Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hello sweet ladies............I haven't been able to write for awhile..........spending time just resting in the Lord........listening and reading the Word. It has been a quiet time for my heart. With Vitaliy leaving and now living in the Ukraine........ it has been a difficult time for me. I never knew that when our son's family had Vitaliy come to America would have such a huge impact on this Grammies life. Just felt like I needed the nearness of the I used my spare time these last few days....... just learning more about HIM. Praying for our Vitaliy's saftety.......and that he would share his Bible with his friends.......please pray with me please. We can write which I am so grateful for. I will use he can read the letter in Russian. It will be interesting to do that.......sometimes our English doesn't sound so good when I translate it in Russian.

Vitaliy kept pressing into Tonya......precious picture. Kept saying, " okay"?.......over and over. He is the most thoughtful little boy. The orphanage has done a wonderful job. He loves Tonya.........she loves him.

Vitaliy looked back and gave his Mom (Tonya) the "love"....... in sign language.........precious! All the other children just waved..........he did this. What a picture memory he gave Tonya. Please keep their family and their children in your prayers.........they lived everyday with him! Thank you so much!

Tonya's friend Angie took these pictures for Tonya. I asked permission to use them. Angie said yes. Thank you Angie!!! Angie and her husband Kevin adopted a little boy Nathan. From New Horizons. I spoke of him back in December. He was on the Fox News story? Anyway Nathan really needs our prayers. He had to have a small procedure done and he hasn't been doing well. Please pray for Nathan and his Momma and Daddy. Thank you!

If you have some things you need prayer for......... please write me in an email (top right side of my blog). I have heard from some of you and I so thank you for letting me pray. I love you all bunches!!!!!!

I will try to get two new recipes up that we made today in the cafeteria........they were so nummy and I think you will like!

Sorry if I am on the sober will get better.........just need the time to absorb everything.

Hugs from my farm..........which will be getting some snow as we sleep. The roads were so icy coming home and there have been lots of accidents. It will be interesting getting to work tomorrow morning wish I could stay HOME. Smile!!!!!!! Only two more days of work..........and then I will be HOME! Will like! A LOT!!!!!!

The Lord says He is close to the broken hearted..........He IS close to me!

God bless you sweeties,


Oh........welcome new have been ME!


  1. Hi Linda
    I'm sorry to hear that Vitaliy has returned home - I'm praying for you guys - is your son still seeking to adopt him?
    Praying for Nathan also and his parents - hope all goes smoothly.
    Keep safe - those roads sound nasty. I've never been on icy roads, so can only imagine how scary they must be.
    Hope the next couple of days of work go well!
    God bless you

  2. I'm praying, Linda! What a sweet boy to have captured your family's heart so completely. I'm glad you took the time to just immerse yourself in the Word. Nothing is as precious or comforting...unless it would be with a small Russian boy sitting next to you doing the same thing.

    Have a blessed day, dear Linda.

  3. Praying for all of you, sweet friend. The Lord will uphold you with His mighty right arm and give you strength, peace and joy!

  4. My dear Linda..I shall continue to hold all of you in my prayers and especially Vitaily..what a precious boy he is.

    I understand you needing time to be with the Lord and I'm sure He gave you the comfort you needed..

    Stay warm and safe, God be with you.

    xoxo Gert

  5. My heart goes out to you.
    Praying for you all......

  6. I'm prayin' for your family sweetie, I can't even imagine how hard it was to see that handsome little fella wave good~bye. I can tell he has a special place in the heart of your family.

    I will remember Nathan and his parents for Gods healin' powers and peace.

    God bless ya sweetie, stay safe and have a wonderful winter's day!!! :o)

  7. Thinking of you Linda.

    Blessings Gail

  8. What beautiful pictures, Linda! He is a handsome and lovable little boy.
    So good to be in the Word and with the Lord. That is precious time.
    I continue to hold you all and Vitaliy in prayer.
    I pray God's comfort fills your home and all concerned.
    Blessing from Texas ~

  9. Sending you a hug and God Bless you and yours, dearest Linda. Take care travelling.

  10. Hugs to you and your family.
    Prayers all around.

  11. Thinking of you and your family as your heart is hurting from the distance in miles from your special boy but know that your hearts as close as possibly could be. God has the plan and you have planted the seed. Just take some time to allow yourself to heal...
    Praying for you sweet Linda!

  12. Hi Linda. I've been thinking about you and the family so much lately. I've tried to go from my email to your blog several times the past week and never could get on. But I want you to know that Vitality and y'all have all been in my prayers. Your posts are such a blessing to read each day, I'm sorry that I don't always get to let you know just how much of a difference they make in my life.

    With love and hugs...Tracy :)

  13. Sometimes it is just nice to be quiet in our Lord and let Him do a work only He can do.

    Praying with you, friend.

  14. It is so weird........I wrote everyone that wrote me on this post and it is gone..........into thin air....... not fun! I am going to try again.

    Hi Renata....thank you for praying for Nathan.....he is doing better.We are sad about Vitaliy also........keep praying that if the Lord wants us to have him he will make a way! Work was I just put my time in and can't wait to be a SAHM the rest of the day and evening!

    Hi Jamie.......thank you so for praying! He so has captured our hearts! Yep..........waiting for him to return and we can read together!

    Hi Lady........thank you so much! I am so thankful He holds on to me! So glad you stopped by!

    Hi Gert......thank you for are so precious! Keep praying that Vitaliy can come back HOME!

    Linda hello. It has been hard.......harder then I ever thought! Thank you so for are so sweet!

    Hi Nezzy.........isn't he the cutest? His personality is so precious! Nathan is doing better. Not sure on details........but he is doing better.

    Hi Gail.........thank you for stopping by!

    Camille. I so appreciate your are so sweet to keep me covered........thank you! I have to say it has been a tough week. I am so thankful for the weekend!

    Hi Diane H. Thank are a sweetie!

    I felt the hugs.....Katie! WE do need the prayers.....especially our son Josh as he leads his family in the right decision!

    Hi hurts! Waiting on the plan..........thank you for praying us through it! It was a longggg week.......not home.......feels so good huh?

    Tracy......Sorry you couldn't leave a message. If you get my subscribed can hit reply and it will come back to me. Thank you for are such a sweetie. Thank you for being so sweet!

    Hi Mary......yes it is nice to be quiet......asking Him for help....that my heart could just be quiet! Love all your work that you are doing on your are amazing.......that is what I miss so much about not being at home all day long. Someday I will get to be again.

    Hugs sweet ladies.........have a wonderful weekend!


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