Monday, January 31, 2011

The Girls and Bad Weather!!!!

On Sonday I went to the coop to gather the eggs in the afternoon. I had three girls sitting in my 3 space nester. I thought they looked adorable......had to share! I have been checking the nests regularly so the girls won't eat their eggs. They are being really good for me. I've been getting about 14-15 eggs a day even in all of this cold weather. The "little" girls (that live down in the milk barn) that my friend Gail and I got in July...... are now laying. I am getting about 2 to 3 a day from them. Still giving warm water........ I think it helps. I am still waiting on the Cuckoo Marans to start laying their really brown eggs....... can't wait!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

Your comments and emails have been such a blessing! They made me have are all so thoughtful to my family. I am going to print the comments off so our kids can read them. I think it will be a great encouragement. I can't hardly believe that we will have a new grandson! Your prayers are so appreciated. Thank you so much! May the Lord bless your lives. I will keep you posted as news arises!

On Tuesday we are going to be getting horrible weather. Snow, ice and wind.......not a good combination. The high will be 8 degrees and the wind chill will be minus 15........that is cold. We are prepared the best that we can be. Hope the electricity doesn't go out. A lot of other states to the east of us are going to be hit hard also. Our family will be praying for safety for all involved. Huge storms colliding and very high winds. For Kansas that means lots of drifting if we accumulate a lot of snow! Children love that because you can build the neatest snow forts.

Well I am off to bed..... couldn't sleep last night very well. Hope I can get some much needed rest tonight. Hugs to you sweet friends and thank you so much for being you!

Welcome New have been me!

God Bless you!!!!!!!!



  1. Howdy Linda! Hope you are all hunkered down for the big storm. Right after you get it, it's coming our way here to West Michigan. A good excuse to have some fun in the kitchen!
    Stay safe....

  2. The snow has started here in Missouri. We have about an inch, and the snow is coming down HARD. Hoping we don't lose power either. It is inconvenient for us, but we will survive. But we have turkey barns, and no power, well, its NOT GOOD. Praying for you and for your family today my friend. May the Lord bless you and show you today His awesome love and grace!

  3. I used to love gathering eggs from the hen house when I was a little girl. My Daddy and Papa had chickens, pigs and a cow. Your pictures brought back happy memories.
    We are having very cold weather here on the Gulf coast too. It's supposed to snow Friday. Hope your power doesn't go out.
    xoxo from Texas ~

  4. HI Linda,
    Kansas is getting it aren't we? white and so windy and so cold! Can you believe all this? I think I'll be out of school maybe another day (or two :0)...not complaining at all! I made your yummy Cinnamon Apple Pecan bars last night and had to blog about them! Sooooooo good! My family loved them. Can't believe chickens even WANT to lay eggs in this blizzard! HA! I wish I lived closer so I could buy eggs from you!
    Are you having to go to work in this blizzard? I'll be praying for you.
    Hoping little V gets your package and is loving it...Your family has such tender loving hearts. What a blessing that you all have each other.
    Praying God's plan is in the works!!
    Stay warm,
    Be careful,

  5. Hi Linda, I have just recently found your site and it has almost been like getting another Christmas present. I especially love your pictures as they are wonderful reminders of my growing up years in Kansas. In fact, my brother still farms west of Sterling. My son surely would love the picture of your family in KU shirts. Go Jayhawks!I have been catching up on the story of your new little grandson. Don't we serve an awesome God who able to work things out for good to those who love him. My husband and I are praying for you, our families, and all of those in the path of this storm. I sure do remember those Kansas snow drifts. In fact, after I married we moved to Colorado and was absolutely amazed to see snow that came straight down! Be safe.
    Have a blessed evening.

  6. Oh Linda...what good girls you have! So glad they are laying so well. I'm sure you are happy with all those eggs. We are having some cold temps with wind..but thank goodness very little snow. I pray you had a safe day..getting to and from work. And pray you had a good nights rest last night. They always say God gives us the sleep we need BUT there are many times it doesn't feel like

    xoxo Gert


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