Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good News!

Hello sweet ladies...........
I have only a few minutes. Taking a break at work........never do! Our Little Girl is doing so well. We almost lost her in the afternoon.........took her to the vet and he filled her with fluids and an antibotic. She has an infection in her eyes and couldn't see.........that didn't help her when she would try to nurse. Anyway..........we are so thankful.........the med's took hold later last night..........and she was feeling so much the water with the electrolytes helped her also. After work we took her out to her Momma and she drank two times. Had to bring her back into the kitchen because it was going to be 39 degrees and couldn't take a chance.

She woke up this morning a mooing to hear that sound. She drank her first bottle........we are thanking our God. When I walked away yesterday after she nursed from her Momma.......I was just soooooooo totally grateful to the Lord for hearing my cry. It was a very special feeling to have a hug from God!

Hugs sweet ladies.............I was without internet all afternoon until this morning.........saw that I got some comments yesterday.........thank you so much for praying. You are the most precious ladies!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs from the kitchen................will be off Friday! Yea!!!! Going to KU Late night. Anyone live close? Would love to meet you if so!
Back to work!



  1. Hi Linda, thank God for a good vet and medications to help Little Girl. Praying still for her to be stronger each day..I canot imagine life on a farm so many wonderful things but sad things, too..

    Have a good day and let us know later how L.G. is doing!


  2. That is wonderful news. Your prayers were answered.

  3. That IS wonderful news!! I am a little behind on catching up with my blog friends lately. Happy to hear you have Friday off.. I know and understand the joy in that!! Have a wonderful weekend!! Hugs, Tammy

  4. Good to hear...hope you have a wonderful day..sending hugs from California

  5. GOOD!
    Have a wonderful EXTENDED weekend!

  6. We really thank God for all modern medicine. Glad to hear all is looking up.

  7. So happy to hear she's doing better. You're such a blessing to your animals...and everyone else for that matter! :)

  8. Hi ladies...........Little Girl has been out with her Momma all afternoon.......she is drinking lots today and nursing really well. We are so happy about this. We really thought by the looks of things she wasn't going to make it.

    Thank you for each one who wrote me today........we are leaving soon to go to an Open Door Crisis Pregnancy Center Dinner. We helped start it 10 years ago. It is neat every year to see what the Lord has done!

    Blessings, Linda

  9. My 11 year old son purchased a hereford steer at an auction for $25 dollars. The guy that bought him said he would make good coyote food. :( My son didn't like hearing that and asked if he could buy him. So we come home with this calf that look like it was on his death bed. I had some liquid b-12 to use sublingually and thought why not, he needed the energy. Fixed him warm sugar water to basically pour down his throat since he was too weak to suck the bottle. Put a good dose of b-12 under his tongue. Left him in the trailer we brought him home in laying on some hay in a warm spot. But left the door open, he was so weak, didn't think it was a problem...wrong! We went to check on him and he was up eating grass in our front yard! It was so exciting and the kids absolutely marveled about it. Within 30 minutes he walked through the fence and was head butting on our other steers. Of course his name is Tuffy. My children now at 18 and 20 still bring home all sick animals for me to nurse back to health. They still tell that story.

    He grew to be a very healthy and much loved steer and will always be in all of our hearts.

    I hope the best for your baby girl!

  10. So glad to hear she is on the mend:-)

  11. So glad she is better :) Thank goodness for prayers!

  12. So glad she is doing well. Awesomeness of
    Power in Prayer..

    Blessings ;_)

  13. Oh Linda I am so glad your baby is okay!! We continued to pray for your family and your baby calf.

    xoxo Gert


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