Tuesday, September 14, 2010

HuGs Sweet Ladies!

You are welcome to use this photo if you like.

Found this verse today. I LOVE IT!!!! It spoke to my heart........big time!!!! I am asking the LORD to FILL ALL that read my blog with all JOY and PEACE!!!!! as we TRUST in HIM and that then WE will OVERFLOW with HOPE by the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT. Hmmmmmm that is so WONDERFUL wouldn't you agree!

Thank you ALL......... so much sweet ladies!!!!!!!! I just loved today's comments!!!! You made my HEART smile BIG TIME! Thank you, thank you!!!!!!

I don't think I am the only one that enjoyed reading all the comments today. It was like we all got to meet each other sipping our tea and sitting on my front porch..........all together, talking and sharing with each other. More than what I could have imagined!!!!!! I loved it........I know all of you who wrote....... just a little bit better and thank you so much for leaving me a comment! You all have such precious stories....... I so would love to really have you on my farm...........wouldn't that be sooooooo much fun? YES!

Tonight I went out to the chicken coop to gather eggs. It is one of my favorite things in my day. I didn't gather them all day yesterday....... because we went to the fair and I was so tired when we got home..........I had so many!!!!!! My Ameraucanas are laying there adorable blue eggs with brown dots all over them.......... every day now. Their feathers on their cheeks are to cute.

Hope you all had a good day today! We were so busy in the kitchen. Whenever they do a catering at night, it makes everyone really have to get it together. I was so tired from staying up so late last night. I am not used to this. Smile.

Hugs sweet friends. If you didn't tell me a little about yourself..........please feel free today. I love knowing you a little better!!!

Now a little about me. I am originally from Alaska. Homesteaded with my parents and grandparents. Right under a huge mountain and 2 miles from a glacier. I loved it and would love to live there still.......if I could bring everyone with. I moved to Kansas 36 years ago. My honey and I have 7 children, 2 in heaven and 5 here on earth. I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart and my desire and prayer is to have my children and grandchildren share heaven with me. Oh and you! I enjoy painting, designing patterns and fabric. I really like a peaceful time to go through magazines........and books on decorating Homes. I also enjoy farm life............raising my chickens. I really enjoy decorating during the Fall and at CHRISTMAS time. Probably one of my favorite things though is to write on Prairie Flower Farm Blog. It has been one huge gift to me from the Lord. Never would I have ever thought I would have anyone read anything I wrote. You are all very special to me. But I think you all know that........don't you?

Welcome new followers...........YOU have definitely been noticed!!!!!
Have a special day!

Blessings from my Farm to your HOME!



  1. oh how thoughtful,
    you're a dear. :o)


  2. Linda, I love to read your blog; it's so encouraging. We may not meet here on earth, but I'll be looking for you in Heaven!

  3. Yes, I enjoyed "meeting" everyone, too. We have our first Ameraucanas, too, and we are anxiously awaiting their first eggs, any day now. Hoping they will be blue, as that is my son's favorite color. Your childhood in Alaska sounds absolutely amazing! We lived in the mountains of Colorado (Breckenridge) for a little while and waking up to that view took my breath away every new day. Love your picture and verse today!

  4. What a wonderful verse! There is no greater comfort than to be filled with joy and peace that can only come from our LORD!

    I missed the tea party yesterday but went back and read the post and comments. Sweet and lovely are the words that come to mind!

    Take care and I pray you are blessed today.


  5. Hi Linda, you are a precious friend! A little about me, born and raised in Southern California..Wife to Carl, married 33 years..Two sons, one daughter in law..3 dogs.
    Hubs retired for 7 years from AT&T, I am now retired from a high school counseling office job as a clerk, waiting a hearing for social security disability for my depression and fibromyalgia. I have no idea what kind of shape I would be in without my blog and friends who come along to read.

    Thanks for all the sweet pictures you make for us..


  6. I'm Kim and I was born and raised in Indiana. After I married the first time, I lived in Illinois for 20 years. My second husband (and high school sweetheart) have been married 3 years and moved to Texas in 2007. Our daughter is almost 25 and lives in Pennsylvania.

    I love crafting but hubby is unemployed soooooo, I work 2 jobs and may not be able to make to much this year. But I love sewing small projects, I am working on my first quilt, and crochet & embroider.

    We both miss the country SO much and hope to get back to Indiana sometime in the near future!

  7. Oh and I read about you in the recent issue of Girlhood Home Companion!

  8. Linda, I have a cousin and her husband lived in Alaska for many years...they moved back into Washington State to retire though...I am a native Southern Californian..born in the desert and married my sweetie 36 years ago..we have two sons, a boarder who is like another son to us, 4 cats, a dog and a duck. No grandchildren yet...We own our own company and work like crazy most of the time..enjoy baking, stitchery, gardening, old movies and mysteries....
    I'm having a giveaway!

  9. First of all the verse today really encouraged me. Secondly please pray for Phil. After that mix up with the court dates he has to be there this morning. Pray my daughter and he arrive safely and all goes well. Praise God Phil and Hannah returned safely from Oklahoma City! It was a nice break in a sometime plain routine. Pray for my Nick. Migraine headache and backlash from calling himself off school last week. They will not allow him to run in a major race. My heart is broken.
    I am a Colorado girl, born and raised in Pueblo as well as it is the hometown of my hubby. Prayers for him today. He works til 9 tonight and it is a looong day. His cataract surgery went well.
    I have two babies in Heaven too and five here. Grands are great too! My late mama always said God was very good to me with beautiful healthy children. It is a real testimony for me.
    Living in the Denver area since 1983. Working working working. I feel so disrespected each day and I spend my time there smiling at our patients and silently praying. Some days it is so hard to get through these days but God manages, not me. Enough said today.
    Blessings to you and yours and keep writing Linda, You are such a gem! Love and Hugs Anne


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