Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Here is our fatty girl Miss Sophie playing just about an hour ago. If we would have taken a picture of her this morning. It would have broken your heart! She was very limp and couldn't even hardly move. Thank you God and friends for praying!

Thank you Precious Ladies.........I asked for prayer and we got it! You are all so amazing!

First........... I have to tell you that little Miss Sophie is doing fine. We were a mess this morning for sure. Poor Mr. Phil with three girls in the house. We left for work we could stop by the vet.......they would not be open until 8. We went ahead and wrapped Sophie in a blanket and had to go into work. Once we got in we were not doing very well. That is when I thought to write you all so you could start praying. Thank you so much.........we could not believe it when we went back out to check on her again. She at least had her head up............ before that she was flopping all around and couldn't even stand up. Poor little thing! Any way.......Tressa finally got her to the vet........ Dr. Debbie said that probably what happened was she got to cold in the night and her blood sugar went down. When she got warmed up .......that helped her. She is doing great tonight. She is playing and biting us (playfully). Talk about "Praising the Lord". We are so thankful that she is doing better. Isn't it amazing how you can just fall for an animal so much? I think the fact that Sophie depends on us for her everything............ has made us love her even more.

You are welcome to use my photo if you wish.

I went to the girl's house to gather the eggs tonight. One girl is laying the most beautiful blue eggs. I hurried back into the house and got the one that she laid yesterday. I think I will have to blow them out and decorate with them. Cute cute! They are so good to their Mom......that is me if you were wondering! You know at work I go with my apron and gather the eggs in the huge fridge. I giggle all the way. Makes my day a little more interesting. I come back to the bakery with eggs in my apron. Hmmm I bet the Lord is giggling also!

I said that I would put up a new recipe that our friend Alicia gave us for work. She is always helping us find new recipes. You can help us also if you like. The bread is beautiful when all made up and it tastes wonderful. I took a picture of ours, but if you go over to the website it is really pretty. The recipe will be there for you. It is called Maple Nut Coffee Cake

You are welcome to use this photo on your blog.....if you wish.

The evening was very pretty I walked around the farm and took a few shots with the camera of what I saw. It kind of helps me calm down from the day. I have been thinking so much about all who have worked outside of the home for takes so much of your life doesn't it? Still working on being grateful for a job. Wish it was still farming......even though that was very hard also! I need to be satisfied.....right?

You are welcome to use this one also....if you like.

This is a little birdhouse I have out in the Potter's Shed. I like with the bittersweet on it!

You can use this one also!

Thank you so.......... for stopping by........I love reading your comments. You are such precious ladies and I do take you to the Father quit often during each day. Never thought I would enjoy blogging as much as I do. It makes my heart smile..........a lot!

It is Wednesday night when I am putting this post up. It will go out to the subscribers on Thursday.

Again thank you so much for praying.......for Miss Sophie. Having animals puts a lot of drama in your life!

Hugs from my FARM to Your HOME!



  1. Dear Linda...

    Yeah....thanks for the praise report...I'm so glad Sophie is doing better...and she's fat and chubby and cute and fat and cute and playfull and fat and cute :) :) :). :) :) :) That's wonderful news!!!!! I was thinking about her today :) :) :) Oh, she's just the cutest...and God watched over this bundle of love :) :) :)

    OH, thank you for the photos, too. Very nice!!!! Love and hugs from Oregon to you and the family Stubbs, Heather :)

  2. Hi Linda:
    So glad Sophie has improved and is doing better. I never underestimate the power of prayer. God always listens.

  3. that maple nut coffee cake looks fantastic!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and my recipes. I'm glady you and your family are enjoying the baked goods :)
    Take care and god bless.

  4. Glad Ms. Sophie is okay. She is a beautiful kitty.

  5. Good Morning.........thank you so much that I woke up this morning and you were there to greet me!

    Heather......God has been so precious with you and your Dad! So thankful He answered your prayers! Way cool!!!!

    Hi Donna.......You are so right on! He does always listen.......grateful for that.....even when the prayer isn't answered the way I would like sometimes.

    Hi honored to have you come by! I just love all your wonderful recipes.........the kids at the college are going to be blest!!!!! Hope some of my sweet ladies come by your will be worth it for them if they love to cook!

    Hi Mama Hen! You should be getting something in the mail. I thought you might have already received it..........hope it makes you smile!!! to do my job so I can come HOME! Smile

  6. So glad Sophie is doing better and yes I totally understand your anxiety about her. I have 14 cats, but one of them went missing last year and I pray everyday for his return and miss him terribly.

  7. So glad Sophie is doing better...she's the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning...God is so good...

  8. Good Morning,
    I'm so glad that Sophie is better and also that we can take ALL things to the Lord.

    The pictures are beautiful including the coffee cake. I made this recipe last spring and my husband and his best friend loved it. And yes, I did too!

    I appreciate your honesty about working away from home and the hard work at home. I'll continue to pray asking God's blessing on your family.

  9. That's just about the cutest kitten I've seen... and I've seen a lot. After your recent ordeal at the farm, I can imagine what she means to your family. Pets can be such a gift from the Lord! Glad to hear she is doing much better!!

  10. Oh my dear Linda..I was praying for Miss Sophie, as I know how devastating that can be when those precious little animals become sick. Just breaks a person's heart. And yes, God is good and He listens, that is why prayers are so important!!!

    As always...I love all your pictures and must put a few up on my blog later.

