Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Sunday!!!!!!!!!! Take Some Time To Tell Him You Love HIm!

You are welcome to use my photos on your blog, if you wish.

Good far this morning has not gone so well. When you live on a farm in the FALL these little rodents come in from outside. It has been getting cooler in the night and mornings and they think that our house is going to be there home...........wrong!!!!! They will not beable to do that! Mr. Phil heard a shriek from the kitchen.......along with the and cat!!!!!!!!! I was getting something in the spice cupboard and a mouse jumped on the top of my hand!!!!!!!Yikes!!!!!!!!! I kept saying, "GROSS GROSS GROSS"!!!!!!! Everyone came to the rescue! YUK!!!!!! I hope after I get home later ..........."he" will be d __d! Mr. Phil set a trap. Now for all the animal lovers that don't like to see things killed. I am so sorry! If I start setting the traps now.........I won't have to k__l so many and won't have to share my home in the winter with "them". That is a good thing..........from my point of view.

Yesterday I started clipping some of my herbs. It is thyme.......... if you start cutting some back now........... you will have some regrowth with the cooler weather. I love the smell when you bring them in the HOME. If you want to dry them.......cut them and tie with ribbon, twine or string ............. hang somewhere to dry. They will be ready to pick off little sprigs and put them in your soups for the Winter. Nummy!

Yesterday I enjoyed cleaning my my house..............I have been trying to take as much time as possible getting ready for the winter. I am throwing............putting things in bags so they are ready to take to the Salvation Army also putting away things I won't need during the winter months. As I was cleaning I found a sweet potato from last year was sprouting. I think they have the prettiest leaves. They are fun to grow,.........because they grow so fast. I think your children would enjoy watching. Sooooooo easy to do. Enjoy! If you do grow one I would love to see it.

I was able to walk around the farm..........everything is changing. I am sure the changing of the colors will be very pretty on Peace Creek this year. The cotton trees are making their rustling noise with the wind blowing through the trees. Lovely!

This morning this little "Kitty" came up to me.............thought you would like to name him. His little tail is straight up in the air at all times.........cracks us up!

Thank you again for coming to my party last week. I have heard from everyone and can't wait to send them their gifts. Can't wait until the next party! Speaking of parties......... in the last post, Pioneer Beauty has a real sweet party going on over at her place!

Praying for your day..............and you my friends are loved by

me............and JESUS!

New have been NOTICED! Thank you for joining!

Oh, P.S. Thank you sweet Vivian for my book!!!! I will glean much from it I am sure!

You are a sweetie to think of me during this time of leaving my HOME. I have appreciated all the prayers on behalf of our are all very very sweet friends!!!!!!

Hugs and blessings from the farm to your HOME!



  1. Enjoy your day in all it's glory Linda! Lovely post except for the "mouse" deal! I'm with you, they don't need to be around at all-not one of God's creatures that I can accept! Sorry, but I have the chills thinking of one touching me, let alone in my kitchen!
    I remember as a kid growing a sweet potato and I'll have to try it with the grandsons-they love things like that!
    Blessings to you~

  2. Hi Sheila.......You are so funny! "Mouse" deal! Cute cute! on a farm with no neighbors..........they think they "All" need a cozy farm house to live in.........NOT!

    Thank you for coming over and it was so nice to have you!

    The sweet potatoes grow so fast!!!!! They can vine so nice also.

    Hugs sweetie friend, Linda

  3. Yes I took some time to share His love for me and you in Sunday Song on my blog.
    I love that little fluff looks a real Fluffy.
    Not very original but it sure suits it.
    I am here in Australia, catching up at 4 am as I am definitely not sleeping.

  4. Glad you are enjoying your time at home. KittyCakes is too cute! I used your blueberry muffin recipe to make apple cinnamon muffins. I added 1 tsp cinnamon and put some finely ground walnuts on top with the cinnamon sugar. I think it needs another spice with the apples, maybe some allspice. I wish I could say we are having cooler weather here, but it's a long way off. Happy Sunday!

  5. Beautiful Baby!!!! mmmmmmm...hugs and kisses to your little furbaby. I like your Stripez on your little chest. Sweet.

    As I like more and more animals, I'm even liking mice...but not in the kitchen!!! We've had bees in the living room all summer. Finally a chimney sweep got rid of them this week. Ewwwww. I told those little guys that they shouldn't BEE in my house...that they would BEE living still if they just went outside, but no.

  6. Didn't you say you had a cat? Ours take care of any critters that wander in.....our one cat, Bandit will sit for hours right where she hears the mouse..she's caught about 6 or 7 that we know of....

