Thursday, January 13, 2011

He Came Into Our Life.......We Will Never Be The Same!

Ian our grandson had it right when he made Vitaliy a CHRISTmas present.

To: The Stubbs Family! From: Jesus

I just want to thank all you PRECIOUS LADIES for writing such sweet words of encouragement to me, so that when I got HOME from work I had something to read. I have to tell you that the Lord is using this hard time even at work. I walked into the bakery this morning early and I was met by one of the young workers. He is a very sweet young man. His story is a sad one. As a child he lived in 25 different foster homes as he grew up. Can't imagine!!!!!! He doesn't trust many. I do realize that there are millions of wonderful foster homes that are out there helping children cope with sad situations. I asked him way back when we knew we were getting Vitaliy what things we should look for or ways we could encourage him. He said........."Don't make him a slave." Wow I said why would you say that.........and he said "that was my life." Made me so sad. Any way when I walked in he gave me a big hug and said "how is it going for you." That was so kind I thought. It gave us a bond.........he understood what goodbyes were. It was very precious to me that he cared.

The other thing that happened, was when I went to a quiet place to pray (like I do a few times a day at work)..........I was praying about Vitaliy. The Lord gave me a picture. I am not kidding. I saw Vitaliy reading his little Bible with children all around him in their own LANGUAGE! You see Josh and Tonya read every night with their family the Word and Vitaliy would read his Bible. God impressed on my heart that he was taking Vitaliy back and HE was going to use him to share the Gospel. It was a comfort to my soul..........because I am a Momma and a Grammie that loves to have my family close (kind of like a Momma Chicken)........and safe...........and I like knowing that! But with this whole thing I feel the same way as when we had to leave the farm and go working outside OUR HOME. It felt like everything I held dear was slipping through my fingers. God let me know that Vitaliy was not slipping through my fingers.....because I never had him in my hands. God did and he does a very good job of holding the WHOLE WORLD in His Hands. Nothing slips through Them........not you.......not me........and definitely not our Vitaliy! I will still be sad....and that is okay.......because Vitaliy is so precious to me.......but as a precious lady wrote on my comments today....... God has good in mind for all..........I believe that........with my whole heart! So I will wait.........and see.........what the Lord has for us........and I will probably take things back.......and then give them to the Lord again.......but one thing........He will love me......and my family.....and our Vitaliy...........because that who Jesus is!

We typed up a whole bunch of love notes for Vitaliy in Russian. Tonya will put them in his pant pockets.........shirts.........all through out his suitcase. Vitaliy will find them and he will see that we love him........we put scripture in also. The one we wanted him to know is...........

Бо так полюбив Бог світ, що віддав Свого Єдинородного Сина, щоб кожен, хто вірує в Нього, не згинув, але мав життя вічне. Івана 3:16

For God so loved the world........that He gave His one and only Son........that whoever believes in Him shall not parish but have everlasting Life! John 3:16

What a comfort........that God knows how we feel..........He gave up His Son..........we will give up our Vitaliy.............and I hope and pray............He will give Him back.........I will let you know.........if He chooses to do so!

They will leave tomorrow at 1:00 central time.........I would so appreciate your will be okay that we will be sad. It was good that we got to Jesus Name.

I love you are so precious to HIM...........and me!



  1. Dearest Linda,
    What an AMAZING journey the Lord has you and your sweet family on...From the Foundations of the earth He Authored your story and it there was a baby born where Lands and Many waters were between him and his future...and in mans eyes what seemed impossible became possible through Him who knew NO bounds....Who stretched out His arms to be the Bridge for all mankind and bring them unto Himself and into their Destinations that He has so Ordained from the FOUNDATIONS of the earth...

    God Speed To You and Your Family...While you venture into a new Chapter of your lives...

  2. Thank you for this.......I just read your comment to my are so precious Angelina! I love you as high as the sky!

  3. We are praying...I am so thankful Tonya had the insight (and capabilities!) to translate and print Bible verses! And I LOVE that you are ministering to the young man at work. I think that is amazing. Vitaliy is so blessed to be a part of your matter the time. Much love to you~

  4. Dear Linda,
    This has been such a neat thing to see unfold in your lives and Vitaliy's...and you're right, I firmly believe that God will use this precious boy!!!! You (you and the family) have planted such a precious seed in his heart and literally shown him the best of our country :) :)...and the love of Jesus!!!! All those little love notes...when he finds them, those will really make him smile!!!!

