Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hope Your Evening Was Nice........Ours Was!

Hello......Sweet Ladies,

When we got home the other night this beautiful pie was awaiting us............doesn't it just look like a lot of Love went into it? It did........after a long day at the was so nice to be pampered with a real HOMEmade pie. It was apple. Num! It was a recipe used from Paula Deen's Recipe. It was called Mom's Apple Pie. Thought you might like to have the recipe. Tressa said it was real easy. Love the little leaves on the top. At work so far we have made 9 pies this week for work. I will be making 5 more for tomorrow and then 24 that they will need for Sunday Brunch. I am so thankful that they let me use premade pie crusts. I would be a mess if they made me make them by scratch! Heehee.

At the college kitchen we also make this cake. We call it the Carmel Cake. We have made it 2 times so far and the kids love it! We use this White Cake Recipe. It is so wonderful.....super easy and very moist!!!! The best white cake recipe......... we have every eaten! The frosting is from Martha Stewart's called Caramel Frosting. Use just the Caramel Sauce on this site. Very easy ladies! If we can make can make it. Just drizzle the sauce over the cake before you serve it. Enjoy!

This morning we left the house very early.......still dark outside. THe baby ducks were outside the door.......they started to talk to me.......refreshing way to start my day! The Mr. Turkey started to gobble at me.........again.....sweetness to my ears. I know that may sound funny but this Farm Girl loves it! We were driving down the road and Tress said..........."look at the moon" was gorgeous....and huge right in front of us..........a touch from the Father..........reminding us that He is there holding the moon in place. Right then...... with the moon looking at us........ this song came on the radio. I just lifted my heart to my God. He is so faithful ladies!!!!!! Hope you like this song. I have always liked it a lot! Use it as a prayer to God to touch our world full of people who need Jesus!

I got to work on the little nesters for Little Miss Fluff and Mrs. Puddle Duck. Filled them with nice straw for them to lay their eggs. Mrs. Puddle Duck is still having problems limping. Makes me sad.......but I am so grateful that she is alive. She is laying eggs. Isn't that precious? Need to get that incubator this weekend. MR. PHIL!!!!!!!! It is payday. Can't think of a better present to by myself. SMILE!

Hugs sweet ladies! You really are very precious!

Two more days. Can't wait for the weekend!



  1. What a beautiful gift from your sweet daughter! You deserve all the lovin' you get from your dear family :) If I had to go to college, I'd want you to cook for me (hmmm...maybe we'll just head out to Kansas and LIVE on the campus!!!!!
    XOXO to you friend~

  2. You have made me hungry! I wish I had a piece of pie and cake!!

  3. That pie is just beautiful - your daughter is very talented!
    Thanks for all the lovely links & ideas - the caramel cake sounds yummy as well!
    That song is beautiful & you are blessed to have a christian radio station - we can't get one out here & I do miss that from when we lived in the city!
    Have a wonderful day

  4. that pie is a work of art!
    that cake is too - it'd grace my tummy just perfectly i'm thinking. hehe.
    thank you for the recipes!

    you bring a smile to my lips. :o)


  5. Hi Linda,
    I hope you are having a great week! I shared a picture of the fabric you designed and mentioned you on my blog today :-)


  6. what a beautiful pie! Sweet blessings to your family on this first day of autumn.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  7. I love apple pie and that is the most beautiful one I've seen. It is ozzing with love!

    I, too, enjoy hearing the animals in the morning. Whether a calf calling mom or roosters telling us that the sun is rising, it is music to my ears. It just says HOME.

    Enjoy your's almost Friday.

  8. The pie and cake look doubble good.

    I love the Jared Anderson song...such truth.

    God bless your day, too.


  9. Dear Linda..
    I came back to hear the song..and saw that my first comment didn't make it..something I did I am sure...I believe I said that I was in agreement with my Dear Friend Kathy...and that the Pie was beautiful..I am stuggling to get my Pie Crust recipe taste okay..I guess but I just can't seem to get it looking Pretty..and who doens't love a Pretty Pie...
    May your last day of work go by quickly and your weekend Slow and Sweet..
    Be Blessed Linda
    In Christ

  10. Hello sweet are so sweet. You just need to pack up your precious family........if your Honey says it is okay and come and live in Sterling! The college always needs help!!! in my dreams. XOXOXOXOX to yourself!

    Donna........come over and I will give you both!!!!!!!

    Hello Renata......I will tell Tressy. Today I had to make 5 pies. So far I have made 11 this week. I have to do 30 tomorrow. I am not looking forward to that.......Glad you liked the song. Please write me on my email and I will send you some places that you can get music on the internet. That is how we listen when we are at work.

    Hello jAne.......the little cookie cutters are the sweetest to work with! The cake is so nummy and very very pretty to look at. You are so welcome. You bring a smile to my lips also. Love coming to your blog. I loved reading about your trailor trip. I have needs some work........well......lots of work! Smile! thank you for coming by!

    Jocelyn. That was so sweet of you!!!!!! Thank you for putting me up! I remember the first time I went to International Quilt Market. Debbie Mumm was across from me. She was a very sweet lady. Thank you again. I enjoyed reading. I will still comment!

    Hi Tonya.......the cookie cutters make any pie look pretty! I didn't know it was the first day of Autumn today. I took some pictures tonight and and posted about them tonight. Thank you for the blessings to our family! So sweet.

    Hello Regina, Our son's have a baby calf and Momma Cow. They are very sweet! HOME! I love home now that I have to leave it so many hours a day. I loved it before........but now I really love it! One more day!!! Yea!!!!!!! Thank you for reminding me. Hugs

    Judy, Glad you like the is one of my favorites. God bless you also........ thank you so much for leaving a comment! You didn't have a blog I noticed. Hope you get this little note.

    Hi Angelina nice to hear form you today. Thank you for the sweetness. You must use our pie recipe. It is so easy! The key is to use a piece of long piece of wax paper. I should do a tutorial. I will try to do one soon. I have to make 30 pies tomorrow. Tay and I will be very busy. UGH! The recipe we use is made with butter. Hmmmm good! I will put up the recipe also at the same time.

    Thank you so much ladies for leaving comments. During the day I get to check in and read the is so refreshing when I see someone has left something......makes my day tolerable!!!!!!! Smile!

    Hugs from me

  11. jAne.......I miss spelled trailer. OOPS!

    Just me again!


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