Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Gift Idea for FALL!

Dropping in again to leave a note about Sophie. Tressa took her into the vet and they said that she had probably gotten to cold last night. Something about her blood sugar going down. Thank you so much for praying. Before we could even get her in she was improving. I am not kidding. We were proclaiming Jesus at work.........we believe it was Him who helped her.........the prayers of His children do not go unheard!!!! You are such precious ladies.............thank you!

Just a note: This morning (Wed.) we woke up and Sophie is NOT doing WELL! She is the little kitten we have been bottle feeding for two weeks. Please pray for our Tressa and Taylor.......taking Sophie to the vet this morning. Thank you! Hugs

Hello Sweet Ladies............

I hope the weather is as nice for you all.......... as it is here on the farm............I LOVE IT! We are having sunshine and cooler weather. Last night the girls and I sat and ate Apple Dip and a huge beautiful sweet apple. I have never heard of them before........at least I can't remember it. It is called Honey Crisp. The apple was on sale.... so I just had to try it. It cost $1.50 but it is worth it...........it is huge like I said and it will feed 4. This is our favorite dip to have with our apples for a little something special. We were so lazy last night and we just loved it. I should have never sat down......... I could hardly get up!!!!!! We had so much fun just eating our apple! We need times like that don't you think?

For a little gift make up this recipe for the Fruit Dip........put it in a little mason jar. Put the jar and apples in a basket that has a red checker napkin in the bottom of the basket and up along the sides. Tie a ribbon in a bow and hang the recipe off the handle. Easy and so cute! I will make some also........hmmmmm who might the Lord want us to bless?

The days at work are very busy this week and next. We will be catering and so that means lots of extra items to bake. I made a beautiful coffee bread today. My sweet friend Alicia gave the recipe and she made it.......she said it was wonderful so I needed something today.........it is just what she said!!!! Hope to get the info up for you tomorrow. Tressa made sticky buns. She really did a super job.......God is blessings the girls with a wonderful education........and Momma and Dad are right there...........Praising the Lord all the time for making this job so tailor made for our family! I have also been asked to help with the decorating for the Homecoming Dinner. I worked on some ideas tonight. It will be very simple.

I just had to show you this pic I took tonight of Mrs. Puddle Duck and her babies. She is still limping.......I hope it won't be forever! She is so beautiful..........don't you think? The babies are about the size of her. Just a little more growth and they will be! They really grow fast.

I can't believe how the camera got such detail on her feathers. I am so thankful she was not killed. It was a gift............for me.........I am so thankful!

All the baby ducks out in the sweet potato patch. They eat so many bugs~for me!

These two have grown from this to................

this..... I think they are both girls. This spring they will have babies....... I am sure..........will be nice!

I love all the ideas and recipes that you sent me today on the Sweet Potatoes. They are going to be so fun to try out! I love it that you took the time.............very sweet YOU ARE!

Hugs sweet ladies from my Farm to Your HOME!



  1. Thanks for the inspiring post.. You are one busy gal.... take care, Dawn

  2. Hi Linda...

    I'm glad that God is continually providing you and the rest of the family with work. That's so cool...and a nice steady paycheck is always good :) :)

    Oh, that apple looks really good. You know, it reminds me of these giant apples my mom would buy when I was little...and I don't know what kind it was...but I wanted to say it was gigantic...I mean bigger than what an adult can hold in one hadn...almost ;) :)

    The dip looks really good and I'll have to try it out. It looks easy...and I love how you p ut that together with a really cute photo :) :)

    I remember when you talked about finding out that Mrs. Puddleduck had survived...that made me really happy to hear that...that was a blessing. I'm glad the babies are okay..and they are big...!!! I hope Mrs. Puddleduck feels better soon...

    and the other two ducks...from infants to grown-ups...so adorable :) :)

    Have a really good rest of the week. Extra love and hugs to you and the rest of the family Stubbs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. Linda,
    You have more energy than I do! You are a busy lady and so inspiring :) The apple dip sounds so yummy and a wonderful idea for a gift.
    The ducks are adorable and how quickly they grow up!
    Big Hugs,

  4. Honey Crisp Apples are our FAVORITE!

  5. We love Honey Crisp apples...in fact we just got our first harvest of about 20 apples from our Honey Crisp tree that we planted a few years ago!
    Thank you for sharing the recipe for the dip, we will be giving in a try real soon!


  6. Thank you for the recipe it looks yummy. I wonder if it will work with Splenda's brown sugar too. I really enjoy comming here, your posts are life giving.


  7. Good Morning Linda, Thank you for the yummylicious apple dip recipe. Such a great idea for a little gift. And I tell you sister, If a person can't come away from visiting you feeling 100 percent happier, then there is a huge problem.

  8. A blessed day in the Lord, always enjoy your sharings, as I looked at the last picture of your ducks, the white one and the other, I could be mistaken completely by what I think I am seeing on the white one's tail, a sharp curl, if it is so that one is a male. The other one its tail feathers are seemingly smooth. Again, I could be seeing things : ) My mamas are setting and hatching, so far 7 ducklings, one of which Aidan and I were blessed to watch hatch compeletly. Aw the wonders of God.
    In Joy,

  9. So nice to catch up on your blog today...can't believe how big those ducklings have gotten! Thanks so much for sharing all you do. :)

  10. The dip sounds delicious. I just tried a "new to me" recipe for Apple Fritters that is just scrumptious. I posted the recipe on my blog a few days ago. We are apple lovers around here and just took a trip to our favorite orchard so that means lots of apple treats to try. I will definitely be making your dip! Thank you!
    Bless you and your day!

  11. Praise God for healing little Sophie. What would we do without our precious pets? They are a special gift from God. The ducks are adorable. I hope they will be safe from now on. Blessings!

  12. Linda, disregard my previous post, as I was just now out in the yard it hit me that I completely mis read of your ducks, and I thought, 'She knows that!" My brain some days. Sorry.
    In Joy

  13. I am sorry little Sophie was having some problems. I will pray. She is too precious. Your apple dip is yummy. I have a couple different ones. Love the picture you posted. Love and Hugs to all of you! Anne

  14. please let us know how Sophie is doing..I am reading this in the evening..poor little thing..she's in my prayers....

  15. Linda, I'm so glad to hear that you little kitty is feeling better. It sounds like you've settled into a routine at work. Glad to hear that things are working out. Nice pictures of the duckies. The brood reminds me of the story "Make Way for Ducklings". It is a story based on a mother duck and her babies on Boston Commons.


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