Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hope You Are Having A NIce DAY!

Poppa and our littlest grandson.........talkin........about very important matters!
Our Nation needs our prayers..........please vote on Tuesday! We are praying......God will hear from a repentant heart! I am in awe of His Mercy and forgiveness......I blow it everyday.......I am in such need! He gives it........doesn't He?

Dear Sweeties, Thank you for the prayers for our co-worker!!!!!!! You got your prayers answered in a huge way! You are amazing and so faithful to the needs around our family and I thank you so much!!!!!!! God rocked the heavens.........He is so precious to hear us and answer us!!!! The chains that surround us at times can only be broken by the power of God. That is in praying the strongholds down!

It is Saturday...........I am loving it.........again the sunshine woke me up this felt so good to know that I did not have to leave my HOME and go to the kitchen. Hmmmmm I appreciate my HOME more now.......not that I didn't before.......I just realize what I miss when I am gone during each day. I am doing better with the "content thing"...........I see that I am going out and trusting that if it is only prayers I give to my precious co workers in a day........that is enough....for that day. They have no doubt that I am a believer! I share when I can.........but my actions of LOVE will be taken more to heart "In Jesus Name". Thanksgiving Season is coming is a perfect way to GIVE. I have will involve cooking.......with a sweet little tag hanging off the side..........I know that MUCH! Do you have someone that needs a gift? Someone you would consider not your favorite person in the world. Smile! I am sure that is the one you are supposed to love on in some way! WE all need that little encouragement to do the right thing. So glad I have friends that help me in that area. I have those "not so favorite people" also. I have one precious friend named Mary......that gently tells me the things I don't always want to hear. She loves me! In Jesus name! Smile!

Have a sweet day my precious friends!!!!!!!! I will. I will be right by my Honey's side working on the fence. I can't wait until that is built!

What are you doing today........anything special?
Heart you all, IN JESUS NAME!



  1. Thank you for your kind offer the other day. I'm going to search for it on-line first.

    Our Saturday has been lovely. This morning we had a coffee morning at church to raise money for the charity my husband works for. Plenty of yummy cakes and tea.

    My littlest boy (16 months) has also begun taking his first steps! :0)

  2. I'm so happy that I could visit you today, Linda, if only for a few minutes. I have a lot to do before Sunday. Love your blog.

  3. Dear Linda. I love visiting you. You never fail to remind me of how blessed I am without even telling me. Our Lord is awesome! I'm so glad to hear that you and your co-worker's day went so nicely yesterday.

    Thanks for all your caring love and prayers. Enjoy your family and home and blessings this weekend.
    Love....Tracy :)

  4. Having to move I think everyday that this falling down around us house was home and we were comfortable here. Now God makes me look at that differently too! I have always been amazed at His Goodness and when I rise each day am still like a kid in a candy store when it comes to seeing the sun rise! Rainbows, clouds. Tress Rain. When my kids were babies long ago I made a pact with God and every single day I thank Him for some simple pleasure that He gives that many take for granted. I voted by mail. I pray. I pray hard and I pray harder. I love the verse you chose! Blessings to you sweet friend. Anne

  5. Dear Linda...Thanks for the really sweet photo that you posted...very cute :) :) :) I never get tired of them...Hmm...well, I actually have two days off in a row. So I slept in this morning. Then my dad and I had breakfast at McDonald's...then we got soda and coffee & came home. Later on, he had some errands to run and when he came home, he had purchased Christmas issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine..which I'll promptly read and put the interesting pages into my scrapbook. It's a really lazy, rainy Saturday...Hmm...the mail hasn't arrived yet...but I suspect I'll have something good there too. I'll have to let you know once the mail is here ;) :) I bought a new flash drive to store all my photos on. It's teeny tiny but holds so much :) :) :) Have a lovely weekend with your family at home :) :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  6. There has been nationwide prayers for the upcoming election. Some say the most important election ever.
    Cleaning house today and the porch too. We're having company for Thanksgiving. I'll cook dinner so will get started early, maybe the Tues. before and then not so much to do that Thurs.
    Blessings to everyone

  7. Thank you for that reminder of the power of prayer. I have a person in mind right now who needs my prayers and the extra smile. I pray that she see's Jesus in me and not my old stubborn self. I had to work today, once every 6 weeks I work Saturday. I will spend the rest of the evening with my hubby. Sunday is always a very busy day for us.

  8. Linda..Hi! I just know you enjoyed your day today!! Even though you had to work on the fence (with your honey:). Tomorrow will be a blessed day for you, I just know!!

    We went to the Farmers Market (the last one for this year:(] then to pick up some CD's of pictures from the 1952 & 53 flood here in Sioux City. We have a reunion every year for people that lived in that flooded area of town. We have printed copies of pictures from that era and have them in books for the reunion! So I worked on that today!!

    xoxo Gert

  9. Hi Kristeen, That is fine......just let me know if you can't. I would love to get it for you! Our day was very beautiful. Warm and sunny very quiet on at the fencing site. Enjoyed the no noise! That is so fun when the little ones start walking. Remember just like it was yesterday.....I enjoyed my children when they were little! Hugs glad you came to visit also!!!!! Come anytime!!!! even for just a minute!

    Hello Tracy........thank you for the sweetness! It was so sweet of you to come by and leave me a comment! We will enjoy our weekend. Tomorrow I will take up my onions and plant garlic for the winter. I was given a whole bunch of cloves......can't wait. That will be a day of rest for me after church! Hugs

    Hi sweet Anne how precious are your words. Hope your new home will be a blessing! I know ladies are praying for you all. Isn't that so wonderful? I hope you have good news for us soon! Hugs

    Hi Heather......Oh what a fun day! What a sweet daddy you have there! Glad you got to have 2 days home. I love it when I am home. Worked outside today getting it ready and cleaned up for winter. It was fun! Hugs!

    Camille. Yes there are people God have mercy on us when we don't deserve it. I love cleaning house......even though my girls do a lot of it now that I am at work during the week. They each have two days off as they alternate working with me. That helps. Hugs, me are welcome.....I am so excited that you have someone! How exciting. Glad you have your honey and a evening nice! Have a wonderful day tomorrow even if it is busy!

    Hey Gert.......I did enjoy my day. It was beautiful 71 degrees and just a little breeze. I love Farmers Market........didn't go this year. Sounds like you had a very interesting day today..........hugs sweetie!

    You all have a wonderful Sonday tomorrow. KNow that you are loved by Jesus and me!

  10. Such a beautiful blog you have! Thank you, Linda, for your comment on my Martin Luther post today. :-) The photo is of our youngest son when he was little, when we hosted a Reformation Day party for a group of homeschoolers. I miss those days!


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