Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You will like!

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Hello...........if you sweet ladies like to gifts for the holidays...........hug on peoples lives and bless them ..........well I have an idea for you! I found this magazine called "food gifts" at the store for $10.00 (it is well worth it) and I have been going through it............. tons and tons of times. I think it will help me in planning my holiday cooking.... and gift giving..............a lot! It has tons of recipes.........crafty ideas on how to present them in containers.......on JARS (if you get the cute jars I showed could use those).......bags and tons of other is jammed packed with ideas and really good recipes. You can look at the pages and it will make you think of ways to do it with your own ideas! I am going to have a lot of fun with it. I will be doing a lot of serious cooking over the Thanksgiving holiday. We get to be home for one whole week! I can hardly wait!!!!! Do you know that we just got an order for two of our patterns, the MY ABC's Book and Quiet Book Two and the order amount will help us during that week.We won't get paid for the week we are off. If I had the time I would tell you the story about one of the patterns....... but we took our Tressa out for dinner for her birthday and I am going to have to get to bed soon. smile! Anyway......the Lord is taking care of our needs..........I love Him........not just because of that.........but I just do. Can't imagine my life without HIM! He is my Dad and He always knows just what His children need! I am sure you all have the same stories. I would love to hear some!

Okay back to the magazine! I get off sometimes........but that is okay right?

They use every kind of plate...........cutting boards.....boxes.......old containers. Doesn't it look so cute? Just at least look at it at the will see what I mean!

Cute cute cute!!!!!

This idea is cute..........I am going to do it............can't wait. I think I am going to ask my two bosses if we can do something for the President of the College. I have some ideas to pass by them..........hope they let us bakery girls......that would be me, Tressa and Taylor!

Well hope you like!!!!! I really think you would like it..........look for it at the supermarket......that is where I found mine.

Thank you so much for wishing and blessing my sweet girl with a Happy Birthday.........she smiled! It made this Momma feel very special that you would take the time out and leave a comment! I know that you are the BEST!


Sleep tight!

Hugs from my FARM HOME to your HOME!



  1. Linda,
    I will looking for this magazine tomorrow! Thank you for sharing :)
    And a Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  2. I bought this magazine a week or so ago and you are right there is tons in it...
    I need to go through it again & make a list...
    Praying that the next 2 days go quickly!
    Bob will be home Friday afternoon and I can't wait! {he's working out of state during the week}
    Sending you big hugs...

  3. I'll keep an eye out for the magazine this weekend. Thanks for telling us about it.

    Have a blessed day tomorrow!

  4. Oh, I wish we had that magazine here in the UK. It looks great!

  5. Hi will is realy full of realy fun ideas! told Tessa!

    Kelley......don't you just think it is the cutest? It made my brain go!!!!!!! Thank you for praying..........I can't wait for Friday afternoon! Yea for your honey being home! I am thankful I can work with mine! Hugs back at cha!

    Thank you Miss Prairiemaid! Love saying that word! You will like the mag!!!!

    Kristeen........I will get it for you if you would like. I am not sure what the shipping is......but I will see! Let me know. I want you to have it if you would like it!
    Mama that name also! You make me smile!!!!! That sweet little one with you on your picture!

    Have a great day! I am going to work!
    Hugs, Me

  6. That looks like a magazine my daughter and daughter in laws and I would love to use. I will look for it when I go shopping this week.

  7. Oh this magazine looks like it is full of cute ideas. I just love to give and get these kind of things. I will be checking out the store to see if I can find this book!

    Hope you are having a blessed day.....
    xoxo Gert


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