Thursday, September 16, 2010

We have A New Member To Our Family! Sophie Is Her Name

We have a little orphaned kitty. Sophie is her name and she is adorable. We have a Mom cat who has done this two times. We will have to get her fixed. For some reason she runs out of milk. Tressa our oldest daughter raised on of her cats last year and now little Sophie needs a momma. I thought you would enjoy watching her nurse the bottle. She holds it just like a real baby. You will love it! She is a little calico fluff ball. We are going to be busy taking turns caring for her needs. That means you know what. You have to take a washcloth to her little behind. You have to do it or she won't go, usually the momma keeps her it is us humans. Hmmmmm what you will do for a little farm kitty. Tressa will take Sophie with her when she goes to babysit. We can't have it in the kitchen.........rules. You should hear everyone talking to her. Precious little thing!

Hello sweet friends,
Thank you for all the sweet comments today. When I asked for prayer for my honey I should have been praising the Lord that my Phil can do the things God has for him to do. I received a comment from Kathy. My heart broke when I read her comment. Her sweet husband has Stage 4 lung cancer. My husband is healthy...........he can go and work even if he is tired. Kathy needs our prayers for her husband. Please ladies you may leave a prayer in the comments and Kathy can come and read them or just pray in your home and tell her you are doing so. It will encourage her I am sure. So I will be first.

Kathy I read my husband your comment. When he works we will be grateful that he can do that. I guess I always feel bad that he works so hard.........and now I will be more grateful. Thank you for that reminder.

Heavenly Father.........Thank You that you want us to come to you with our needs and requests. You are a gracious God that understands our sorrows and desires. I lift to You in the name of Jesus Christ. Kathy's precious husband.......would you please work Your perfect will into his life, give him the strength that is needed for this battle. I cannot imagine the sorrow Kathy must feel to not be able to do a thing about his cancer and yet You have given her him to love and to cherish as she walks by him through this difficult time. Sustain her also and give her what she needs to encourage him in this time. I ask that You would send mighty Holy Angels to minister to both of them. Thank you for your word that speaks how you use them for our comfort. We do ask for healing for him, you are the great Physician. Thank you that you love both Kathy and her husband and You have a plan for their life. We praise You Father and we can trust You even when it doesn't make sense tous. We ask all this in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen

Please ladies keep them in your prayers. Kathy does not have a blog it seems. If you have anything you want to say use my blog to tell her in the comment section.

I was given garlic last night. I planted some of them tonight out in the trough in the Potter's Shed. It was a beautiful evening and very nice and cool. I will give a little tutorial for you if you would like to plant garlic. It is about time. You can do it in October also. With my time not the same I just need to get it into the ground! Smile!

Break garlic cloves apart and use only the large individual cloves. Keep the others for your kitchen use.

This wheelbarrow has been on this farm forever!!! It is so sturdy and Grandma Jo used it for everything. I use it a lot for hauling straw.

In the spring take the straw off so the ground will get warm and you will have lovely garlic!
Can't wait.

Now something I try to practice is......if I have been given something like these garlics, I tithe back to the Lord and give some of what I have been given to someone else. So my sweet friend Gail received a little gift of garlics. Now she will plant hers and they will take care of her family. Isn't it fun to share? Bless someone today!

Ladies who left comments that wanted to help the lady at work.........just email me (at the top right corner) and we can talk about it. Thank you for your concern. That is so kind of you!!!

Sophie is kind of taking over the house. It is so funny what happens when you love a little animal. Tressy is caring little Sophie all around in her sweatshirt pocket. Preciousness!

I am popping in this morning, Sophie woke Tress up at 4 early this morning. Tressa is finding out what it is like to have a little one to take care of. We are loving Sophie so much. Taylor is walking around with her in her pocket now.

Please keep telling me about yourself I LOVE IT!!! YOU ARE ALL SO
PRECIOUS! Just tell me where you are from and a little or a lot about yourself.

Hugs to you from the FARM to your HOME,



  1. Hi Linda...I LOVE garlic...yum!!!...especially on pizza believe it or not :) :)

    I tried to watch the "Sophie the Kitten" video, but when I clicked play, it said that I couldn't view it because it was a private video and I had to respond to your friend request first :( ..sad...I love kittens!!! The photo of her in your daughter's sweatshirt pocket is too cute!!!

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. Okay can watch...........Tressy forgot to put it on public!!! OOPS, you will love her. She is sleeping in a little bucket with a stuffed kitty. Tress is hoping she will sleep alllllll night!
    Hugs, Linda

  3. Hi Linda...Thank you...oh my goodness gracious, Sophie is heart melts for a cute kitten. That will be really interesting to see how Sophie grows up...since she's being raised by "humans" now :) :) :) Oh, thank God for precious babies...even furry ones ;) :) :) So adorable!!!! This is the best way to end my day :) :) Thank you Linda ;) :) :) tell Tressa thanks, too!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  4. HI Linda...

