Sunday, October 17, 2010

Enjoying Life Today!

Good Morning Sweet Ladies!

I have to tell you that our family has been so blessed on our mini vacation.......just getting away.....being together........talking........laughing.........hugs.......what a blessing the Lord has given us. The girls and I have
shopped..........looked.......dreamt........and enjoyed our time away from the college kitchen!!!!!!!!! We will all be refreshed when we get HOME! My Phil has been the sweetest.........taken us wherever we wanted to go. I will share later the places we were able to see. The stores were so fun! Saw the magazine I was in on the book shelf at the supermarket!!!!!! SQUEAL!!!!!!!! Peeked inside a few of them..........yep......I was there with my cookie on every last page.......made my heart feel real happy! The unexpected gifts the Lord gave us along the way were priceless. He is sooooooo in the details......I know I have said that before........but it is so TRUE.

Okay this morning I finally commited myself to an idea I have had. I thought that all of you ladies have told me the cookies you make at CHRISTmas time? What do you think about us putting all the recipes into a Prairie Flower Farm CHRISTmas Cookbook of Cookies. We will put it in some kind of download form and then everyone will have each others Cookie Recipe! They all sound soooooo wonderful. Even if you didn't sign up for the party you are welcome to put in your favorite CHRISTmas cookie recipe! This sounds so fun to me.......hope it does to you also! Just email to Nowwww if you have a picture of that cookie.........send it also please. It will make our cookbook even prettier! Okay let's try to get them in before November so everyone can have it before the holidays.! It will be free to all who want one. That is a deal...right! Please tell why it is your favorite recipe.......or maybe who handed it down to you. Anything special. Can't wait to see what you all do!!!!!!!! I get excited just thinking about this! As you can tell.

May the Lord bless your day! He does love you..........bunches..........just had to remind you of that. Sometimes life's waves............have us lose sight of that! Been there!

Hugs, Me

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  1. I'm so glad you could go on a mini vacation and just enjoy each other...Your Mr. Phil...very nice husband to drive all of you wherever you want to go :) :) :) My dad does that for me too :) :) He'll "grumble"...but secretly he enjoys it too...especially yard sales :) :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing all the photos...or just the highlights :) :) :) You know what, I check out the "Create and Decorate" website...and I was looking at some of the projects they have...and it looks really I think I'll actually subscribe!!! Thanks, Linda...I always love encountering good craft magazines. This looks like a winner :) :) :)

    Have a safe trip back home!!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. Hi Heather!!!! Thank you for your hugs! You would love the magazine!

    Have to share with. My little grandson is in church with his family. The pastor said to stop and pray for someone. He picked me. His daddy.............. just texted me and told me that the sweetest thing. Hugs, me

  3. That is an AWESOME idea!! Kind of a Cookie-Bookie!!! I will be sure to send you mine ( cannot figure out how to post on here-- select profile thing!!)agghhh!! LOL

  4. Linda, I love this idea!! I'll work on my recipe and email it to you! How fun - what a great way to start the upcoming season!! :)

  5. Oh my dear Linda,

    What a fantastic idea! I love it, especially since cookbooks are my favorite things ~smile~ I have a story that goes along with my recipe and will send it off to you this week!!

    Glad you had a wonderful weekend, we all need those little R & R's!

    Have a blessed week!!
    xoxo Gert

  6. Hi Linda! I love the Cookie booklet project you'll make! I just emailed you one of my favorite recipes (I love cookies, so it was very hard for me to select just one recipe!)
    Blessings, Heidi

  7. That would be awesome a cook book. You are such a humble celebrity! I love knowing you and am glad the family had such a great mini vacation. Blessings Anne


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