Sunday, January 9, 2011

It is Snowing!

Good evening (it is Sunday night),

Our family has lived off the land for many years.We hunt and we garden. It helps on our food bill. Here is our youngest son and our littlest grandson. This was his first time to go on a hunt. They don't hunt far from our house so we are on call if he can't take the sitting. Our son said he had a wonderful time with the "onoculars". He was able to see lots of deer, pheasant and a turkey. It also was snowing while they were out there. He really loved it!

Well..........I am off to bed. Morning is going to before I know it! I have to tell started snowing here about 3:30 today........and it is 9 now. It is still snowing. Our son Josh just emailed and invited our family to a sledding party tomorrow at 4. I think we can make it! We will be with allllll the grandkids and Vitaliy is getting his wish. We are praising the LORD big time! I will get some pictures. He is going to love it. Our son's place has a huge hill. Yup in Kansas there are really big hills!

Today we met with a Russian man who helped us all talk with Vitaliy. It was really a precious time. He said that Vitaliy thanked Josh and Tonya that they helped him come to America. Please pray for our family.........saying good bye will not be easy. It's hurting already!

Hope your Monday is a good day. Know I will be thinking and praying for you! Thank you for all the sweetness that you write. Makes my days a little sweeter!

Hugs from our snowy farm........I just love snow!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Linda. The ground is covered with snow here in Alabama, too. Some folks think the South doesn't get snow. It isn't often, but I just went in the yard and it is over 4" deep currently and still coming down. I got your free quilt e-pattern download, thank you :)

  2. Oh Linda.. I am so glad you are getting the snow that you and your family wanted. We are getting it here in Iowa also..not so sure my Tom is as happy as you as he manuvers (sp) the snow blower up and down all the sidewalks and driveways..especially since the snow continues to fall on his

    Hope you are having a blessed day!!

    My prayers are with your family..
    xoxo Gert

  3. That hunting trip sounds like fun (at least for the boys). What age do you let the kids join the men hunting?
    My boys have just gotten into hunting, although only Zai is allowed to join our neighbours & Dave when they go out. The boys just make little bows & arrows out of sticks & rubber bands & go on their hunting trips up in the bush near our house - so cute though even if there's no way they would kill a fly with their "weapons" :)
    It's lovely to catch up on your blog!
    Have fun

  4. Hi ladies
    Hi fun for you! I bet you are having a blast. So glad you down loaded the quilt. I hope you have fun sewing it up. It is easy!

    Hi honey sounds fun! Heehee!

    Hi Renata........Reid is only 3 and his daddy had a tent like thing and had him all bundled. Really precious! Reid was sooooo excited! The other boys that go are each 9 and they have shot deer just this year. They have gone with their daddy's since they were little also. Your children are adorable!!!!! Having little bows and arrows is just to precious!

    Your sister wrote me. Tooooo fun!

    Hugs sweet ladies and have a wonderful day tomorrow!!!!!!!

  5. Since you love snow you should come for a visit. I would love to have you. Here in Alberta it snowed everyday last week and we are expecting more today. It comes with all kinds of problems when the wind blows like road and school closures but it sure looks pretty. I will take pictures and post them on my blog come see later this week.


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