Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Have A Winner! And Please Don't Forget Today and Be Sure To Fly Your Flags!

Dear Sweet Ladies,

Now as I realize what day this is and I wish I would have picked yesterday or Monday for the day to have the party. I am so sorry. I will do better next time!

This morning I went to the front porch and sat on my little white bench.......feet up on my wooden box..........the weather was nice and cool.....a little sun and a little clouds against the beautiful blue sky........Mrs. Puddleduck walked by to go to the front yard.......showed off her adorable teenage ducklings.....I talked.......they quacked......not long after......Mr Big Red Rooster and Little Red came by to say hi....... I picked up Little Red to give a hug.......then Mr Red started to leave......she hopped off my lap and was off with her honey. Such sweetness..........on my morning at HOME. Tow of our kittens joined me and played with the fringe on my blanket....they are keeping me company......watched a swather drive by..........oh Father........thank you for Saturdays and Sundays..........I so appreciate it. Worked on the drawing and I am so excited to tell you that we do have a winner and I know it will be a blessing for her. I met her some months back. Not sure even how we met.......but she sure is a sweetie! Funny thing is she started to work the same day I thinkI started. God was good to both of us. Hope winning will make her smile!

Okay the winner is....................

Heather from

I can only imagine
your crafty little hands with this jar full of guinea feathers!

I also had a second winner just for fun!

You will receive a Mary Jane Farm Magazine that came out this last month!

Third place, Anita

from Simple Somethings
(she does not have a blog)

4th place:

The last two will be a surprise! Hope you had fun at my Celebrating Home GiveawayParty! It helped me have some fun this last week while I was at the college being a baker!!! Your comments truly make my heart smile!!!!!!!

I will be emailing the girls that won. If I have a problem getting a hold of you please email me with your addresses. Hugs ladies!

I received an email this morning......thank you Toni...........I hope that you will go to
Godtube and watch this video.

Please take some time to pray for the ones whose lives changed on 911. It had a huge impact on mine.......but I didn't loose anyone. I am sure that the families are still feeling the pain of their loss. I can not imagine the suffering........but I will pray today for the one who knows how to heal. When it happened that day it changed my praying for America and I started praying more for the protection for our nation. I remember sitting in our front room watching the horror on our tv. It was so sad and the calls that came in of people who we knew who had loved ones that had died or who were wounded. Everyone seemed to have been touched in some way or another. Today we have been asked to fly our flags........if you have one please do so. Continue also to pray for our elected officials......that they would make wise choices as they have been put in positions of authority.

God help us please..........we are looking to You for direction and comfort today and we thank you that you were there on 911.

Blessings sweet friends...........hugs from my farm to your home!~



  1. Bless you, Linda. Well put, as always. This day for me is always hard to put into words... except "God Bless America."

    Enjoy your weekend! Congrats to the winners! -Tammy

  2. Linda, thank you for a wonderful post and to all the winners, Congratulations!

  3. Ok to have the party today. We must celebrate life even as we mourn those lost on 9-11.
    Our flag flies today and my DH and I celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary.

  4. My parents should be out there on your turf, Linda! My father will say a word at the church tomorrow.

    Glad you got to "put your feet up" for a few minutes this morning.

  5. I have to admit that I woke up not knowing the day of the week let alone the Significance of this day..I have a 6mth old SWEET baby boy and has been nursing through the Night..(teething) and therefore I have been lacking in the sleep department....Our FLAG of FREEDOM flys PROUDLY every day of the week at our home...and I was blessed to have woken up to a FLAG flying Half MASS...My 12 yr old son went out there before the Sun was at full rise and Lowered are Flag...I asked why ( in my mind thinking did I miss something) and then when he so sweetly enlightened me...I couldn't help but feel sad that I could have forgotten such a day as this...Thanking Him and Loving Him for his remembrance was sweet...and such a blessing to me...

    I am so thrilled to have won 2nd place....Linda this is the closest I have ever come in a Giveaway...I am so thrilled...I am Extremely thrilled for SWEET and ADORABLE Heather that she took home the sure to share with everyone what you come up being creative with your winnings..
    May the Lords Mercy and Guidance be upon our great land...AMERICA
    In Christ

  6. Pioneer Beauty........need your

    Oh.......a baby? I didn't know wonderful........I know it is hard to not get sleep.....but a wise lady told me to use the time in the night to pray over my baby. I loved it.........I started at their head and prayed down to their toes. That God would use protect their minds.......asking that their memories of the word would be hidden in their hearts.......that He would use their shoulders to help carry others hurts..........their hands ..........that they would use them to work hard for His purposes..........that they would help those in need .........their feet to share the good news where ever they went. I prayed other things......but now I have seen His faithfulness to all 5 of our children here on earth!
    Story of your son was very precious.

    Hi Tammy!!!!!! Came over to your blog saw that you are spent!!!!!! Praying! Hugs to you!

    Hi Regina..........hope you are having a good day! Thank you for coming over!

    Wonky Girl HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! How fun 27 years! That is wonderful......hope your day is filled with blessings!

    Hi Becky........I have seen some cars go by........wondering if it was to the church. How fun for your Momma and Dad.

    Everyone have a good day!
    Hugs, Linda

  7. Wonderful post! Love Mrs. Puddleduck and the Reds. So sweet. What are the names of the new baby kitties? I love the pictures of all your babies. mmmmmmmmmmm. What a wonderful story of the young man and the flag at 1/2 mast. what a solemn day of remembering. Have a super rest of the day...feel God's love settling down on your shoulders like a comforting shawl....warming up your heart.


  8. Hi Linda, I am MamaHen and I am so excited to have won a prize. Thank you! My email address is

  9. HI Linda...

    Eeek..and squeals of delight...To quote Diana Barry from the second Anne of Green Gables movie.."I'm wild with delight...simply wild with delight"!!!!! So cool...I've never used feathers this will be a fun challenge...Congrats to all of the other winners..

    Oh, specifically to Angelina/Pioneer Beauty...Mary Jane's Farm magazine is my FAVORITE mag cool..from front cover to back cover :) :) :) I subscribe AND I buy a copy off the rack..Why?..I need a pretty copy because I KNOW that my descendants will want it as a souvenir...of course!!! one to put in my scrapbook as my own ideabook/lifebook/cookbook sort of thing :) :)

    It didn't occur to me until later today, also, the significance of the day. I read a really neat post on Patti's blog "Fill My Cup with Beauty...and she really expressed herself so well there...It was a tragic day..but there is the promise of new life :) :) :)...and it taught me to pray more too...pray for my loved ones and for my enemies !!! I was concerned about that prior to starting work today...but my customers were really that was a blessing!!

    Oh, I'm so glad that you enjoyed your weekend home...that's one of the perks of working, you appreciate home so much more...and yes, your schedule gets thrown completely out of whack...but that's'll figure it out by and by...and oh, speaking of loving being home...the lace edgings are co ming along nicely!!!! I posted about it today (Saturday) :) :) :) Okay...I feel a novella coming on and fatigue, I'll quit while I'm ahead :) :) :) Extra love and hugs to you and the rest of the hardworkin' Family Stubbs!!!..More love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)


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