomorrow that fills people with fear. Yet God is already there. All the tomorrows of our life have to pass through Him before they can get to us.

This was so good for my soul.

Tonya made up a book that she bought from Hallmark. It had pictures of our family and a little place where you could leave a voice message. On my picture I was able to leave my message for him. He will get that when he gets on the plane. It will be wonderful that he will have our voice there for him to listen to whenever he needs. I love my Tonya......she thinks of the most precious things for her family. This will be very hard for her beings she does not have her Josh with to say good bye to Vitaliy. Can't imagine. Please pray for her, if you wouldn't mind. Thank you precious ladies!

Last night as we were all sitting together and each getting to talk to Vitaliy........Vitaly told us each that "he loved us sooooo much!" Ian his new buddy, friend, and new brother, ........said "I love you Vitaliy......soooo much! What a precious way to leave it....... until the Lord decides what is best for them both. I love the Lord........soooooo much..........He is worth trusting in this hard time!

Today we will love on Ellie and Ian..........Ian and poppa just walked out the back door with gun in hands to go hunting........Ian said.......something about the cookie in his hand......Poppa said......"what is your favorite kind of cookie (?)".......they will have their "man talks" will be a good day...........we will just take one step at a time until we know what God has for us in the future...........trusting it will be Vitaliy back in our HOME..........if not......I will again learn from the Lord what He thinks is best for my precious family and it will be........HIS PERFECT WILL AND ALSO HIS BEST!"

I have a new song........a new favorite.........for my Vitaliy....the Lord gave it to me this morning..........a prayer for our little orphan God will protect him for HIS PURPOSES! I will choose to keep my eyes on the LORD! At the end of the heart leaped.........there was a Farmer (Poppa)...........and His Vitaliy! You will see......precious gift for me.........from the Lord!!!! He is so in the details.

I received a card (at the top of post) in the mail from a sweet blogger friend, Nancy.........during CHRISTmas Thyme. There were twelve beautifully stitched 3 1/2" nine patch squares in ADORABLE fabric! In her penmanship she wrote me, "The other day I was thinking of you and a picture of these popped into my head and it just seemed as if I was supposed to make them for either wanted to make some and ran out of time, or that you needed them for something" is that the sweetest thing or what? I thought it would be fun if you might help me with something to make these into. I thought some new potholders........a border along the bottom of a towel for my kitchen and save it for next CHRISTmas, or a plate warmer for my you have any ideas? If so....... just leave me a comment and if you have something on your blog or a place to go..........I will come and see! I will be keeping my hands busy today.

Hugs and asking for blessings from the LORD for you!

люблю тебе так багато разів
(it you so many times) in Russian



  1. Praying for you all Linda,
    Love your new song...
    Blessings and prayers.

  2. Praying for you and your family...praying our Father will turn your mourning into joy! As for the quilt blocks, could you use some of them to make a picture frame for your favorite pictures of Vitaliy... a sweet reminder of the time he was here made with a precious gift that arrived while he was with you? Or a photo album cover? Just a thought.

  3. thank you so much Jessica! is a neat song isn't it......thank you!

    Thank you Kelly........cute idea! Thank you for praying for us!!

    Tonya just wrote......"he is gone" is the time to pray for his protection. Thank you so for caring for our fam.

  4. Praying for Vitaliy & all of your family, Linda. Such a beautiful story of family love. It has blessed me so much ~

  5. I will be praying for all the travel mercies and the tender spots of your heart that ache in this time. It's always amazing to read how me work hard to touch the lives of others and end up receiving a far greater blessing.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me a precious comment. ~Tamara

  6. Definitely praying for you all - esp. Tonya & her safe return...and the future of Vitaliy.

    We now have 3 adopted grandchildren. Our latest joined our son and his family from Ethiopia! All things ARE possible!

  7. Linda....holding you all closely in prayer dear friend.


  8. Hello Camille.........thank you so much for praying.....our family really appreciates it. We are all a little numb right now. Our hope is in the Lord for sure!

    Tamara.......Yes we have received tons of blessings loving our Vitaliy. He is such a sweet pea. Brought more smiles then you can imagine! Loved your are so welcome.

    Hi Becky.........thank you!!! Wow 3 adopted I know how wonderful this is! You are so right..........all things ARE possible. Thank for reminding me! Smile

    Hi Gail.......thank you sweet friend. Appreciate your hug!

    Blessings! Linda


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