Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sitting on My Little White Bench...At HOME.......Feeding Sophie

You are welcome to use this photo on your blog if you like.

Good Morning Sweet ladies!!!!!!!!!

It is so nice to be HOME today! The sun is shining on my front porch...........I have been sitting this morning with little Sophie in my lap........feeding her.........her morning milk..........what could be better????? She has stolen our hearts. WE love her! She is so precious and she is thriving and getting very very pudgy.

Bev asked a good question yesterday. What do you feed a baby kitten? It is called KMR Kitten Replacer. It works wonderful if you have an orphaned kitty. You can get it at the veterinarian. It takes time and patience.........but on this is like having a baby around and we love babies. My girls are having so much fun with her. Today I get to babysit. They are with a friend going to the State Fair. I was afraid I would be up all night with her.........she did so good and I slept in until 7:30 this morning. It was WONDERFUL!

The other day Tressa had to take Sophie with her to babysit. She captured the sweetest pic. Don't they look so cute together? Like they are staging for a picture!

edit.......this pic is not Sophie. I thought at first glance it was. oops it is another little kitten. Sorry..............Tressa took it and told me so my bad. Still a cute picture.

Today I want to wish our precious daughter in love.......... Tonya Stubbs HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We want her to know that she is loved............she is one of the most godly young ladies we know! Our prayer is that God would bless her much today! He was good to us on the day she was born...........He knew that one day.......... she would be a part of our family. God is good!

Everyone have a wonderful today..............and those who are working outside the HOME today........I am praying for you.

This morning we have had a lot of downloads on our stitcheries that are along the side. Every time I see that someone else gets one. I smile. To know that you will be stitching on one of my little designs brings me great JOY! Winter Thyme will be going up in October.

Would love to hear what is happening in your world.

Hugs to you from our FARM to YOUR HOME! Know you are me!



  1. Good morning Mama Linda ~smile~ you look so cute feeding that baby kitty. Sophie is such a lucky little kitten, to be blessed with a home like yours!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to "Tonya Stubbs"!! I do know how you feel, as I too have a daughter in law who I feel blessed to have and know that God knew he would be putting her in my son's life one day!! Isn't HE good?? and amazing???

    I'm so glad you are home and enjoying your family, sounds like a nice day there in Kansas! We're having a normal cool, overcast Fall day here in Iowa. I have to work on my monthly newsletter I mail to my friends who don't have computers (some are in nursing homes and some are home bound) and to some of those that do have computers, I e-mail it to them:)I insert pictures and tell them what we've been doing for the past month!

    I thank you so much for sharing that website with me so I can enhance my photos! Just makes all the difference in the world doesn't it??

    I'm still working on the Fall stitchery, also want to put them on some dish towels for the girls this year...better get busy...~smile~

    Have a blessed day...stop over to my blog if you have time and see what else has been going on with us!

    xoxo Gert

  2. So nice to have you stop by! Love you! I will come over. Today I am busy sewing and then have to leave and work on the fence we have been hired to build. Never a dull moment!

    Blessings sweet friend, me

  3. Good Morning Linda, so sweet is that kitten..she is growing by leaps and bounds
    Happy Birthday to your Daughter in Love Tonya..I am so blessed to also have a beautiful Daughter in Love, Melainie. This sweet gal lost her daddy three weeks ago to a massive heart attack, Ed was only 53. His sweet wife and Melainie's step mom live in OK..Karen is a sweetheart and in such mourning. Could you say a prayer for these sweet gals..and my husband, son and I are also troubled so. Any way you could lift us up in prayer right now so appreciated..I will also pray for your sweet family.


  4. Covering you sweet Barb. Life is really hard out there. I guess it has always been that way though. So thankful I have the Lord covering us! He is faithful. So sorry about your daughter in love Melainie! Oh and her momma,......hard times. I will pray though.

    Hope you are having a nice day...... it is very nice here in Kansas. Love the cooler weather.
    Hugs, Me

  5. Dearest Linda,
    I must say that I believe placed that precious Little Kitty in the perfect home..I was just sharing that yesterday with a sister in the Lord...that the Lord knows what is best and does whats best for His Creation wether Man or Beast...He's a Loving and Merciful God..aren't we Blessed to be able to call Him "Abba Father"...
    Have a Blesseed weekend
    In Christ

  6. Thank you Linda, it means a lot..hugs

  7. I thought I'd leave a comment for you. I so enjoy reading your posts. The kitten is so cute. The photo of you feeding is so sweet.

  8. Oh I just love babies - I've never fed a kitty though!!!
    What a beautiful post & I hope you also have a wonderful day

  9. Hi Linda,
    My heart hurts for you as I know how bad you must be feeling about all your precious farm babies. I am saddened by it. I'm so sorry. I was out playing with my puppies and I was thinking of how bad you must be feeling. How kind of your special family to spare you the agony of seeing that sight even more. You know the Lord knew you were hurting and that's why you have that precious little Sophie to make your heart feel better. That kitty is pure adorable! I think I would want to sleep with it on my pillow! :0) I hope you get some rest and feel better every day. Turn your pain over to God...I know you know that!


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