Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday.........Was A Beautiful Day!

This was soooooooo Nummy!

Dear Sweet Ladies, I want you to know............... that I am enjoying the party so much! You are making it soooooo fun!!!!! Thank you for coming and leaving such sweetness!!!!!!!! If you haven't signed up..........please do and please send some of your (?).....Sister.......Mom.......Dad(?)....... over!!!!!!!!! Just kidding!

During the day on Saturday I found a little sparrow. I wish I could have taken a picture. I didn't have the camera with. It kept flying out of my landed by the turkey and the mother duck......she went after it.......I thought it was dead......I picked it up and off it went again into the chicken pen.......a chicken went to get it..........I was freaking out......I jumped the fence (with one leap....maybe two) and caught it was still alive. It then got out of my hand again and I was so afraid one of the farm cats was going to catch it and eat it. I caught it........gave it to my grandson................he then took it to the woods. I was exhausted after trying to keep that silly little bird from being attacked. I suppose I am that way with the Lord at times. Smile........ I know I do a lot of wiggling.......Heehee! I know He knows just how to catch I am so glad He never gets tired of saving me from myself!

On Saturday Taylor made our family a Peach Pie for Sunday. It was sooooo delicious. She used these adorable little leaf cookie cutter for the top. My sister, Shannon had given them to me last year. I thought it turned out so cute!!!! I think you can get them here. Isn't the top of the pie so sweet? It tasted good also. Our son's family ate with, so they also tried it and loved it. I think it made Tay feel special! Made me feel special that she would come home from working at the college and still want to treat us!!!!!

The recipe for the Perfect Pie Crust is very simple and is found at Simple Recipes.
It is now one of our favorites.

Later in the day the rest of the family came out. We ate watermelon from the patch on the front porch.........played with the baby kitties and walked around the farm. The boys played in their fort. Poppa helped get some of the boards screwed together. It was a very windy day in Kansas. Just about blew away in fact.

Here is a picture of the windmill on Grandpa the farm. I was walking out by the horse corral and looked up in the sky. This is what I saw. It thought you might like to see. Doesn't it look like a Kansas Sunflower in the sky? The clouds were pink as could be. I love it out here on the farm.

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You are in my prayers..........I thank the Lord all the time for you all!

I will be working at least part of the day...........I want to have a good attitude!!!!! Grumble grumble!

Hugs from the Farm to your Home!



  1. Linda this is so beautiful! I love those sunflowers dotting the dark sky! Your Taylor is quite the culinary artist! I am so glad I know you. You touch my heart and keep me focusing on the Lord. I am so grateful to have found you here. I hope your week is wonderful and you are enjoying the family. Happy Labor Day to you today and tomorrow! Anne

  2. Linda...I'm about to head off to bed and I saw your post and just had to take a sneak peak. I'll read it in full tomorrow...but the part about the sparrow really touched my heart in a major way, even though it nearly lost it's life on numerous occasions. When I was about eight years mother and I were coming home from school. We were going up the stairs to our apartment. There was a tree right outside the stairs going up to our place. In any case, this baby bird fell out of the tree. It turns out it was a baby sparrow...probably just born not that long ago. In any case, I'm not sure how it fell out....but the mother wasn't coming back for it. So we took it into our apartment. It was still alive. My mother called some sort of extension service or some place that knew about birds. I have no idea what office it was...I was eight and didn't care about anything else except that little bird at that moment. So they told us how to feed it and take care of it. I remember we fed it some sort of cereal from AMway with a TOOTHPICK...because baby sparrows are really little :) :)...I named her Esmeralda...and she had her own palatial cardboard box with a soft cushy towel...water...and plenty of food...hand fed by us :) :) Also a lamp to provide the heat/warmth she would have gotten from her bird mama. In any case, when she grew she started flying on her own..I thought that was amazing because we humans weren't going to teach her. It was all instinct and preprogramming by God. In any case, she started to fly around our apartment and we had to let her go. I was sad but always hoped she lived out her full "sparrow" life...and told all her little bird babies about my mom and I :) :) True story...I even have a photo somewhere with me sitting at the table feeding her!!! I'll have to see if I can dig it out!! Have an awesome week Linda...that peach pie looks yummy!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. Hello Linda ~ just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you today & praying for you!
    Such a pretty picture with the windmill ~ I just love windmills. And your daughter's pie ~ how beautiful!

    I hope you have a restful evening when you come home to the farm.

    Sweet blessings to you!

  4. Oh Linda..I just love that pie..what a gifted little girl you have! It is beautiful!!! Also love the picture of the windmill!!! You know just how amazing you are don't you?? You give all of us so much inspiration! Oh and thank you for saving that little sparrow!!

    Hope you are having a blessed day.

    Love n prayers.....
    xoxo Gert

  5. Oh Linda I forgot the obvious!!! Love you new banner!!! are amazing!

    xoxo Gert

  6. Dear Linda,

    Thank you for stopping by at Pioneer Beauty...The series of short stories I am writing about my son was actually 15 yrs ago..this month..WoW time flies by fast.. :) it's actually very difficult to write in such small snippets because so many things and events occured and trying to summerize all those events is very hard...

    The Pie looks Devine...and I am going to have to try the pie crust I have that as one of my 12 new things to learn...I have always had difficulty making pie pray that I am able to accomplish this task as I know that it would be a great blessing for my family as well as being able to bless others with a gift of a homemade pie..( nothing better than HOMEMADE )..


  7. Oh sound like us! Please check out my blog. We had a little Miracle bird come our way. God taught us so much by sending us this bird.

    Also, feel free to check out my swap. It should be fun!

  8. Hi Linda,
    That Peach Pie is absolutely divine looking!! I can only imagine how it tasted! Peach Pie is in my top few! Those cutters are adorable! I'm NOT really good at pie crusts. My grandma was so good at it and I loved to watch her make them WITHOUT even a recipe. So pray I can do it! My hubby LOVES apple pie so that will be my first endeavor with that recipe!
    Have a wonderful Monday evening....hope your day was good.


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