Tuesday, September 21, 2010

HE Is A Giver of Good Gifts.....YOU!

You are welcome, if you would like to use this photo.
This verse just blessed me so much. These apples were given to us from an orchard.......I loved them and thought of this verse. Hope you like!

Hello sweet ladies.......and thank you so much for being so kind and there!!!!!! You are amazing! It was so hard to not have the internet working last night. I couldn't tell you thank you for all the sweetness!

I have to tell you that Mrs. Puddle Duck has been found.......she was wounded in her leg........but other than that she is okay. Sometimes the animals will run for cover and not come out for fear the dogs are still around. Yea! She will be able to have more babies in the spring. She did loose one of her babies.........but the other 7 are doing very well.

Little Miss Fluff is safe!!!!

Yesterday when we got home after a day at the kitchen cafeteria. We drove up the lane to the farm......I went into the house and Mr. Phil went around to check on the animals. HE found Little Miss Fluff! She was one of the Momma Hens that was missing from what happened on Sunday. It was so wonderful to see that she had not been one of the chickens killed. She is one of my best sitters......so she will be ready to lay on eggs next year I am sure....... Thank you JESUS!

Taylor worked with yesterday.............. so when she got home she was ready to ride her horse. She was riding Kansas around the farm and came in the house all excited. She said, "Momma come....... I have a surprise for you". I went outside and this is what we saw.

Here is a small video for some who have never seen this before.

They fit so well into Fall don't you think?

Side view.

This picture is so pretty don't you think?

So thankful we can see nature like this. God is such a beautiful designer!

Tressa is holding one.....you can see the beauty up close. They can be very friendly.

You can see them hanging on the branches. They look like dead leaves. That must be protection from the Lord from birds eating them.

Thought you would like this close up. See the beautiful blue sky between the leaves. It was a gorgeous evening. My friend Sherry told me that it was gifts from the Lord. We all thought the same. It was so, so pretty. HE made us feel majorly loved!

Some of the pictures from above were taken by our daughter Tressa. She captured some beautiful ones and I just wanted you to know. Smile!

P.S. I had to write my post so fast at work this morning as the internet didn't work last night. You all are such sweet ladies to have written comments on my post on Sunday I appreciate you very much!

Hugs from the FARM to your HOME!



  1. Linda~
    I am so sad about what happened to your animals on Sunday! We have had that happen a couple of times here, also. But I am happy that some of your feathered friends have survived! Hurrah for Mrs.Puddle duck and for Little Miss Fluff! Hurrah for more babies next year!
    God seems to be gifting many of my dear blogging friends (East of us!) with a multitude of Butterflies! You are the second friend in a row (on my blog list) to blog about this phenomena! They are just spectacular! What lovely photos, also! Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. Good news, indeed! Rejoicing with you in all the good things the Lord blessed you with despite the recent tragedy!

  3. Hi Lady Farmer........thank you for coming over and giving sweetness! Yes..... I am so glad for more babies! Isn't it neat to see all those butterflies? They are so beautiful against the sky.
    Blessings to you sweet friend!

    Hi Amy.......yes I so agree! God is always taking such good care of us isn't He. Hope all is going well on the Homestead Revival.......it is so fun to see all the new ladies coming to your delightful place!

    Hugs to you both! Linda

  4. Wonderful news Miss Fluff was found. Gorgeous butterflies.. I've never seen so many in one place. A gift indeed!

  5. Good Morning, Linda!

    I couldn't comment the other day, although I wanted to so badly... I feared what words I may type - so saddened, was I, about your loss.

    The emerged survivors are even more precious now and I am sure they are happy to be safe again.

    The butterflies reminded me how like the leaf, we all should willing blow, here and there, to the Will of God.

    You're amazing!


  6. What beautiful photos of the monarchs! Praise God, the great Designer!

  7. Oh, those butterfly pics and especially the video made me smile so big! Just gorgeous, and so glad God gave you that gift to experience after your terrible weekend. But happy to hear those two made it thru okay. Love your verse and pic today, too.

  8. So glad you found Little Miss Fluff safe and sound.

  9. Soooooo glad to hear of the safety! God is certainly so GREAT!!! Sending Hugs & Prayers from Ohio....to you, and your Family! :)

    Long work hours, and work waiting for you when you get home. Bless you & your Sweetie!

    Thanks for the Awesome butterly "journey"...grand pictures!! :)

    Have a Blest day.....enjoy!

    OhioLori :)

  10. So glad your babies are home, safe! The butterfly pictures are beautiful as is the video. When the monarchs come in, I know fall is here. And that makes me happy! It's my favorite time of year.

    Praying for you and yours, daily.

  11. Praise God for the blessing of finding your precious babies! I'm glad to hear good news!

  12. Dear Linda...I was so excited to read this post and to know that some of your animals were found! Also....absolutely love the butterfly video and pictures..just amazing...certainly a God thing ~smile~

    xoxo Gert

  13. I am so sorry to hear about the loss I know that the animal in our lives get to be almost like family~~~~Prayers are with you all and I want to also mention the memories of each and every one of those animals is in the heart to heal it as well.

  14. Hi Linda. I'm so sorry for your loss. Animals are such an important part of our lives and it makes us so sad when we lose them.

    With regard to the beautiful butterflies, my 2nd grader just told me this week that they are poisonous to predators because of their milkweed diet. Another one of God's wonders! I learned that their bright colors warn would be predators that they are poisonous. Isn't that amazing?! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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