Sunday, October 17, 2010

Want You To See Little Girl and Sophie

Miss Sophie is doing wonderful and she loved her "Little Girl baby calf.
Would just curl up by her and fall asleep on the kitchen floor.

She is now nursing totally on her Momma. It is wonderful all the prayers that went up for her and she is doing great!!! We don't have to supplement her anymore.
Thank you ladies so much for praying!

Momma and baby "content"! What more could we ask for.

Just wanted you to see how well she is doing.

Hello Sweet Ladies!
We are home and we had a wonderful time on our trip. I haven't seen my Phil sit and read a newspaper in years. It was fun to see him enjoy himself! We girls sat and talked with the family we stayed with until late at night! The family were to sisters and they care for their Aunt Polly and Momma who are in their 90's. I had so much fun looking at quilts and even brought one home to tie. That will be fun!

Off to work tomorrow refreshed. Can't say I am ready to go..........but I will have a happy heart! I will have much to share in the next few days. God blessed us so many times. Can't wait to share.

Thank you for all the sweet comments when we were on our trip. It was so fun to stop at different places and read them.

Hugs from the FARM to your HOME!



  1. Linda Thanks for Sharing!! You are so blessed
    with Country Farm Life.. Sweet little Calf...
    Always enjoy your psot so much !! :-)

    Autumn Blessings

  2. Mama and Baby both look to be in great shape!

    Glad you are home safe with loads of wonderful memories.

    Have a blessed week!

    P.S. I've been writing on Sarah's story. Hope you don't mind. I think I love this little family.;)

  3. Its so loverly to have a great post to read, Thankyou so much your blog is wonderful,
    I will pop back again

  4. Good Morning..........
    I woke this morning to sweetness! Thank you.. Trish...Patty.....Prairie Maid (love that name!........and Tracey (thank you for coming over.....loved having you.........what a special way to wake up this first day of work! I am taking two little candles to work one each for the salad girls. They are the most precious ladies. Can't wait to give them their tiny gifts........hope it blesses them!

    Have a super day.......I have already talked to the Lord about you this morning.........Love you all bunches, Linda

  5. So glad to hear Little Girl and Sophie are doing well. So sweet to seem them cuddled up together. They are so blessed to have you for a family.

  6. such sweetness on a crisp monday morn.
    thank you for a bit of giggle and
    smile. :o)


  7. Oh they are so precious! Glad you had a great weekend! Have a blessed day!

  8. Linda, so happy to visit and see Little Girl and Sophie doing so well..what blessings they are..and glad you had a nice little vacay..we all need to refresh and renew..

    I just found out yesterday that I am going to become a first time Grandma at the end of May. My hubs and I so excited and praying for a healthy little baby!


  9. Oh my goodness, those are just the sweetest pics ever !!!! SO GLAD your two babies are thriving now !!! Just adorable. Glad you had a wonderful getaway with your sweet family. Lots of love and hugs,
    Janeen in Pittsburgh :-)

  10. I just love the photo of kitty and calf, precious! Can't wait to see all the things you have to share from your trip. Blessings!

  11. It's been too long since I visited your heart-warming blog. Little Sophie is Little Girl's guardian angel and had a lot to do with LG's healing. Such a sweet, sweet story--a Guideposts or Angels on Earth possibility.

  12. Oh what a beautiful post---that black calf and that little kitten are a perfect picture!!!
    Sophie is a beautifully colored kitten--she is a jewel that is for sure and both animals are very lucky that they are on your farm--thank you for your caring and love for them!
    Hugs, Di

  13. I am tickled to see Little Girl and Sophie just cuddling and then seeing God's miracle healing that little Girl and making her healthy again. Life is good Linda. Praise God! Anne

  14. Linda,
    Adorable ... 2 babies together! I am glad the calf is doing so well and with her mother.

  15. What an awesome picture of the two of them together. So sweet and I love the one of the baby and her Momma.
    So nice to have some time away to refresh and renew our hearts and minds. :)

    God is good.....all the time!

  16. Oh my dear Linda...
    I love seeing Baby Girl feeding with her moma.. What a blessing!

    And so glad you had such a fun time with your family. I know you have to feel refreshed and reenergized.


  17. Goodness Linda, I didn't know I had missed so many post. This is such a beautiful sight ~ seeing the 2 sweet babies cuddle up together.

    I never told you but after reading your post about the caramel dip and apples, I went right out and bought some. The bad thing. I'm on my second batch of apples. The really bad thing is I'm also on my second batch of caramel. And worse yet I didn't share it with anyone. I have the big sweet tooth in our house. Who would've thought the taste of caramel apples in a better and easier form. Hugs to you on that one. I wish I could blame the pounds on something besides me.

    XXXOOO's....Tracy :)


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