Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting A New Year With Jesus

My little milk barn all decorated for the chickens!

Hello sweet ladies,

It's a sweet time in the morning to start out your day in the Word. This morning we put on Daily Audio Bible (on our computer) Brian the host is starting in Genesis 1, Matthew 1, Psalms 1 and Proverbs 1. I put it on early in the morning........ while we are getting ready to go to the college kitchen. It fills our HOME with the Word of God.........powerful! Gives us a proper perspective to start our day. Brian said, when we listen to the Bible it tells us the story of God's love and the great lengths that God will go to win our hearts. What a precious thought!

Went out yesterday to shoot some pictures ....... it snowed a little through the night. I enjoy decorating my little milk barn for the different seasons! You can't see the bow, but it looked so pretty with the ice covering it. Right now the little barn is housing the only Cochan White Momma chicken I have left from when the bobcat came to our farm. I also have some of the bigger chickens in the milk barn to protect them also. Most are in the big coop!

Isn't she a cutie?

The chicken coop is nice and toasty for all the chickens and turkey!

We brought Gooseberry Patch to our New Year's Eve party with our family last night.......well not the real family from Gooseberry, wouldn't that be a dream come to true? We made another one of their cookies from the 101 Cupcake, Cookie and Brownie Recipes. Taylor baked "Peanut Butter Sandwich Dips" cookies up yesterday..........we came back HOME with ONE cookie on the plate. The family loved them! She said they are very easy to make and they tasted better than our old tried and true recipe that we have used for years! The fact that they have a little twist by dipping them into melted chocolate adds a whole new dimension. You must try.......they are sooooo good..........but would Gooseberry Patch give us anything other than really nummy food so many straight from your HOME!
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I am enjoying the party so much! We had so many ladies here yesterday........couldn't believe it. Loved all the sweetness! You are so amazing when it comes to a party!
Hugs, me


  1. Hello dear Linda have a happy new year!!! I start my year with God too.
    Like you I beginn to read my bible what of kind of journey have we this year???? Only God know.
    Blessings from France

  2. Dear Linda..

    What a lovely post, yes we all need to start our year and or day...reading the word and talking to our Lord.

    Love your new banner...beautiful....

    Have a blessed weekend...
    xoxo Gert

  3. Hi Suzel.......same to you! do wonder. I am so thankful He has my best in mind!

    Hi Gert......glad you like the was fun to do. I love it when it snows. You can get lovely pic's. I did put up fake snow on the picture from Picnic though. Snow on the ground is pretty!
    Hugs ladies, Me

  4. Hi Linda! Happy New Year! Catching up, it is the name of my game! Those chocolate dipped pb cookies look so yummy. Your daughter is a sweetheart. I love coming by. I hope the work week is kind to you and your family. Many blessing sin 2011. Love Anne


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