Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Tough Night

Vitaliy and His Poppa

Hello sweet ladies,

Tonight was a very sad night for our family. Saying good bye is never ever easy is it. I knew that Vitaliy was going to win our families heart the first night we met him.....his personality was adorable. I have never seen a child smile as much as he did. His manners were so sweet........and made me think about being more grateful myself. When he would come to our farm he was always out finding Poppa to go feed the horses or go in the chicken coop to gather eggs or pick up the turkey. He always had so much fun on our farm.

One of our grand daughters went to her school library and got this Russian picture book. They all spoke with him. It was a precious time.

He loved Josh's dog Drake! Vitaliy said they do have dogs, cats and pigs at the orphanage. I think the pigs are some of their food supply.

Vitaliy did so well at picking up the English language...........his "Aunt Rae" did a super job teaching him.

He loved "Mittens" the cat.

He also loved riding his bike up and down the lane.....usually crashing........ a lot. He would never sit on the seat for some reason. He was so funny! He loved his helmet!

Josh will also need prayer........he has a lot on his shoulder as he leads his family in some huge decisions. Please pray for him..........thank you so much! He loves Vitaliy!

Tonight they came out and sure enough Vitaliy was wanting his Poppa. We ate together and had to say our goodbyes. He hugged me........Tress......Taylor and before he went to Poppa, Josh said, "Vitaliy this will be the last time you see them before you go to the Ukraine". He gasped and looked at Poppa and said "oaww" and then hugged him so tight. I lost it!!!!! Please pray that the next steps would be smooth and protected by the Lord. I will be able to say more later. Thank you so much. Jesus loves Vitaliy more then we ever could........I need to remember that. For one thing we will never be the same~ my heart is with the orphan like never before!

He told Tonya today that she was going on the airplane to the Ukraine.........and that he was going to stay in America. He really is a cute young man!!!!! We have lots of does he! He will fly out to the Ukraine on Saturday.

Also ask that the truth of the word in Vitaliy's Russian Bible will touch his heart and he will know Jesus and what He did for him on the cross.

Thank you ladies for being so precious to our family! I will tell you my heart is really really our son said. It is better to love and hurt then to never love to begin with.

Hugs from my farm to your HOME!


  1. Dear Linda...

    I'm sad with you...and I'll definitely be praying Josh, his family, your family etc!!! You planted a seed in that young man's heart...and I'll be praying for wisdom for any future decisions!!! If I was there, I'd give you all a big hug in person!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. Oh Linda... my heart aches for yours. Hang in there. Praying for you...

  3. You and your family will certainly be in my prayers. Vitaliy is quite the young man with such a beautiful smile. He certainly has touched so many hearts.

  4. I will be praying for you and your family. What a sweet boy. I know that goodbyes are hard, but it seems that your family made a great impression on him and he did with you! {HUGS}

  5. Linda, I shared the story of this little fellow with my daughter because I have been praying for him. I pray that the Lord will lead that he can return and be adopted and also to know Jesus as his Saviour.

    What a wonderful family you all are! Blessings to each of you.

  6. I have and will continue to keep you, your family and this little guy in my prayers. God is so big!!

  7. Touching post Linda! I will pray for the future of this relationship. What a joy to have experienced this sweet little boy from abroad.

  8. My heart goes out to you, wish I could give you a hug in person. Will continue to pray for all of your family. Praying for God's guidance. It is so hard to say Good Bye, but what a blessing your family has been to this little boy. God is good!

  9. Linda, your post has touched my heart. What a precious little boy and all the love your family has for him. The pictures are beautiful. Your family is so special. I prayed again last night for you all. I hope Vitaliy can return to your son & family soon. God bless you all ~

  10. Reading your story made my heart hurt for your family, you can see the happiness on this boy's face and love in his eyes for your family. Just know that God put this child in your life or you put God in this child's life, either way it is wonderful!

  11. I fell so bad for him especially.I'll keep all of you in my prayers.God can move mountains.We just have to trust.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  12. Linda,
    We adopted our Katie in 2009. We were told from the beginning, that we would not be able to adopt her unless we adopted all of her siblings. Adopting one or even two was doable, adopting 4 and one of them having special needs was Not an option. On her wall I had painted Jer. 29:11. Through the seven month ordeal, I clung to that verse like never before. I learned that if we adopted her-God had good for her AND for us. I learned that if we were unable to adopt her-God had good for her AND for us! It was a hard walk, but so good! It was tough, but God was good to us all the time. I pray that as y'all walk this walk of trusting, Him, He will see you through it and come out shining as pure gold. He has good for you and your family and Vitaliy! Praying for Vitaliy and his travels.

  13. Hello Linda,

    You made it so that I felt I was right there with you...I could feel the emotions..I think in part it is because we have hosted Russian Orphans in the past...the Lord did not have us to be the adoptive parents but it doesn't stop you from growing attatched and as well becoming emotinaly invested for ever..I will pray for Gods will and Strength through this Journey they are now on..

    Much Love to you Linda..
    In Christ

  14. Linda

    My eyes are watery as I read this I will be praying for your family lots I know that it is hard. He is sooo blessed to have a family like your to love on him and show him who JESUS really is. I know our family is going threw so serious decisions currently. We need to LEAN on HIM!!!

  15. I can only imagine how painful this is for all of you. I pray there is a happy ending in it for all concerned. I have an 11 year old adopted granddaughter from China.She was 10 months when my daughter and SIL adopted her. She is the light of my life. I know Vitaliy has brought light into you life as you have his. I will be praying.

  16. Oh, how sad you and your family must be. I will pray for blessings on this boy, and for the entire situation to work according to HIS plan. God bless you for loving this little boy- even when you knew there was a risk of heartbreak. Blessings to you all.

  17. All who wrote me..........thank you so much. It was a tough day.......I will write a little about it.......but our God is so wonderful. It is a good thing when we have Him to trust. I have been reminded that he belongs to God he made him as it says in Psalm 139. What a comfort to know.

    Tonya and Vitaliy will be leaving at 1 central. I would so appreciate prayers for their protection. He will fly out then with the other children on Saturday. Tonya will fly back home Sat. night. She won't have her honey with will be very hard.

    You are very very precious ladies. Linda

  18. When I said I would write about it......I meant to say on a new post. Oops!


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