Sunday, September 26, 2010

You are welcome to use this picture if you like!

My sweet blog friend Gert left me a comment yesterday. At the end it said to have a good SONday!!!!! I loved it! So Gert this is for you. You are so clever! Smile!

Good Morning...............Trusting your day will be filled with the and rest! Off to church...........but had to come and say HELLO!

Enjoyed a family night with some friends last night..........ate around a fire.........road horses........held a new baby.......played with little girls catching butterflies and little inch worms......just plain fun....what more could you want? Much needed!!!!!

Please pray for our farm today. It was last week that the dogs came. I will be gone............hate for it to happen again.

Thank you sweet ladies.............lifted you before the thankful we all have each is truly a gift this blog thing!

It is cold outside this morning.........YES!

Hugs from our Farm to Your HOME! Hope your day is filled to the top and know one thing........the Father loves you so much!



  1. Hi Linda! I always love stopping over. I am grateful on the weekend I am able to go see more blogs and visit my wonderful friends. You have such beautiful pictures you share here. I am very grateful to you for your kindness. I am just tickled to know you. You help me more than you can imagine. I get so disgusted with life and the way people act and then I stop by here and you renew my faith in mankind! I am very honored to know you and I pray for your family each day. You are very blessed and I am too for knowing you! Anne

  2. Oh..what a have such a wonderful yet SIMPLE reminder...of what SONdays..really and truly should all of us who call Him Lord...Thank you for sharing that with Linda Gert...and may our SONday give us strength to make it through our WEAK... : )

    In His Love..

  3. dear blog friend, I thank you for all you say and do! I "must" use that picture on my blog:) You are so thoughtful!!! I continue to pray for your family and 'farm' and all the creatures on it!

    Your evening sounded just magical! So glad you had such wonderful time and I know it just renewed your spirit:) Till we meet one day, continue to keep us refreshed with your spirit!

    xoxo Gert

  4. Dear Linda...
    Thanks for sharing those simple pleasures of all the fun you have with your familY :) :) :) That's so awesome and I LOVE hearing about things like that.
    I'll definitely be praying for your farm and all the animals...much loved by you and your family...and now by me...from all the lovely stories that you tell!!!
    Have a great SONday with your family...I like how Gert used that...I'll start using that now today too :) :)

    Bonus love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. I am ALWAYS encouraged here dear sister!! Happy SONday to you :)



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