    Thanks for sharing about that young man at work, too!!! I"ll be praying for him now!!! I think God is going to open a door somehow, someway ...patience!!! :) :) :) Extra love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

  5. Much love and prayers for your family, Linda. Nothing is too hard for our God. He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think.
    My prayers will be with you all.

  6. Praise the Lord for putting you exactly where you need to be. You touch so many lives. I will continue to pray.

  7. God is good. His plan is good. His word will be spread through Vitaliy. It is an amazing journey. Be happy to have been a part of it.
    "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." Dr. Seuss
    Much love and many prayers your way.

  8. What a great vision! Will be in prayer for everyone.

  9. My dear Linda, my devotional for today says, sometimes it's hard to see how God is working. His mysteries don't always reveal their secrets to us, & our journey is often redirected by uncontrollable detours. Perhaps God is showing us a better route. To make sure we benefit from what might be in store, we must recognize & trust God's "unfailing love". The circumstances in our lives, seem random & unplanned; but someday we will surely see, the order of God's hand. Our God is still in control. Look up for answers. Patricia Hobbs

  10. Oh Linda..I know what you mean about seeing Vitaliy continuing to read the Bible and sharing it with his friends.. (Now that is weird isn't it??) This I saw when I was praying for you and your family and Vitaliy this morning.

    I know you will all miss this precious little child when he's gone..but yes you are blessed to have had him in your lives..

    xoxo Gert

  11. Hi Linda,
    Your little guy already has been blessed beyond measure by coming into all of your family's lives. He will never forget you. You have planted such a wonderful seed for him. I know your heart is hurting and sad. God will help you get through this tough time. I will continue to pray for you. You are such a inspiring lady for so many of us and your strength is so strong.
    Enjoy your weekend and stay close to one another. Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of fluids, and take care of yourself. (I sound like your Momma!!)
    Blessings and love,

  12. what sweet story I am sure you touched his life just as he touched yours!And you gave him a priceless gift....memories!

  13. ....with Jesus' blood, He purchased men from every tribe, tongue, people, and nation ~ which I believe includes Vitaliy's ORPHANAGE!!!

    Praise God for the Lamb that was slain!

    Blessings, love, and prayers,


  14. Hi sweetie! Thank you for the encouragement. The young man at work was so sweet today. New just how to encourage! There were quite a few ladies at work that have been following Vitaliy's stay here.......they were very precious also. Orphans touch people! Love you too!

    Thank you Heather........we so appreciate your prayers. We need protection from the government...that they "would" let him come. If it is God's will it will happen. We can write him and send gifts. That will be precious! are so right..nothing is to big for our God.......he owns it all and Vitaliy. I know that for sure. Just pray that we won't all panic if it gets hard as we go through the process and that we will keep pushing through..

    PB.....thank you for the sweetness........and for praying. I am tucking all these little encouragements in my heart.........know that He will get us through this.

    Thank you Linda.........I can't help the crying.......I think it is just releasing some of the won't last is just that I love so deep.......but my trust is in the Lord......he is our Salvation and Hope. He loves Vitaliy more than I and He will take care of Him. Look at all the precious prayers that are going up for him!

    Thank you really was cool!

    Patricia.....thank you for your words........they were a light unto my path. I also read in my devotional on the way to work tomorrow. I had such a need and hunger from the Lord! I will be posting it.

    GERT, I FLIPPED OUT! Isn't that amazing. I can see it still in my mind. I love it that my God gave me such a sweet thought and then he verified it by you!!! Now that is totally so cool! Love that about our God..........always giving beauty for ashes! are so right. I know this sadness will only last for a time. I'll take a "Momma encouraging me anytime...heehee. Last night we had Ellie and Ian......our son's children. We all snuggled on the couch........with our girls. It was a nice evening......keeping up with their Momma Tonya on facebook. That is the one thing I love about facebook. We have just our family and friends.......but we can all stay in touch. She took a picture of Vitaliy for us. Then he called to say he loved us "soooo much"! Very sweet.

    Hi nice to see your sweet face! Glad you came to say hello! Yes he left a huge dent in our lives and I know that "he loves us so much" You are so right that we gave him lots of fun memories! He was so funny on the farm! He gave them to us also!

    I heart you ladies........."so much". Thank you for taking the time to encourage our family. It is truly a huge blessing!!!!!

    Hugs, Linda

  15. Dear Linda, here's a big hug for you. I feel strongly that you will see Vitaliy again but maybe God has some work for him to do at the orpanage first.


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