Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Birthday Gift!

Hello Sweet Ladies, Hope your weekend was a blessing.

For the last few months Taylor (on the left) has been training Tressa's (on the right) horse Kiowa for her as a gift for Tressa's birthday. Saturday our family went out to the corral. This is what happened.
Tressa was told to love on her horse like she always does.
Then she was told to please sit..........and watch!

Taylor started to do ground work with Kiowa and give commands. Kiowa did some amazing things. I looked over at Tressa.........she was smiling.

Taylor is a natural with horses. A true gift! She has been teaching Kiowa to trust her. It was beautiful to watch. Isn't she a pretty Paint.

Then it was time to show that she would allow a blanket to be put on her back. To watch Tay and the patience that is needed to work with a horse was precious.

Then she put on the saddle. Was really a neat thing to watch. Hours and hours
to get to this stage.

Tressa mounted her horse! See the flip flops? Not recommended! It felt good to Tress after waiting for 3 years.

A precious birthday gift from her sister.........I am a blessed Momma. The girls have been together all of their life. It has been wonderful! It has been a blessing for them.

From the first day that Kiowa was born Tressa has gotten real close to Kiowa's nose and let
her breathe Tressa's smell. It is really a neat thing to watch. She has been with Tressa all of her life.......they are very good friends.

Now Taylor will help Tressa with training her horse. Soon Tressa will take over.
We have been waiting
for a long time to get Kiowa to this point. We will enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Just thought you would like to see what happened on our farm Saturday morning.

Hugs and may the Lord bless your week,




  1. Such a pleasure to read. Beautiful gift and so touching. You are so blessed.

  2. Your girls are so beautiful, inside and out! Kiowa is a pretty good "looker", too. LOL

    We have some horses that need to be broke....Oklahoma's not all that far.

    Lovely pictures, Linda!

    May your week be filled with the joy of the LORD!


    BTW, I don't sew, but I love the apron pattern and my 92 year old mother-in-law would dearly love it. Would you gals have time to sew one before Christmas and how much would you charge? Just let me know. If you don't have time, I'll understand. Thanks!

  3. So enjoy your blog. What a sweet, sweet spirit you have.


  4. The love your daughters have for each other and your story was a real blessing to read. Enjoyed your pictures too. Leaving with a happy heart.

  5. What an inspiration your daughters are in this world of instant gratification. They are a blessing! Thanks for sharing.

  6. That was a beautiful post. Seeing your daughters love for Kiowa and then their love for one another. Heart warming.

  7. Kiowa is a beautiful horse and your daughters are incredible young ladies. What love and patience they have! How amazing and bless you are. Anne

  8. Hi Toodie, Yes I am blessed. God is so good when he give us children.

    Hello Cheryl, Yes I will do my best......please email me at

    Thank you Cindy......for your sweetness. It is appreciated so!

    Lori......yes the girls are a blessing. Living on a farm they became best is a wonderful gift to their Momma and Daddy.

    You are a sweetie Amy......thank you!

    Hello Katie Thank you....thank you for the sweet words.

    Hi Anne.....Isn't she a pretty horse? We love her and Taylor's horse is Kansas. I need to put up a pic of her sometime.

    Hugs ladies! Hugs, Me

  9. Such a beautiful post. I so enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for sharing them. Also thanks for sharing the snowman patterns. I can hardly wait to start on them. God bless.

  10. What a percious gift, a sister that loves!
    Taylor, Wow. I want to write something to encourage but am overwhelmed by how percious a young lady you are. Kitty

  11. What a wonderful gift for her sister.... looks like you have your own Horse Whisperer in the making.
    Can't wait to see the continued progress they make



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