Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And The Winner Is!!!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies........

Thank you so much for all the kind words ladies. Your comments were really encouraging! Hope the next party will go a little smoother..........but you know.........like Heather said......"I'm glad you got the wrong day......because it means more party! Now that was a nice way to look at it! You all are truly wonderful ladies!!!!!!!

We did the drawing today and the winner is


YOU are the winner of the
Gooseberry Patch
101 Cupcake, Cookie & Brownie Recipe Cookbook

Winter Thyme Notebook Keeper
and Recipe Cards.

Thank you everyone who participated in
Prairie Flower Farm/Gooseberry Patch Party!

There will be more in the future! I will be using a new automatic counter! Smile!

I love this cookbook! We are still using it everyday in the college kitchen..........the
kids are enjoying the new recipes!!!!!!!!

Hope your day wasn't as cold as our was.......the high was 17 and the wind chill was
4-5 degrees............very cold........and the neat thing was my chicky girls laid
8 eggs. They are getting their warm water and it is helping!

Our Silly Vitaliy

Our Vitaliy (the little orphan Ukrainian boy who came and stole our hearts) will be leaving this Friday. He will meet all the other children that have been in the states........on Saturday and then fly back to the Ukraine. It will be a sad day for our family and all the grandchildren....... who have come to love him very much. It will be the hardest on our son's family though. We would appreciate it if you would please keep Vitaly and our family in your prayers. It will be a hard weekend for all.

Pray for Vitaliy's salvation. We bought him a Bible......it will go with him. Our son's
family read it every evening with him.....they read the English part and he would read
the Russian. Precious eternal gift! God will use it in his life...........I know.......God is just
like that!

Hugs from our farm.........and may the Lord bless you for all your sweetness to me!



  1. WOW thank you for drawing my name...I was just getting ready to go to bed and I thought I am going to read a few blogs and thats when I saw that you had a winner.
    Here is my address:
    Leslie Lemke
    1757 Road 2500
    Lawrence, Ne. 68957
    Thanks so much!

  2. Congrats Leslie! Thanks Linda for offering this nice giveaway.

  3. So glad we have a winner!!!!! Thank you Leslie for coming and signing up for our Party!!!!!!!!!!

    You are so welcome Wendy! Nice that you came to the party also.......maybe next time! Smile!

    Hugs, Linda

  4. Hello Sweet Linda,

    First Congratulations to your WINNER Leslie..

    It is nice to be out and about blogging tonight..I feel so out of the loop...almost as though I am a brand new blogger.. :)

    I do pray your going back to work was an easy transition...from a lovely vacation break you were on...

    I hope to be able to visit more often as I try to get back into the swing of things...

    Have a Restful night..and a Pleasant day at work...Tomorrow..
    In Christ

  5. It's a comfort to know that our God will accomplish His purposes. Your influence on young Vitaliy was for a reason. Praise God who is not limited by countries or ethnicities.

    Hope you enjoy making those bagels! I am going to do that too, but I have a lot of house to clean first and I better get started!

  6. Hi to Linda from Linda in Wichita!!!! Your posts are such a blessing to my day!!! Vitaliy seems so precious!!! Know he blessed your family!! Have a blessed day! Linda

  7. Hooray for you Leslie! Have fun you lucky girl.

  8. Congrats to Leslie...enjoy it and make somethin' sweet just for you! :)

  9. Yea, Leslie! Enjoy... and let us know what you make first.

  10. Congratulations to Leslie...what a lucky lady she is!!! Oh my heart aches for you and your family..my prayers will be with you and your family, especially your son's.

    xoxo Gert

  11. Congratulations to Leslie..one of my favorite names....hope she enjoys the cookbook....and my prayers are with Vitaliy....and your son...

  12. My prayers will be with you all, Linda.
    Congratulations to Leslie....
    Blessings from Texas,

  13. Congrats, Leslie, on winning the cookbook :) :) I'll stop by your blog, too, and pay a visit ;) :)

    Dear Linda, I'll be keeping you and your family in my prayers!!!...and Vitaliy, too!!! I'm glad all the "kids" at the college are loving the recipes!!!

    Extra love and hugs to you and the rest of the Family Stubbs, Heather :)

  14. We had Vitaliy at our home tonight.....the last time we will be able to see him.......thank you for thinking and praying for our family!!!!

    So sweet that you all came and congratulated Leslie!!!!

    You ladies are so precious!!!!!!!!!!!


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