Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Walked And Walked.....Around the Farm.......And I Saw.......

Dear Sweet Ladies.............I hope that your flowers are getting vibrant in color like they are here in Kansas. I love it when the weather starts getting cooler. When I am in the kitchen at the college it gets very hot at times. Today they opened up the doors down the hallway and the wind came all the way to where I do most of my mixing of the recipes. It felt so good. I could not wait to get home!!!!!!! I know I have said this.............and I will probably say it again........but I do like it when my family and I are all done with work for the day and I get to take off my little white coat..........that I have to wear...........then we hop in the truck and off we go to the farm. Today we drove up in the driveway and Mrs. Puddleduck had all her babies out in the garden. It was so sweet to see them watching. I took a video........but didn't have time to put it up.........I will this will love it..........they are huge.

The Blue Salvia is so gorgeous now!
The yellow is so brilliant!!!!

Look at my little green birdhouse. So cute!!!!!!!!

Sweet geranium silk flowers and a tin planter............. inside the Potter's Shed.

I know I have taken this picture before..........but it was what I saw and I was reminded how much I love to walk by this door............ somehow it looked prettier!

Help me Lord to never shut you out of my life........but that You would help keep my hands that You can pour into it all that You have for me.......Help me to be grateful for Your provisions for our family. You have not changed........You have everything under control..........our families circumstances are in Your care..... I can trust You to get us through this time. You are big enough..........
thank You that we have YOU!

Pour into our lives your Spirit to make a difference in someone else's life. Thank you that You have already shown us some of Your work that has needed attention at the college. Continue to use us. We want to be willing. You will be FAITHFUL.

Saw this twine and the little funnel on a part of a rake. Sweetness wouldn't you agree?

The old clay pots will sit on the shelf.......... through the fall............... until winter is over........... and spring comes again.

I have a place where I have old old pieces of board..........I am sure I will use them for something..........what would you use them for?

The entrance to the Potter's Shed.............. I think this looks so pretty.

When we went to one of our grandson's music programs there was a house that had 5 white painted oak chairs on the front lawn and they had free written on a piece of cardboard. I have my Phil brake for free!!!!!!!!!! I like to use them for entertaining in the Potter's Shed. They look so cute!

I looked at these beautiful sunflowers that were by the chicken coop. I kept looking up and up and the sky and the clouds were so beautiful. I love this picture. Kansas and wild sunflowers.......... make my heart happy! There are tons of wild sunflowers along the country roads. Very pretty.

Well that is what I saw. Hope you liked coming to the farm via pictures. I loved doing this made me happy!!!!!! Hope it put a smile on your face looking at our pictures.

Tonight I talked with a new blogger friend that lived in Juneau, Alaska when I did. We might have been in the same grade school. Isn't that amazing? It was the most precious time talking about all the things familiar. Thank you Leslie for the very special time..........we will share Heaven together...........what a special day that will be. I so hope heaven looks like Alaska..........I do know that it will be more beautiful than we can imagine. Hope I will share it with you!

One more day....... if we bring a can of food for the food bank we can wear jeans Yipeeeee! Silly me.....I know! I will be counting the hours............until we can come home......... found out that we have to work on Monday..............Yes Lord.......... Do everything with a cheerful heart...........I fail at that ladies!!!!!! I am trying.........He will help me........if I let HIM!

Do any of you read my blog at work?

I check in and see if anyone has left a brightens my day! Smile!
Hugs from the farm to your home!



  1. Thanks for the cyber hug. I needed it tonight.

  2. always pop in so late. You are like me!!!!!! Hugs sister.......... I am coming over to see you real fast before I go to bed.
    I need a little fun!

  3. It is late here but wanted to let you know you have been in my thoughts and prayers!
    Love the post!

  4. Hi Linda, Its Friday evening here in Australia and my guess is you might be getting ready for your last work day of the week. I hope it goes quickly and you get home soon. I especially loved the bird house and the flowers so so pretty. I will send a prayer up for you this evening. I have posted a little prayer on my blog, if you get a minute to browse over the weekend I think you will like it. I would save that timber to make some rustic picture frames. They would look so good.