    I had to come back and see Sophie the Kitten...just too adorable. I'll be praying for Kathy and her hubby, too!!! Have a wonderful weekend. You'll have two days at home. Enjoy it ;) :) :) I spyed a sign for an estate sale yesterday. So I plan on stopping by this afternoon and seeing if there's anything I can use for the home. I"m really looking for good sheets at the moment!!! Have a great weekend...Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. Thanks for the cute..lots of will be all good.....I've been sitting here looking at our sad garden with all the crops harvested...garlic is a good idea! do you just use the ones you get at the grocery store?

  6. Good Morning Linda,
    The video is so cute. We have a litter of kittens in one of our barns. One is a little bob-tail. I wish they would let us hold them but they run like the wind when we come near!

    Kathy, I'm praying for both you and your husband.


  7. Linda, I love you!

    Sophie made my heart melt (we have two farm cats and have since adopted three lost kittens, who quickly became farm delights)... We love our kitties!

    Your blog is ALWAYS such a pleasant place to visit. Your spirituality is infectious!

    Thank you for the garlic demo - I really needed it! I will be attempting my first garlic planting!


  8. Oh Linda...Love the name Sophie and love her. She is just darling!!! You have so many wonderous things going on at your farm!!!

    I will certainly keep Kathy and her family in my prayers, for strength and love of God to get through this difficult time.

    You are such a blessing to all of us Linda...hope you had a wonderful day!

    xoxo Gert

  9. Dearest Linda,
    I am a little behind on reading your blog..due to the Giveaways I am having at Pioneer Beauty...So I wanted to stop in and say hello..I just read about Kathy...and wanted to let you know and Her as well that we will keep her in our well if you could email me if there are other needs that might need to be met at this time..PLEASE let me know...
    I pray that your evening is blessed
    In Christ

  10. What a precious baby kitty! So sweet, I will have to show my kiddos.

    Just wanted you to know that my daughter received 2 issues of Girls home companion today and she LOVES it! She just auditioned for a play and performed Anne's outburst and apology to Mrs. Lynde, so she loved the articles about Anne! I am so glad I noticed your button and ordered it for her! Just Lovely! I enjoyed reading your article as well!

    I will also be praying for Kathy and her husband, my heart goes out to all those that are dealing with cancer and the pain that goes with it. I am so grateful that the Lord love us and hears our prayers.

    Blessing to you!

  11. That is the sweetest video of the little kitty! I have done this before and it takes a great deal of commitment. Bless Tressa!

    Praying for Kathy and her husband. I take things for granted every day. Even though we try not to... I guess it's just human nature. I pray for a miracle for them.

    Thanks for taking the time to share these things with us, Linda. We appreciate it! And I also appreciate that garlic-planting lesson. I have one little plant that survived the summer. I think I did not plant them right! Have a very blessed weekend! -Tammy

  12. Hi Heather.........So glad you liked our little Sophie. She has won our heart. So cute!!!!!!!! She has been sleeping all evening and now she is awake. We just fed her and she is all playful. She is a keeper!

    Hi Dani......You are so welcome! I am so glad you at least have all your garden harvested. We love garlic. We use it so much in our cooking. You can use the garlic from the store.......but it is better and they will be bigger if you buy from a greenhouse.

    Regina.......I know it is hard if you don't get to hold them right from the beginning. We have 9 grandbabies and the girls can't leave them alone. Thank you for praying for Kathy and her husband Mike. You are so precious!

    A blog by the Farmer thank you for the kindness!!!!! Yea for garlic..... you will not believe how easy it is to grow!!!! I noticed I couldn't come an visit. What do I need to do?

    Gert...... Kathy and Mike will be so blessed to hear that you are praying for them...... it must be so hard. She wrote me today.......made me hurt.........they are so brave!

    Pioneer had the sweetest giveaway...thank you so much. Thank you also for praying for their family. I am hoping she will keep me posted. My evening has been blessed tonight. Tay our youngest is training her horse to go in a trailer and we took them out tonight. So fun to watch them ride together. Kansas is her horse and she is doing very well for only being 3. She has had her ever since she was brand new.

    Hi PBKisses..........Isn't that mag the best? I am so glad that you got them. WE love the Novak family. Jill the editor is adorable! They are caring for the grandpa and God is going to reward them so!!!! Oh how fun that you read our article. I love writing for them. Thank you for praying with Kathy and Mike. I can't imagine the sadness.........but I am thankful they have the Lord to get them through. Thanks for stopping by!

    Hi Tammy, I came over to your blog. Looks like you had a fun time at the auction. You captured beautiful pic's. YOu asked how our week went. Mine went so fast. That makes me happy! Smile! It is so good to be home. I have so much to do after being gone. Makes me appreciate my farm.

    Hugs sweet ladies. Linda

  13. Sophie is adorable! My daughter works for the Humane Society and fosters little kittens like this at least several times a year. She has one now that is almost ready to be weaned to regular food.
    They are so precious when they are this little :)



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