Monday, October 4, 2010

A New Week!

I found this on the internet some time back..............I love it............isn't it the sweetest? I think it would look great on the farm! Chicken Coop????? Hmmmmmm been day dreaming about it for a long time. Need to get the girls ready for the winter........and the outside needs a painting job. HONEY????? Can't bother him......he already has to much on his plate...........GIRL'SSSSSS. They would help their Momma.

Hello Sweet Ladies..........

Hope your weekend was just want you needed. Ours was. I sat and stitched all afternoon on Sunday.........our family listened to a sermon on Martha and one we have ever heard.........I also did a lot of blog surfing. Saw lots of beautiful things.........decorations.............home I want to try out in the bakery...........caught up with what was happening in your lives! It was a day of rest for me and it was wonderful. I tried to leave a message on everyone that commented on Saturday...........if you had a blog.

I also entered into a contest with Create and Decorate Magazine.............that was fun. It was on decorating for Fall. My favorite thing even though my time is so limited now. I doooooooo not know how all the ladies who work outside the HOME do it. I am just not very good at this. Some say it just takes time............who has any time? Smile! I think a lot about single Momma's that have to leave their children and go every day just to make it. My heart aches for them. I wish I could help in some way.......the only thing I can do is pray.They need the strength and I know the one that can give it.

Fall is finally sweet potatoes had frost on the is a must now to get them in. I keep thinking I will get it done. Now I have to. Only part of the plants got it........because they were in a low place.

Well you have a good day today. I'll be thinking of will Jesus!

Almost forgot.........remember Miss Clarice..........she has not been doing real well. She is the little lady that is in the nursing home with my Momma. Please pray for her recovery..............she had surgery. She is 95.

Hugs and blessings from the FARM to your HOME!



  1. .. Yep, a new day .. a new page chapter ..I do wonder what the Lord has planned for us today! If I listen and hear carefully.. I'll witness LOTS of miracles today!

    I pray for Miss Clarice and for my 92 1/2 year old Grandpa.. for them to be comfortable.

    I pray for you Linda and your family

    I pray for all of those who read your blog and post comments for strength and peace.

    God Bless everyone! Today is a new day!

  2. I love that little cottage, would make a sweet garden shed which I need badly! :)

  3. I'll be praying for dear Clarice! (I love the apron pattern!)
    Have a blessed week, Linda!

  4. Good Morning,
    What a fine new day it is! Your posts encourage me each day. Thank you.

    The little house is so cute. With a new color on the outside, we could move my dad into it next to my sister. Because of his health, it's time for him to move in with someone or very close by. I live 1000 miles away and he won't come out here so my sister is the best choice. We could put this great house on her land and he would be close enough that she could check on him often and he would still have some independence.

    I will be praying for Miss Clarice. And for your family that you will have a blessed week.

  5. Believe me, after having been home for 25 yrs (except for occasional speaking engagements & home-party businesses) it HAS been so hard to go back to work outside the home & still do most of the things I did before. The only way I wanted to work outside the home was to have my own business, a bulk food store, which we were saving up to start once we graduated our youngest DD from our homeschool in '09. Sadly, my DH was laid off in April of '09 so ALL of our savings has been sucked up in trying to keep our home, our cars & pay bills...especially since all DH has been able find has been an on-going temp job at 1/4 of what he was making before (while still sending out 100s of resumes over the past 1-1/2 yrs). Our last DD home & I HAD to get jobs so that we can make it. Combined, we are now ALL making about 1/2 what DH was making before the lay-off. :-( And, sadly, our family time is very limited as I work mainly evenings & they work days.

    But God is so gracious & good...even though I can't do as much at/for my church as I could b4, I do like my job (at a health food store) more than I thought I would. Now I get a discount on all the things I need to make my homemade household items! And I still haven't given up hope on owning our own bulk food store (Marmee's Pantry...sound familiar? lol My blog was meant to be a forerunner for the store). It's just another example of God's timing not being my own. this terrible economy, please keep those of us who have been affected by it in your prayers. Thnx so much.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

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  7. I'm so glad you had such a lovely restful Sunday Linda! How precious those times are...they are from the LORD! You have been so busy lately...try to slow down and rest too! Sending you love and hugs today!


  8. Linda,
    You've inspired me to do some stitching.
    I'm praying for Miss Clarice and baby Alex. And I keep your family in my prayers too. Have a great week!


  9. I love this pink house! So sweet! AM Praying for baby Alex and going to stop by Cindy's blog. Linda, I am not sure what I woud do without you and Heather! My ultimate pray warriors! Anne


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