    Blessings Gail

  5. Good morning! What a lovely way to wake up! I always enjoy walking around your farm with you (especially through pictures!) we pray you have a blessed weekend! What a nice cool weekend we are looking forward to here in Iowa and hope you have one also!

    xoxo Gert

  6. Thank you for the beautifuk photos. They are so peaceful and calming. I imagined I was there. Out of all the new plants I put in only one has survived, I am envious of your colorful variety. Enjoy your wonderful two days off at your homestead. Hugs, Jeannie

  7. I FINALLY caught up with you :) I really enjoyed walking around the farm with you...the Potter's Shed is definitely one of my favorite places there (so far)... I really like rustic ANYthing. I feel so at home with you. Praying for grace and maybe even glory for you on Monday. I'm sure you'd rather be at home, but I know God has a special blessing to pass on to others through you AND with the measure you give, you will received--pressed down and running over!

  8. Hi Linda, Just 25 more minutes and your day will be over. I so much enjoy visiting and sometimes during the work day, I check in. You always lift my spirits and get me back on the right track. Thank you for sharing and reminding us to keep our eyes on HIM.

  9. Love all the pretty pictures. It's getting cooler down here in Arkansas too - thank you Lord! Thanks for praying for my baby (she ended up having pneumonia, but she is doing SO much better). And, yes, I read your blog at work - I'm always at work as a SAHM :) Enjoy your weekend at HOME - I know you will!

  10. HI Linda...

    Loved the photos from your farm and the lovely flowers too...especially that blue salvia. That really caught my eye :) :) This makes me really want to move out to the country!!!

    Those white chairs...what a find and for FREE :) :) You'll give them a loving home. I always wonder when people give stuff away for free...but those chairs were meant for you, I'm sure :) :) :)...and now you can use them to bless others with some the Potters Shed...oh, do take a photo when you use them and with the table decorted pretty :) :)

    I can imagine word is keeping you super busy :) :) I'm busy too right now...and we're not even close to Halloween...just wait until CHRISTmas :) :) :) :) Those pears will just be flying out of the orchards :) :) Some of the pear trees are over 90 years old and still producing such lovely fruit every year :) :) It's a wonder!!!

    Hang in there ...with work. I know you'd rather be would I :) :)...but this is where God has you for the moment...and you are already blessing that place so much !!!! I'll be praying for you and the rest of the Family Stubbs :) :) :) Oh, I know what you mean about being able to go home and leave work behind....My dad is working at the same company with me now...even though we're in different departments. One of the blessings of this job is that when work is done, we get to leave it at work. We do not take it home with us... :) :)

    Anyway...hang in there!!! I can totally identify with some of the challenges you are facing at work!!! Oh, I did work in catering for a semester while I was in I remember those gigantic m ixing funny!!!!

    Have a great weekend!!! I"ll look forward to seeing the video of Mrs. Puddleduck and her babies :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

    p.s. those screens...not sure what I'd use them for...but they sure are beautiful :) :) Maybe you could turn a smaller one into a fancy jplace to hang earrings and necklaces..just a thought. You'll come up with the perfect idea...I know it...Pray about it :) :) :) More love and hugs, Heather :)

  11. Hi Linda,
    How do you always always always warm my heart when I read your blog? First, it's your tender loving attitude, then your portrait of the beauty of simplicity, and most of all your love of God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for always having a place to go to feel "good". I hope you have a wonderful relaxing enjoyable weekend. I'm sorry to hear you have to work on Monday. But enjoy the other days!

  12. Hello Linda,
    I wanted to thank you for becoming a follower and leaving such a lovely comment on my blog.
    I enjoy your blog very much. You have the ability to convey many things with beautiful photographs and lovely words.
    Take Care,
    Sherri Ann

  13. Oh! Those flowers caught my attention. It seems you have a great flower gardens. How I wish I could have a cool garden like yours. Keep it up!



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