    Hope you are having a blessed day.....
    xoxo Gert <3

  11. Good news the kitten is alright. Maybe that's what happened to my little dog. Our vet had no idea what was wrong and we sadly brought her home. She was better the next day. The maple nut coffee cake looks delish. Thank you for the link. Have a wonderful day.

  12. Hi Linda,
    Soooo happy about sweet Sophie! How scary for you....she is your little baby! She really is a precious little kitty. I would love to cuddle her.
    Your bread looks delicious and I think I'm going to have to try that one soon! YUMMY!
    Go over to my blog and see my apron I made with your adorable pattern. It's YOUR creation not mine!!! It's on my Sept 19 post. I just love it! I think of you when I wear it! :0)
    Hoping you are having good days and not tied up in knots. God is certainly with you through these days and helping you every step of the way.
    And guess what....Friday is almost here ! YIPPEE!
    Blessings to you and your family.

  13. Hey Linda,
    I don't know if you have visited this blog, but today Gina did a post on apple cake that looks really quite simple and delicious.

    Thought you'd be interested.

    See here:

    Good to see the little kitty is doing so well.
    Such a sweet little thing. Hope she thrives now.

  14. What your little Sophie is going through sounds like what our Lucy went through. She was rescued at 3 weeks old and had to be bottle fed with her litter mates. They weren't getting fed often enough, and some of them were 'bottoming out' - one actually died from this. After we got Lucy, at the age of 6 weeks, the Vet loaned us a tube of what was more or less 'sugar in a tube' in case she bottomed out. We fed her the 'Mother's formula' in a can that is sold at pet stores, and she did show signs of bottoming out once - limp, unresponsive. I squeezed some of the stuff in the tube onto my finger, rubbed it in her mouth and put her in the carrier - within 2 hrs, she was her normal self. We had her sleep in a carrier when she was that small so that she would have access to her special formula 24/7. We had 2 other cats and they would have loved to help her eat her rich formula - but they didn't need it. When she got big enough that she was not having to eat so often, she also got to the point where she would keep her tummy full enough that she wouldn't bottom out.

    I know how scary it is when that happens - I hope little Sophie starts to 'hold her own' soon. She's a cutie!!

  15. So glad Sophie is feeling better. She is just adorable. Will you keep her as a family inside pet????
    Raining and windy here in this part of US.

    Fall has arrived in Pa.
    Have a great weekend.

  16. So glad that Sophie is doing better - she is a beautiful kitten. I love her coloring.

    And also that coffee cake looks devine. I may have to try that recipe.

  17. We had a kitten that looked soo much like Sophie! Her name was Precious, and we bottle fed her too!I saw your pictures and thought I was seeing our little Precious again! =) I'm so glad that your little baby is doing better now.

  18. sorry about your cat. I am sure that you miss him alot. That would be very hard. I will pray with you! Came to your blog and enjoyed myself. Thank you for coming by.

    Hi Dani.......Yes we are also. Thank you for thinking of her. I tell ya prayer is a wonderful thing.

    Hi Regina, I sooooo enjoyed your email. I will get back over the weekend. It is a good recipe. We thought it was wonderful and so did the college kids. Thank you so for praying for us. I am getting a better frame of mind on the work. I am just thinking it is an extension of my HOME. The kids really need a mom there. Plus we are together as a family! Thank you for praying!!!!

    Hi Amy......she is soooooo adorable! Just a round fluff ball. Thank you for your sweetness! We are very thankful also. God was good to us.......course He always is. Love your blog. Everyone should come over and see it. So informative and just plain fun!

    Thank you Gert.......glad you like the pic's. I have so much fun doing them. You are doing some very pretty ones. Thank you for all the pic's you put up on your blog. They look so cute there!

    Hi Toodie........Thank you for commenting. Oh maybe that is what happened to your dog. The recipe is soooooo good.

    Hi Tanya!! I hope you are doing better with the loss of your sweet daddy. How is Momma doing. I thought I left you something on your blog about the apron. You did an adorable job. I am going to talk about it and maybe take your picture and show it on Prairie Flower? Is that okay? It is totally so cute! What a sweet CHRISTmas gift! Yes Friday is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are going to a wedding. Can't wait! Getting all dressed up for this special occasion. Hugs!

    Hey Mrs Doug...........I have that same recipe just not the carmel topping. It is soooooooo nummy! Thank you for sending me there. I just may have to make it! She is doing so well. Little Sophie.

    Hi Miss Judy........I always remember your sweet made me cry! Wow.......thank you for all the info. That sounds so right on! Thank you so for helping us understand a little better her condition. Scared us to bits........don't want to go through that again. The doctor told us to use honey. Thank you so for coming over!

    Hi Janice, Thank you........yes she will be an indoor kitty and when she gets bigger. Rain and wonderful you have moisture. WE are going to be cutting soybeans soon. I am loving the Fall weather.........a lot!!!!! Thank you for stopping by

    Hi Sandy..........yes we love her coloring also. She has adorable markings. She is just plain adorable period! We are so grateful that she is doing so much better. IT was a sad morning!!!!!! Thank you so for stopping by.

    Hugs sweet ladies..........I get to read my comments at work. I take a break and it brightens my day. Feels like you are kind of with me!

    Sleep tight!

  19. Hi Christianna~ Hi you came on as I was posting the comments. I hopped over to your blog. You are new........thank you so for coming and leaving a comment. What a sweet name...... Precious........amazing that she looks like our Sophie......... we love feeding her with the bottle. Like having a real baby in the house! We sooooo love babies!
    Please come by again.

    Blessings, Linda


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