Thursday, January 6, 2011

Enjoying your Comments~

Hello sweet ladies.....

Tonight for some reason I am sooooo tired. I guess the week has finally caught up with me. I wanted to show you one of the recipes we did today. It is called Triple Chocolatey Brownies. We will serve them tomorrow. Easy to make! They look wonderful and we know the kids are going to like. The Double Chocolate Mint Brownies were a hit today. I kept filling the dessert area over and over again. Isn't that just so neat? I am loving this 101 Cupcake, Cookie & Brownie Recipe cookbook.

Also I fixed up this little area for the kitties outside by the back door of our house. I placed straw all around so they can cuddle up and be warm.........they love it. Thought you would like to see. There are 4 kittens together!

Only Friday and Sat. until noon........ left for the party! Sign up if you haven't already...please!?

Prairie Flower/Gooseberry Patch Party click HERE!

Thank you sooooooo much for all of you who have written myself and Gooseberry Patch. You are all so so sweet!!!!!

Hugs to you and yours..........just one more day and I will be coming HOME!

May the
Lord bless your day!



  1. Rest and recover. Allow God to fill you up.

  2. Dear Linda, I must go to show your blog after I have eat something because all your cakes are so beautiful, I becoming hungry every time I show them!!!!!!
    Blessings from France

  3. Praying for you that God will grant you peace and rest over the weekend. Enjoy your family and home! I love you, dear friend.

  4. Thank you for the recipe! Oh such cute kittens. Have a safe trip home.

  5. Linda, you give those kids a little piece of home every day I bet with your find "HOME" cook'n.

  6. These are all so tempting each day you post about them. I decided to work on some weight loss though and since it is just hubs and myself I cannot do any baking just now. Maybe when the grandchildren visit.

  7. Wow these brownies and some of the recipes are on my to do list this weekend. I LOVE you kitties. We have a great Siamese cat and he is older but gotta love him and we are in for some bad winter weather this weekend so so I will be needle punching and cooking and staying warm thanks again for all of your great inspirations!!! I will be back tomorrow for sure!!

  8. Oh Linda... I hope you are enjoying your evening.. Doesn't TGIF have a nice ring?? smile... Those brownies look soooo yummmy, I'm sure those students loved every bite of them.
    And your kitties.....they are soooo cute all snuggled up. Bless you for keeping them warm..with the straw...

    Anxious for tomorrow when you have your 'give away'!!! Yeah!!! How exciting!!! Rest well tonight....

    xoxo Gert

  9. Hi Linda, from Washington State, Alice here. I was just wondering, do you know where I can find a pattern for a bed time size soft combine stuffed toy. Not a picture of a combine but a stuffed toy one? My little grand son Colby,(Nates youngest) is enamored with combines. I figured if you don't know how to get one or make one, or some one else in your blogsphere,doesnt know how, no one does! I have seen one that Don said looked more like a lawn mower. No wimpy lawn mowers for our boy! Don's mom loves to make stuffed animals and Colby calls her Grandma Cookie, guess why. Love you Alice


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