Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Day Baking With Gooseberry Patch

Hello sweet ladies!

Gooseberry Patch is a hit at the college.! Today will be day 3 for baking something out of the 101 Cupcake, Cookie and Brownie Recipes Cookbook! We are having so much fun baking in the bakery with the new cookbook!

We served Coffee Cream Brownies at lunch yesterday and the Double Chocolate-Mint Brownies will be for lunch today. I will let you know how they go! They turned out beautiful!

OH MY .........they were delicious!!!! Everyone liked the Coffee Cream Brownies and we will see what the kids think about the Double Chocolate-Mint Brownies today. The staff is liking everything!!!!! They are our first "taste testers"! We showed the Executive Chef the cookbook and he was so impressed with the cookbook. We are doing a catering on the 16 of January and he wants us to use 3 of the best recipes from what we are baking up this week. Everyday we are baking at least two recipes from the cookbook. If you don't win this book on is a "must" to buy. Honest..........I am not just saying that. It really is a fun cookbook. They are fast and very easyrecipes to make!

Well I am off to the bakery.........hugs and thank you so much ladies for making the party so special. Reading your comments is one of the highlight of my day. You really are such sweet ladies!!!!! Guess that is why I always have to tell you each day!

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God Bless your DAY!



  1. Double Chocolate Mint Brownies sound absolutely delicious!

  2. YUM!! Those Coffee Cream Brownies are on my list to make sometime SOON!! Great review Linda :)


  3. Mint and Chocolate are my absolute favorite combination! YUMMY! I love your enthusiasm for your work- it is quite infectious! I hope you have a wonderful day - and could you please eat a brownie for me???;)

  4. Your cake looks so beautifull!!!! Can I have one piece!!! I'm hungry!!!!! and it looks so delicious!!!!!!!!
    Love read your blog
    Blessings from France

  5. Oh my goodness glory girl!!! This looks absolutely delicious. Now open a window and listen....there...did ya hear me fallin' of the diet wagon!!!! Heeehehehe!!1

    God bless ya and have a most magnificent New Year sweetie!!!

  6. Ummm...that sounds so DELICIOUS! I can't imagine it's easy to stick to a diet with your good cookin' around! He,he! I've missed your blog and am finally off to catch up on all your beauty here. Thank you for all your coments and support and most importantly PRAYERS! I hope you are well my friend, Happy New Year to you and your family! Take good care!
    XO, Dee

  7. Just stopping in to say *hi* and Happy New Year!

    Sending hugs from Canada!

  8. For a chocoholic like me this brownie looks absolutely delicious..Unfortunately the extra thirty pounds I am carrying will not permit me to indulge right now.. (:

  9. Oh my I am looking forward to hearing how the kids like the brownies they are the ones that have to win the vote!!!! I am soo excited to hear the who the winner is!!!! Have a blessed day!!

  10. That cookbook sounds great and so do coffee cream brownies :) :) :) I can't pass up anything with coffee in it ;) :) :) I just bought Gooseberry Patch's "Dinners on a Dime" cookbook. You are so right. Their cookbooks are fabulous!!! I'm glad that everyone at the college is enjoying the tasty results :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  11. Hi!! I am Rebekah, one of Gloria from Under Her Wings daughters. We were so thrilled to meet Tressa this past summer. It made your already encouraging posts come alive. I am either oohing and ahhing over the cooking and sewing, downloading the stitching patterns, crying over losses and wins, or loving your love for Christ. Thank you. Have a great day at the bakery. Those kids do need your love. It shines from Christ through you in your baking, your words, your eyes.

  12. Chocolate mint brownies! Those two things just seem to go together so well. Looking forward to hearing if they were well liked!

  13. Hello, your site looks lovely! I started following you're blog today, and placed your cookbook button on my blog. Love the stitched snowmen! Congratulations on being featured in Create & Decorate magazine.


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