  7. I so enjoy reading your posts, and I'm slow to make a comment. I've grown the sweet potato vines before, and that's a great idea for my class to take part in again this year, thanks for the reminder.
    For your little kitty, my teaching buddy had a cat who always held her tail up straight, and they named her "Broomstick". I thought it was the sweetest name for her curious habit, and that's who I thought of when you shared this. Lord Bless your Sunday! :-}pokey

  8. Oh, that kitten is just so cute, I can hardly stand it...:) :) ): about Puddin' Pop or Mr. Fluffy Cakes? I don't know..but he sure is a cute little kitty!!! Or Jasper? How about naming him Jasper? I think you said it was a little boy kitten..Have a lovely Sunday Linda...!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  9. Ewwww... one thing I don't like about Fall... mice!! I am a true animal lover, but I get a little cold-hearted with the mice. They have damaged so much over the years. We just cannot co-exist :)

    You have inspired me - I have been talking about gathering up items for Goodwill a lot lately. Just talk so far, as other things have taken priority. But I will, this very night, bag up one full bag of clothes or other goodies to take to Goodwill! Thanks for always inspiring. Bless you and your beautiful family. -Tammy

  10. Mice! time we found a mouse in the house. My hubby hurdled him over the neighbors fence like a frisbee. He came back! Then he fell into our trash can and the kids wanted to feed him! Finally the hubby set a trap! Oops... That kitty looks like Rose when she was a kitten but a good name would be Rascal! He looks like a little Rascal. We are cleaning too. Nick is getting a new bed tomorrow courtesy of my son Jeremys friends dad who is moving and does not need an extra bed. Poor Nick. He is sleeping on an old creaking mattress like a cardboard box!.
    Please pray for Maureen. She works as a manager with my daughter at Marie Callender and she lost her apt. and everything in it last night. fell asleep with a candle burning!She has only the pajamas on her back at the time of the fire! Thank the good Lord she survived. I hope they run a story about her on the local news and some good samaritans with money come forward to help her as she had no renters insurance. Thanks and hugs to you and yours Linda! Anne

  11. Okay...I had to come back for another visit...that sweet little kitten...Prince Charming!!!!

    Oh, mice...eeeuuuww...yucky gross. Once, when I was living in Germany, I had to go after a mouse that my neighbor's little girl let fall into the area right outside my window. Yuck, disgusting...but I quickly dispatched said mouse and sent it to a better place...Oh, the mouse was d--d..but it really scared me...well, maybe not scared...but GROSS. I'll pray you don't get too many of those visitors. Alrighty, enjoy the upcoming week. Extra love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  12. Hi Linda,
    How can a little bitty mouse cause such a stir? Who knows!! But they do! I can't believe with all your kitties around the farm that any mice survive!! :0)
    I'm voting for MUFFY for that adorable kitty!!! If kitties stayed kitties, I'd have a zillion! We had a kitty named Muffy and she yours reminds me of her!
    Hope your weekend was wonderful...the weather was that's for sure but we did have a storm roll in Friday night.
    Here we go again with another week, huh? We can do it right? With God's comforting hands!

  13. Love your little friend. Is Felix to big a name for such a cute little guy. Thanks for the hint about the sweet potatos also. Have a wonderful week.

    Blessings Gail

  14. Oh Yes we also get those annoying furry creatures (being right in the middle of grain growing country). We set traps too - sometimes many traps at a time. We also got 2 cats purely because of those unwanted visitors.
    Your kitty is so cute!! I like the suggestion of Muffy above for a name!
    Have a beautiful day

  15. Hi Linda. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and pictures with us. I don't always leave a comment but I always am touched by your post. Thank you.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  16. We are going to possibly be living on a farm soon and I'm sure I'll learn all kinds of things about varmints! Living on the farm has lots of joys and a little pain, I'm sure.

    That kitten was so cute. With the tail in the air, I thought of a skunk, but that's not a very nice name. So, then I thought of "Flower" after the skunks name in Bambi. Now THAT is more doable.

    Hope your day at work went well today. You must be burning things less and less because I haven't seen anything written about it lately! LOL

    Until next time,


  17. Hi there, I've just come across your lovely blog for the first time today so thought I'd say hello.

    I've done exactly as you said - sat down with my tea and am leaving with a happy heart!

    Greetings from Scotland

  18. My daughter loves your adorable little kitten with his straight tail. Failing to come up with our own suggestion, we vote for Felix.


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