Monday, January 10, 2011

I am so sorry!

Hello sweet ladies,
Okay.........did any one notice that I had the drawing on the wrong day? Well I did........I didn't know that I did.........but I had it on the 8th of January instead of the 11th of January like I said we would! I have to tell you that I made a HUGE mistake. I realized on Sunday (a precious friend let me know......she is a sweetie!!!!) that I had had the date of 11th for the party and I did the party this last Saturday thinking it was the right day and it was the 8th. UGHHHHH!!!!!!! When I was working on the post for the party I brought up my calendar on my computer. I was looking at December instead of January. Dec. 11th is on a Saturday. I knew that I could not do the drawing of the party on a week day........ because of work (going outside my HOME is not my thing) I had it planned all along for this Saturday " in my mind"!!!!! I am horrible at knowing what the date of the day is. Ask my family. When my friend emailed me.......... I was just sick about what I had done! I knew I needed to do something so I prayed........and prayed and prayed and boohooed! The right thing I needed do was to continue the party and then when the day came I would let you all know what was going on. So here is the day.......I will be adding all the new entries from Sat. afternoon........ minus the lady that won and add the new ladies to my red rubbermade box with all the entries up to Sat. noon. Hope that makes sense. I will let you know on January the 12 on WEDNESDAY who won. I am so so so sorry! But I think this will work and everyone will get a try again and hopefully you will enjoy the party. That can't be bad right? Oh if it is don't tell me!!! Smile! I just honestly had nooooooo idea I would have so many ladies to the party........that was wonderful......but it was a little scary!

So here goes. I will draw from my red box today for another "Gift set" (101 Cupcake, Cookie & Brownie Recipe Cookbook!, Winter Thyme Notebook Keeper and recipe cards) I will draw after I get home from work and let you know who the other winner is on Wednesday or late tonight. So now you know the real Linda........haha! Please tell me that you will trust me with another party!!!!!!! I am always want to be so careful on my blog to be honest and do right. It is a big deal to me! So thank you for being GRACE giver's! I love you all bunches!

I loved having this of my favorites.........hope you did also!

So glad so many of you told Gooseberry Patch how much you love you loved them!

Hugs from my to the kitchen to do some more cooking from the 101 Cupcake, Cookie & Brownie Recipe Cookbook!

Love you all and may the Lord Bless Your Day! Linda


  1. Linda...

    Oh my dear I'm sorry you were put under so much stress... In my definitely don't need more of that! You are such a blessing to all of us. I know what you mean about keeping dates straight ... Now my problem is since I retired I have an thank goodness for phones & computers!

    I hope you have a blessed day & know you are loved...
    xoxo Gert

  2. Linda,
    We all make mistakes. don't stress over it, you are very kind to do a second chance.
    Prim Blessings,

  3. Awww don't beat yourself up any more - we all understand dear!

  4. LoL..I caught it but thought it was my mistake..So sweet of you to give us a second chance.I'm sure everyone understands completely that's why we're human.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Oh my gosh, WE still love you and I for one cant go by a day with out reading your post. Some how you gentleness has captured my heart.

  6. I wondered at the time, but thought it was my boo-boo. I am so forgetful these days! That would have been an easy mistake to make. Not to worry! I'm thrilled to get a second chance!!!!

  7. Dear Linda,
    DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THIS! Your followers just adore and love you and are not concerned about one teeny tiny detail! And guess what else....we are all human and make MANY mistakes. How kind of you to host a party at all so we are just grateful to you! Please don't fret about have such a tender genuine honest heart. Enjoy a second party! ;0)

  8. It's quite all right my dear.
    We enjoy second chances ;-)

  9. We all make mistakes, very sweet of you to do the party again!!!! Who doesn't enjoy getting a second chance on such a great give away:-) Have a great day!

  10. Relax Linda,
    Not worth the stress, really.
    Everyone has made mistakes, and you're being generous to do another draw.
    Love the snow photos :)
    You are precious !!!
    PS: It is snowing here in Nova Scotia, has been since Sunday... heavy wet snow :)

  11. I'm so happy that I'm not the only one using the wrong calender! Please add my name for a second chance to win! God Bless you and your family! You have made my day!!!! Love It!!!

  12. Linda - You are so wonderful to care so much. Thank you for blessing us over and over. I hope we, your readers, really do bring you blessings as you have said we do. For that, I am thankful.

    Smile, because we are all glad for a second chance at winning. Although, I'm sorry that you were upset about your mistake. We love you just the same.

    We are expecting snow here in Maryland, but only a couple of inches.

    Much love,

  13. Hi, Linda! If you think you don't know what day it is now, wait until you retire. My daughter thinks I have lost my mind. When Christms came on the weekend this year, I was so mixed up....anyway, it keeps everyone else on their toes. I hope I win this time! Love your blog! Love, Mary S.

  14. apology not needed...thanks for the chance to use this fabulous cookbook (again) your blog :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  15. Dear Linda,
    Oh fun...well, I'm glad you got the wrong day...because it means more party :) :) :) I've done that too :) :) So I'm in good company :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  16. Dear Linda,
    I never would have known..haha...but you are so precious to care so very deeply about not harming others' feelings- a beautiful sign of your tenderness to God's precious are a blessing to all who read your you and be refreshed and know you are a darling woman of God...Becky J.

  17. You're forgiven! I am glad that you're human too. I'm also glad that you're honest and confess your mistakes. I try to do that also! You are a special lady :) Thanks for continuing to bless us with your blog!


  18. Tressa did a great job on the pics!!! I love the snow except I didn't get to enjoy it. There is something about colleges never closing so I had to drive the 30 miles to class. they did close early yesterday and got a late start today but I still had all my classes.
    Don't worry about the party thing! Just gives you a change for another party!!

  19. Every one of you ladies are adorable~~~~~~~~~ Thank you for blessing me so! It really was hard........but now I feel better because we have a winner.........YES! Behind me!
    You really are sweet ladies!!!!!!!!!!

    Going to tired.......need sleep!
    Thank you for being such a precious part of my life.
    Hugs, me

  20. I'm so sorry that this wonderful party caused you stress. You are such a blessing. You're also a wonderful example of honesty and grace.

  21. Don't stress out about it.
    Everyone makes mistakes.
    I didn't even notice.
    I never know what day it is either.


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