Monday, September 27, 2010

I Would Love It, If You Would Share Some Recipes!

Look at my sweet potato patch this year!

Here is the sweet potato flower up close. Isn't it so pretty? There are flowers popping all over my plants. It is looking so pretty this year out in the garden.

Hello Sweet Ladies....... Hope your weekend was a blessed one......ours needed to be a little bit! The weather here has been spoiling us! Just gorgeous..........very nice and you want to get everything done in one day!

There is one thing I really like about the FALL is harvesting my garden. The Sweet Potatoes are ready for HARVEST! I love to use them in our holiday cooking. I cook mine in water.....bring to a boil until tender and then place them in a skillet that has butter and brown sugar. Super easy and very very delicious. I will be harvesting a lot this year from the looks of the plants. We received some rain and they are going to be very easy to dig now. Can't wait to find some time to start getting them out of the garden. I will be needing to learn what I need to do with them. I have never had this many so I will need to know how to store them. If you have ideas of what I can do.......please let me know. I know I can look in some of my books........but it would be fun to hear what you have to say. If you have any recipes that you make with your sweet potatoes........ I would love to have some. If you would like to email the recipes or just put info in the comments that is fine. If you have some over on your blog........that would work also......just tell us and we will come over!!!!!!!

Thank you so much in advance...............thought of you a lot today as I worked. Some have real prayer needs! I can't wait to see how the Lord is going to answer them. WE need to wait expectantly!!!!

Last night some men that we know went to a retreat. We heard about 30 testmonies of what the Lord did to them at the retreat. I cried through most of them. so did they! It was such a wonderful thing to hear how they had been broken and wanted to be the men of their HOMES. They were just simple up everything for Christ.........ladies we need to pray fervently for our is hard out there! Pray that the enemy would not have influence in their lives. There were 60 men that went. The other 30 servers didn't speak because of time........but their lives were impacted also. You could see it in their faces..........precious time. Praying that God will use them. America needs them! It was a precious thing to watch.

God Bless you from our Farm to YOUR HOME!

You are totally sooooooo special!



  1. Okay I am not a big SWEET POTATOE fan myself but these sure do sound tastee and worth trying..

    Sweet Potatoe Honey Cinnamon Butter Pancakes...what could possibly not taste Good with these...

    Thanks for the Prompting..
    I just might become a SWEET POTATOE fan yet.. : )

    Blessing In The Lord

  2. Oh yummy, all those sweet potatoes!

    I had a sweet potato recipe as 'recipe of the week' on my blog a few weeks ago. It was Spicy Sweet Potato & Coconut Soup and can be found here

    Kirsteen xx

  3. concerning sweet potatoes i'm a bit of a purist . . .

    scrub 'em
    bake 'em or roast 'em
    a bit of butter
    in God's
    sweet goodness.

    ;o) jAne

  4. Yummy!! I LOVE♥ sweet potatoes ~ would rather eat them over regular potatoes :) What a blessing to have them right out of your garden! My favorite way to eat them is baked with a little butter and cinnamon :)
    Here's the link to my Sweet Potato Rolls recipe ~ it's a tradition in my family. Thanksgiving just isn't right without these rolls!!

  5. Oh Linda..what a busy lady you are:) Your sweet potato plants are just amazing! I will look up some of my 'favorite' recipes and e mail them to you:) So glad you were a witness to the men who were touched by our GOd... Wonderful isn't it???'re in my prayers daily...
    xoxo Gert

  6. Dear Linda,

    I love to cut a whole cauliflower, peel and dice one or two sweet potatoes, drizzle a little olive oil over them, season with whatever spices you like (Cajun seasoning is especially good!) and roast until tender in a 375 oven!

    Very simply and very yummy!

    By the way, did the retreat happen to be called Tres Dias?

  7. Glad to hear that sweet potatoes are the main event at your farm and there hasn't been any trouble with loose dogs. I'm going to try some of the recipes listed above, the sound yummy.

  8. Sweet potato is indeed a good source of energy and I'm really fascinated by its taste. By the way, I didn't know that it could produce a lovely flower because I don't have garden in our home.


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