Monday, September 6, 2010

Got To Come Home Early Today! YEA FOR ME!

You are so welcome to use this photo!

Our family was walking in the pasture and found this nest in a tree. That little Momma worked hard on her home........I know some of you do the same and know one seems to notice!!!!!! Not true. God does and He is all that matters.

Hugs to all you Momma's out there that work in side the home and outside and then come home to work some more!!!!!!!! You are hero's!!! We need to be encouraged to just keep building our homes!!!!! No matter our circumstances!!!!!!!!

Hello Sweeties!

Today I had to go into work and bake at the college. This is the first time that I have had to be outside the home and work on the holiday in another place. Even though I have worked on many a holiday on the farm today was just different for me. I knew that all the boys were going to be at the farm planting alfalfa on their land. I was going to miss part of it. We were very grateful that we were going to be able to come home earlier than the normal. 1 1/2 hours earlier! All the time I was at work I knew that my grand babies were probably playing..........without ME! Couldn't wait for the time go by! It was precious of the Lord........because the time did go by fast. We drove up the lane and the kids were playing with the hose by the chicken pen and where the Momma Duck and her babies were. They were muddy from head to toe. I am talking about all that were involved. Children and Ducks!!!!!!!! Poppa said that it was a good thing and to let them play. He's a funny guy! Smile. You should have seen the shower when they were all done cleaning up. Heehee! I think they are part ducks!

The children were building a Home for the ducks....... that is what they told us............... I think they wanted to just play in the mud!



a kitchen area complete with delicacies...............

food and flowers for the ducks to come and eat. They did!!!!!!

Mr. Phil and I talked..........the children are learning to build a Home........precious! Loved my day.........!

By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established;
Proverbs 24:3

I remember the first time Mr. Phil and I read this verse it was read by Chuck Swindoll on a Bible teaching series. We heard it about 30 some years ago....... we have never forgotten it. We love this verse!

Thank you sweet ladies for praying for us. We love you so much! could we not!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the most precious ladies!

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Hugs from the farm to your Home!

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  1. So glad you were able to come home early from work and spend time with your family! How sweet of your grand kids taking care of those ducks. They sure did make them a nice home!

  2. I did have Monday off. We did our chicken butchering Saturday and Monday.

    Seeing your little ducks reminded me of Sunday. I was out hanging up a few clothes in the morning sun before church and our tribe of young white muscovies were out on the pond. Then along comes the tribe of khaki campbells and within 2 minutes they had all the little white ducks on the run (swim) off the pond. The khakis rule the pond you see. What meanies. So Monday, while we were butchering, Mr. D did not allow the khakis out of the pen. He allowed the little white ducks to have the pond all morning and then when they were all done swimming and were out in the grass sunning themselves, he allowed the khakis out. Those khakis made a "beeline" for that pond. They just love water. Too bad we don't have two ponds.

  3. The ducks are adorable! They brought back memories of the duck pond I went to growing up.
    Those were the days and for you they still are, what a blessing.

  4. Very sweet, I'm glad your grand kids enjoy their day.

  5. hi good day nice post you have . great .i love the ducks and so the other animals . they are adorable>anyways i hope you have a post about wind spinners
    im interested on this i hope you can help me . thank you!

  6. Linda...Oh my gosh what fun this must have been for your grandchildren!! Not so much fun for you...the cleaner upper...ha And know the ducks had to love it too.

    Glad you had a short day Monday and sorry you did have to work on Labor day:(

    xoxo Gert


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