Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two More Days!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Sweeties!

I am so glad that you all liked the new Winter Thyme Blue Work Stitchery..........I received sooooooo many nice thank you' was totally appreciated! I even received a personal email from a precious lady who lives in India...........a pastors wife..........also a missionary to young girls in a village..........never in my wildest dreams would I have thought someone would want to use my simple plumpy little snowmen to use for a teaching tool along side her Bible Study. All I can say is thank you Jesus and AMAZING! I cried..........thinking that clear across the world in a village this was going to be going on! Ladies.............we can be used in simple little ways........whether it is working in our HOMES.......making a place of refuge for our our children for HIS service.........loving and respecting our men.........for the Lord.........taking that meal to the Momma who is all alone raising their children............going and just sitting with the elderly at the nursing HOME (take your children with they love them)........the list is endless and we CAN BE USED! God has a plan for us you know I am outside the HOME along side my honey.........I am asking the Lord for His help to let the people I know at work that I love Jesus...........some are talking.........some have real needs..............I beg Him to make a difference in their lives and that they will want what I have. A personal..........intimate walk with HIM! Every minute......daily walk with HIM! Soooooooooo off I go...........into the bakery..............just me and Jesus..........wonder what He has for us today? Hmmmmmmmm it will be tailor made for me.........I may not like it.............being outside the HOME........but where ever I go He promises to not leave me...........THAT IS A GOOD THING!

Hugs from the FARM to Your HOME..............and don't forget to tell all your friends that we have the new Winter Thyme Stitchery up

................for their taking. Thank you.......... if you will do that!





  1. Linda, the snowman is adorable. And I love snowmen! Every time I look at my fall flowers you sent I think of you and how sweet you are. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. ......"Sister Linda" - like Brother Lawrence...within the walls of the priory, working in the kitchen...

    Nicolas Herman entered the priory in Paris as a lay brother, not having the education necessary to become a cleric, and took the religious name, "Lawrence of the Resurrection". He spent almost all of the rest of his life within the walls of the priory, working in the kitchen for most of his life and as a repairer of sandals in his later years.
    Despite his lowly position in life and the priory, his character attracted many to him. He had a reputation for experiencing profound peace and visitors came to seek spiritual guidance from him. The wisdom he passed on to them, in conversations and in letters, would later become the basis for the book, The Practice of the Presence of God. Father Joseph de Beaufort, later vicar general to the Archbishop of Paris, compiled this work after Brother Lawrence died. It became popular among Catholics and Protestants alike, with John Wesley and A. W. Tozer recommending it to others.

    Take courage today, my friend!

  3. Dear Linda....

    what a really sweet post..and I really loved all the ideas of how we can reach out and be blessings to other people :) :) :) Very nice!!! Everything makes a difference...and often more so than we'll ever realize!!! I'm always praying that God will continue to bless you, the family Stubbs and Prairie Flower Farm for all the blessings you send out to us...and the encouragement to be followers of Christ ;) :) So cool!!! Extra love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

    p.s. Thank you again and again for the lovely gift you sent :P) :) :) It's so perfect!!! Thank you, dear friend!!!

  4. You sure have made me re-think my game plan for today.
    Thank you-

  5. Have a great day
    Nice to know you are being utilized in such a creative and wonderful way
    Take Care
    God Bless

  6. Oh Linda, how cool is that? All the way over in India..amazing isn't it? I have started to blog my mother's diary (she is deceased)when she was a senior in high school (and 18 years old). 75 years ago, things seemed so much simpler but still the same. Friends, ball games, weather and love. As one said (which I am going to use) "The many thoughts of Grace" isn't that cool? Again God is so good, how amazing that others who love the Lord are able to share her life. I know she would just 'love' the attention:)

    Just know with the Lord you will have a blessed day!

    Again thank you for Mr winter snowman:) Just love it!!!!

    xoxo Gert

  7. The snowman blue work is adorable.thanks for sharing.
    I read when you lost your animals to the dogs.
    We lost our 8 year old pond fish and lots of their babies to coons night before last.
    It is sad to loose pets even though they are different pets.
    I was not attached in the way I am to our 4 legged pets but having cared for them for so many years makes me sad and angry. I know it is natural for coons to eat fish but it does not make it easier.
    Thanks for your good word.judy j

  8. i love the God uses varied avenues for His greater glory!!! this is indeed wonderful. :o)


  9. Hi Linda! I'm so happy that the Lord is using you and your faith in such a positive way. You are doing more for others than you will ever know. I really like your snowman.

    Hugs XX

  10. Linda,
    I so admire your attitude and your deliberate "putting on" of Christ each day. I am trying to also do better in this regard, when the things that I need to do are not always my first choice! Thank you for the reminder, it really puts it all in perspective. Have a lovely day, as far as I can tell, there must be many that you meet that will want what you have! You wear Jesus well!

  11. Linda, I am now able to comment! Yea!

    Love your blog and adore the snowmen patterns. It is wonderful that the young ladies in India are using your patterns! Awesome!


  12. Thanks so much for the Snowman patterns. I love snowmen and love them all, especially the Blue Wintertime. Somehow when I downloaded the Spring( Yellow) all I got was the cover page. When I tried to get it again it says that it has already been sent to my email address. Would there be anyway you could send that one to me again. I love your blog, you are a blessing to so many
    Diane S.

  13. Thanks for another darling pattern! It's so awesome to see what a blessing your blog is and how God is using it to touch lives everywhere...even in India!

    Amy J.

  14. Thank You for the sticherys and all the encouragement you pass on daily. I had to work outside the home all my kids lives, it was hard, and I fight the guilt demons all the time even now and they are grown with families of their own. I am finally able to stay home and I am such a homebody I left the work world early because of disabilities. Now I enjoy doing all the little domestic crafts and nesting chores and enjoying every minute.

  15. Linda It is hard for me to leave a commet cause I dont have all thise things they ask for but I do hope you get this and I want you to know what a blessing you are to me. I look forward to your post each day and you are in my prayers so often and also thanking the Lord for you and your wonderful words

  16. Linda thank you so much for the stitchery! I can't wait to make them all. I know they will be so cute. I love to decorate with snowmen at Christmas time and this will be lovely!
    Please come visit my blog to see the pictures I posted about your giveaway that I won. I have tried to contact you several times through email but they must not be getting to you. I hope you have a wonderful evening!

    Christina Wilson

  17. I am just grateful to know you. where days are rotten I know I can look forward to your smiling post and wonderful tributes to our Lord. Thanks sweet friend. Praying for Miss Clarice. Hugs Anne

  18. Hello, I have come over from SugarPie Farmhouse. I have just had a look through your blog and wanted to say what a Joy it has been to read and what an inspiration.

    GOB Bless,
    Sarah in England x

  19. You are such a blessing to me. Jennifer

  20. Thank you so much for your prayers. jennifer

  21. I love this snowman this is so sweet!!!I am so blessed threw your blog your are such a great inspiration and all your talents that you are blessed with and that you share with us!!! Thanks ~~~My favorite cookies that I make is a sugar cook that I got a number of years ago from our 80 year old German neighbor who we love!!!


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