Monday, September 13, 2010

Blessings To Your Day!

Good Morning, Just wanted to check in this say hello! I am off this morning asking the Lord what He wants me to do today for Him...........I am sure He has someone that needs some encouragement............lots of lives I see each day. Some need Jesus so much. I want to keep in the if opportunity comes and He wants me to speak......I will have something to say.

Wish I could stay home and write a post...........not happening! Smiling, but know that I will be sifting flour and sugar and stuff........thinking about you all! I will be asking the Father for blessing in your life and that He would make His way known to you! Praying that the Lord will give all you Momma's in the home and out...that He will give you strength..........that He will make a straight path as you train your children............a huge job..........but one of blessings. You have an amazing job! I so miss it when I had little was one of my favorite gifts in life!

Hugs to all that read my make my heart smile! Have a very nice day!



  1. Hi Linda...

    It's about 5:17 a.m. PST as I write this and you're probaby already at work doing the flour, butter, and sugar things and making all sorts of yummy food ;) :) :) I just woke up. My work day starts very early today :) :) :) Thank you for the lovely words of encouragement. I'll be praying for you, too!!!! oh, you are so right about keeping in the Word!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. Your positive attitude lifts my heart. I hope the sifted flour and sugar fell together into something tasty. I'm sure what it was others will be blessed by the love you put into it.

  3. Yes, thank you much for your encouragement today - we have a busy day here, too. You are an inspiration.

  4. Happy baking Linda!! Your posts are always an encouragement to me :)


  5. Hope a little bit of Peace Creek overflows into the S.C. kitchen this week! God bless your family this week.

  6. Hello......... Thank you for all the sweet wishes! The day went very well. It seemed to go by very fast for some reason. Very nice for us! Made some zucchini bread and muffins........and cranberry scones. They looked so cute. Also 2 huge pans of focaccia bread and 2 pans of cottage cheese rolls. Everyone had to have a fresh baked roll for lunch. Kinda of fun that I can make special things for the staff. They all work so hard,,they need treats.

    Going to the State Fair tonight with the people from work. Really wish I could stay home.......but that would not be I am going.

    Hugs and thank you sooooooo much for leaving comments.......I peek in during the day. That makes my day go faster also!!!


  7. My dear Linda,

    I hope your day went well and I know you touched many a lives today. God is using you as His instrument to show others what a Godly person does and lives like! Before I retired I use to start my morning 'thanking God for another day and asking Him to help me make a difference in someone's life!' I guess I should continue that prayer even though I don't leave the house too often. Thank you for all of your prayers and know you are in mine too!

    xoxo Gert

  8. You constantly encourage me Linda! I hope your elbow deep flour sugar and fun turned into something tasty! You make the best of every situation. I am struggling with so much right now. I appreciate your prayers and all the encouragement. One bit of good news. My brother-in-law got the nursing job in Alaska. He will leave sometime next month. Thanks for the many prayers. Many blessings to you in Kansas Anne


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